Lonnie Honeycutt Death Heaven & Back 2 of 4

Lonnie Honeycutt Death Heaven & Back 2 of 4

The second of 4 videos of Lonnie Honeycutt’s testimony of having cancer, dying, visiting Heaven and coming back. In this video, titled ‘Death, Heaven and Bac…



Slavefor Jesus says:

i absolutely love this testimony Lonnie!!! i have had a small quick vision
of hell and i believe every word you said!!! although i know u did not go
to hell but i believe in the after life!! i cant wait to go to heaven!!!!!
May God continue to bless you!!

Eviil Geniiuss says:

Glad To c u back. before i didnt believe in diz dah person died nd cum baq.
buh seein ursz i do believe. U look better den before. God bless u

coffeehubby says:

I just hope I can go on a Boundary waters Canoe Trip with my dearest
friends in the renewed earth, or heaven since we can’t afford it here. I
love lakes and rivers, the outdoors, hiking and exploring. Your experience
sounds great and gives me hope that’s possible there

shelana2008 says:

yoo was he already a christian or pastor when he had cancer???hollaaa

PastorLonnie says:

Jp, just so you’ll know for certain… I’m NOT dead now! While I did die in
2008, I was allowed to come back! Praise God!

jp5074844 says:


PastorLonnie says:

In answer to Shelana’s question: Yes, I was already a Christian and a
Pastor when I was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer.

PastorLonnie says:

Thanks so very, very much EvilG. As I state in my book, “Death, Heaven and
Back,” the only other person’s account of life after death that’s made a
great impact on me is Don Piper’s account in “90 Minutes In Heaven.” In
Christ’s Love! Lonnie (RevLon)

Sayen Mulu says:

May God be with You!!!!!!! Lonnie

Yme2a says:

God Is Good !!!

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