Listening to God Walking with God – Dr Charles Stanley

Listening to God Walking with God – Dr Charles Stanley

Dr. Charles F. Stanley is senior pastor of First Baptist Church Atlanta, founder of In Touch Ministries Listen friend if you need God to come into your Life and you know in your heart that…



Morgan Davidson says:
Laurie Gregio says:

Must listen CARELLY

Arthur Workman says:

We’re not perfect and can not be but we all are forgiven of our sins if you
are honest about confessing them and wanting them gone from your life even
though we all continue going back to them.

Robert Currytto says:

This sermon made me realize that I got some changing to do in my walk with
the LORD..I confess I haven’t been listening and I do desire to hear from
my father in heaven ….great sermon

Three Sixteen says:

I believe wholeheartedly that the type of media an expecting mother is
exposed to influences the fetus and it’s future personality. The mothers
body produces specific hormones that are released during times of anxiety,
stress and fear during the time that they are watching or reading stories
that are based on gore and horror , deviant psychological murders or other
types of high “suspense”… These hormones affect the cellular development
of the baby’s brain cells and other organic structures that are created
based on DNA patterning that changes with exposure to bio chemical markers
that are activated by the reactions in the mothers emotions… think about
a wild animal like a deer, who needs instinctual fight or flight responses
versus a domesticated animal like a goat who has been born to generations
of parents with a safe stress free life in a controlled environment. Media
exposure therefore causes genetic changes in the baby’s development…
something pregnant women should really think about.

Marco Capo says:

Dr Charles, God bless you and your family for eternity.

JimFinn Forbes says:
tija1012 says:

Good stuff.

fermin salinas says:

great sermon

Mehrunissah93 says:

Great sermon. I’ve been thinking for months that when I get married and get
pregnant I’m going to play Gospel for my baby to hear while it’s inside of

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