Life Beyond the Grave ~ Real People, Real Stories – Part 1

Life Beyond the Grave ~ Real People, Real Stories – Part 1

Is there life after death? CBN’s new DVD documents real people who died & then returned back to life after experiencing, “Life Beyond the Grave.” Video court…



Mensa Melancholia says:

Every time I read one of these pages there are people saying they died and
some other guy says “I died twice” and then someone, “oh yeah well I died
three times and met everyone in the universe”. What’s up with bragging
rights on death? Seems really immature.

Carmen Eminescu says:

NDE’s are real, but some people fake it for attention , those who do should
be afraid of God because he knows

Chad Villa says:

That is not true because if you die your spirit rise

OneVintageHeart says:

This made me tear up. How beautiful to hear these stories of people who
have experienced the light on the other side. Must be amazing to not live
in fear anymore. This helps me regardless.

neil hopwood says:

the peace is always with you, they were given an insight into the afterlife
heaven and hell are really, peace of the lord with you all

dynagravitomagnetic says:

My last death was an accident, I went to a heavenly place, and was forced
to come back to Earth. I do not know anything special. We all go through
cycles. I think the deal is to let go of worldly attachments, and be
positive, friendly and helpful. religion does not exist in heaven, neither
does politics or nationality. We merge and egress as thin wisps of luminous
mist. Don’t let people dupe or bully you into accepting a “name” in place
of genuine compassion empathy and sympathy for all of life. these things
are really not important. Just help others and do not hold spite or malice.
Do your best to release material attachment. 

john dickey says:

I simply think this world and life we are born into is for a purpose – do
good, help others and try and make the world a better place before you go
just in case there is a heaven and hell and you are judged… Let go of
hate and embrace love always…

Daryl W says:

I have read Colton’s book and it is truly an amazing story. Thank you
Colton for sharing your trip to Heaven with us.

Deborah A. Sullivan says:

♥ Isn’t Time2 Listen?

John Hegarty says:

Thank u so much for ur story.. God bless u

Ash Qelon says:

some of this is real to a certain extent.

Saywhatyoumust says:

Has anyone seen any animals when experiencing a NDE? I just can’t believe
there aren’t any animals in Heaven, yet people who have had NDE’s seem to
not mention dogs, cats etc. I so want to see and be with my past animals
when I die.

giorgio pasini says:

NDE americane.

Life Beyond the Grave ~ Real People, Real Stories – Part 1

Steve Chen says:

fyi, Life Beyond the Grave ~ Real People, Real Stories – Part I and II:
Life Beyond the Grave ~ Real People, Real Stories – Part 1

Life Beyond the Grave ~ Real People, Real Stories – Part 2

GetaLifeMusic says:

Here’s the thing my friend. You may not like the fact that there is only 1
way to the Father & that is through the Son. If you don’t believe it, then
you don’t believe God & His plan.The Gospel of Jesus Christ is this. All of
us have sinned & come short of the glory of God&The wages of sin is death,
but the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Romans 3:23 & 6:23 If you don’t believe God’s plan of salvation you will
perish. It’s not “my way”. It’s the Father’s only way.

Augusta Lee Branch says:

Our earthly bodies are not good enough for heaven..GOD gives us a new body
if we are saved..this new body will be the only one that will be able to
enter bible does not say what you are saying here..these verses
that have been shared by GetaLifeMusic do not say what you have been
perceiving..Do not be blinded by the perceptions of this world

Joshua Eli says:

all these experiences are just people who believe in god and thought of him
when there anistetics were wearing off.

Izzy Sad says:

I have died and came back. I changed my life around, and I am not afraid of
death. In fact the place you go is very beautiful and welcoming.

Chrissy Ozioma says:

How can we believe this story? How do we know if they’re telling the truth
and not trying to earn a quick buck?

Roosje Keizer says:

Maybe Muhammed lied to the world, telling allah is the same as God.

Anna Brooks says:

I agree.

GetaLifeMusic says:

Pt 2.Rev 5:3 declares that there are men in heaven.”for there was no man in
heaven,on earth or under the earth worthy enough to open the book Rev4:10
The 24 elders fell down & worshipped before the throne.Heb 21″since we are
surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses” They are watching, not sleeping!
From scripture Elijah & Enoch clearly went to heaven.Was Moses & Elijah
sleeping in the grave & then awakened to appear at the transfiguration of
Jesus in Matt 17? The soul clearly lives on in heaven.

PB4U says:

(cont.) Unfortunately, the doctrine of the “Immortal Soul” has crept
through history from the Roman faith into most of the protestant
denominations of this day. From that we come to the notion, that hell is
both now and burning eternally. God sending people to an everlasting
torment is not the God of the Bible! God is sovereign over all will put an
end to all sin and suffering and will not have a perpetual display of what
he hates right next to his throne for all eternity.

Sherry Howard says:

Umm look at other videos where it’s admitted that the father put the boy up
to say it.

GetaLifeMusic says:

Upon death, THE SOUL of the believer departs to be with the Lord as clearly
stated in Scripture. Philip1:23b having a desire to depart & be with
Christ.2Cor5:8 willing rather to be absent form the body to be present with
the Lord. However,THE BODYof the believer goes to the grave awaiting the
resurrection.Phil3:21,1Thess4:13-18,1 Cor 15:51-57. So, for the
believer,after death THE BODY SLEEPS awaiting the resurrection, but THE
SOUL LIVES in the presence of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Part 1

2331aslam says:


GetaLifeMusic says:

destroyed mankind who became polluted & perverted & the Nephilim & their
kind. Some believe they have returned to deceive man again through UFO
encounters & new age signs & wonders. Before you were born, you were not
dead. Your spirit lived within our Heavenly Father in eternity until it was
time for you to come to earth.The word says that He planned each of our
days before the foundation of the world was created. He knit us together in
our mother’s womb & watched our developement. UR Eternal!

ilililhy1 says:

I don`t care what color or race Jesus was,Jesus paid my Sin debt on The
Cross of Calvary,Jesus gave up His Life for me and you,Jesus Loves you.O,
by the way,Jesus was a JEW.Jewish. Do you know Jesus as your personal

nathan wach says:

It’s not a after death experience but a near death experience, it’s not the
same thing..

communistjesus says:

Just tell date,place and time and I AM THERE.. O.k.??

John Briscoe says:

I lost brain cells watching this, then almost turned to a vegetable reading
the comments. I bet most of you are fellow americans.

serge12391 says:


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