Life Afterlife Part 1 of 9

Life Afterlife Part 1 of 9

LIFE AFTERLIFE takes an intriguing look at the eternal question: Is there life after death? And if so, can we communicate with the dead? Through personal sto…



atam mardes says:

God/heaven/hell/etc. are primitive delusional man’s idea who didn’t realize the idea of god deciding heaven or hell afterlife based on their faith in god makes god look like a psychopath with a vengeance who craves attention & wants to take out his frustration on humans.
Carnivorous like lions or poisonous snakes that kill purely for survival are expected from an evolutionary process but not from god. If god created them then that makes god look like a psychopath who enjoys animal cruelty.

Tudor4398 says:

Indeed, you can read that on different blogs and understand what it’s all about. That guy is a liar. Moreover, there is Monroe institute and Tom Campbell physicist succeeded in separating consciousness from the body (known as OBE’s) and making experiments to discern whether it’s all in the head or not.
See here: /watch?v=uVfaZz6EsXY

IntuitiveTeacher says:

WOW! I never heard of this offer before!!!! Oh wait, yes I have…it’s been debunked. The offer is written so that no one can win it. The “Million Dollar Challenge” a farce and a publicity stunt. Come back when you have something that isn’t several years old.

Victor Gaw says:

If there is real proof of life after death, then you are in luck. James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) will award One million Dollars to anyone that can successfully prove it under his scientific controlled conditions. The challenge is not limited to life afterdeath issues but for all supernatural phenomenons such as such as telepathy, communication with the dead, telekinesis, mind-reading, etc. As of this writing no body have yet be successful to collect the prize.

Raymundo Cordero says:

You are right. For example. Bible change in time: version of King James, corrections in 1862, 1909, 1960, 1995, and others. The changes in religions is proved by the variety of sub-groups in each religion. Example: christians, protestants, evangelics, etc.

hyperloke says:

Lokeshwar – a client on instant readings.

IntuitiveTeacher says:

Yes, it’s me, PM me 😉

IntuitiveTeacher says:

‘Tis me! Who are you? 😉

hyperloke says:

Are you Pam Heslin? I’ve had numerous readings from you 🙂

hyperloke says:

If I may kindly disabuse you of that notion – the afterlife is a realm explored by every race, nationality and religion. It just so happens to be that many afterlife documentaries are by Americans, not all however. View the documentary on the Scole experiment (on Youtube) conducted by UK researchers – regarded as the best scientific evidence of the afterlife! Truly remarkable.

36427chicago says:

That’s because the UK has more weak minds. Not capable of realizing that they aren’t the center of the universe. Pish posh all of you who support such nonsense.

IntuitiveTeacher says:

Oh so not true! The “After life” has always been part of the Christian belief system and before the Christians arrived, the Native Americans had a strong belief of the continuity of the soul. But if you’re talking about “Spiritualism” as a religion, it started here in the US with the Fox sisters.

foodandwater1 says:

not true at all. the idea of afterlife is much more prominent in the east in fact,the after life was rarely a topic of dicussion in America until recently

IntuitiveTeacher says:

Isn’t the whole point of there being an after life, there are no boundaries? Aren’t we all one big human race or species? Isn’t classifying people into black, white, Christian, Jew or Muslim, Yank or Brit pretty pointless? Spirit communication has been around for years. The UK has TONS more “Spiritualist Churches” and more acceptance than the US does 🙂

Innis Stiles says:

The UK…Im sorry, but every time there is an afterlife story….its nearly always somebody from America!

Innis Stiles says:

The UK…Im sorry, but every time there is an afterlife story….its nearly always somebody from America!

IntuitiveTeacher says:

No…this documentary was made by Americans, in America. Where are you from?

Innis Stiles says:

Always American!!?

IntuitiveTeacher says:

You’re very welcome Sir. I”ll look for your group and join!!!

Gil Bar-On says:

Thank you very much for uploading this movie! 🙂
I Loved it very much and shared it with my Facebook group: “The Afterlife & Near Death Experiences”.. This is very important and one day people wouldn’t even believe they once didn;t belive… 😀
Lots of Love!
Gil from Israel 🙂

laurence132 says:

My only question is,
we know the physical body decays after death, that is the physical body no longer exists than how is it possible for someone to physicaly describe what the spirit looked like or what he was wearing ?

texas224 says:

I have this believe that when humans die or i die we become invisible energy. This energy is what religion coin the term as spirit, soul, light beings, ghost. This energy is what controls the human consciousness, the human body by controlling the brain. Maybe it’s unseen energy that goes into the baby fetus while the mother is still pregnant. Thus we call it reincarnation. The identity of this being is created through this energy who inhabit a different body in a previous life.

HortonsInLaguna says:

We agree that fearing death is natural, but only if you have never studied it.

David James says:

This comment is asinine beyond belief.

Cutie9326 says:

By the way, I’m talking from personal experience. That’s what I’ve experienced and this just convinced me further that UR is the truth. I pray everyday that Papa bring more people to the knowledge of this truth and I know that He will in His own timing. Much love and peace to you. Papa bless you…

Cutie9326 says:

Lower, darker dimensions are places/states of mind where people face their past, issues, defense mechanisms, fears, wounds, traumas, etc. Places of spiritual surgery, therapy and convalescence if you like. Though they can be pretty dark and scary at times and one can be afraid of losing themselves there, these are not places of torture or punishment, but of spiritual surgery, therapy and convalescence and Papa never leave us nor forsake us. We all ultimately go home to heaven with Papa…

William bROWN says:

Religion has cause many to disbelief to the afterlife through fear. Just because there are many different dimensions we travel to after we are separated from our physical body does not mean there is some fiery mythical place where people goes to burn for all eternity. once we are separated from our physical body, we become spirits and we are free to travel any where you like.

DarkDen836 says:

those who believe in afterlife are idiots – they do not cherish their life and lives of others – they are ready to die any minute…

OccasionallyBearded says:

It’s not something “we just have to have faith in”. Read Chris Carter’s 3-part series on the subject. There are good pieces of evidence that are most plausibly interpreted in survivalist terms (with “super-psi” being the best competing interpretation).

TONYSTARK557 says:

You are speaking of religion as some sort of organization. Its not. What is true doesn’t grow or expand. Its there always will be and never changing. Science is man’s way of understanding what God made us on this Earth. But one thing for sure, science can never proove life after death. Its real but its one of those things that God doesn’t want us to know. Its the limit of our understanding.Its something we just have to have faith in.

azzurres1 says:

that is not the truth. love and fear are the main emotions and motivations in life. but the fear of death is fake. the is no death. our souls will live for ever. when we not believe in gods words we will not believe in an afterlife and will have problems in LIFE (fear). but death is not real, in the moment of death you will see it.. its proven millions of times, also read the books of walsh – just for fun ……

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