Life After Death Proved By Scientists?

Life After Death Proved By Scientists?

Life after death has been studied by scientists at Southampton University who found evidence that conscious awareness can continue for at least a few minutes after death. The medical study…



Eric Cartman says:

So you’re alive even after you’re dead, doesn’t that you were alive the
whole time?

mc123 says:

Ive been worrying a lot about If there is an afterlife! But at the same
time, i dont fear death…i fear the unlived life

terry fraser says:

I think there is an after life but I do not know what it is, I do not trust
man made religions because man makes up stories that works in their
personality not their beliefs, some people get so religious and start
preaching the bible and the bible was rewritten many times as a control,
just like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, but thinks its a sleep then
wakes in a different form, humans will change into a different entity but
we have no proof like the caterpillar.

Panda monkey says:

1:38 1:41 he said “people will kinda poo poo it”
why do people say that? even dr. phil said ” they will poo poo it”
or am I mishearing?

Don Reddell says:

I know that there is an after life. I have witnessed it first hand. I have
had four after death experiences. One different than the others but there
was always a bright light in every single one. Consciousness, awareness,
beings of light, tunnel, dark void and more. Fear, peace, exhilarations,
and awe were just a few things I felt. It is real, took a long time to come
to terms with this. I consider myself very fortunate to have survived and
to be able to explain to others exactly what I saw. Some believe me some
can’t because would shatter their views of how they conduct their lives.

David Ekstrom says:

Pam Reynolds is a excellent case..she had clicking devices in her ears, so
that the ECG would be able to tell if she had any brain activity, because
obviously the clicking sounds would register in her brain, but they did
NOT. so she was considered clinically dead. She was able to recall EXACTLY
what was said inside the operating room. and being really conservative
right now. let’s say she DID infact have brain activity, she still wouldn’t
be able to hear what they were saying because of the clicking devices in
her ears. Something to think about. :-)

ForThe LongCon says:

I still highly doubt it, but I am not going to lie, it would be cool to
have another chapter in our existence opened after we physically die. I
would like to know what various professional philosophers have to say about
this study.

I’m an atheist.

UatuOmega says:

“Clinically dead” is not the same thing as being dead for 24 hours, or a
week, or a month. When someone who has been DEAD for 24 hours ‘comes
back,’ that might be something.

Kam Jo says:

My grandmother passed away less than a week ago and I can vouch for the
fact that she was not a spiritual person but in a couple hours she went
from in pain, scared to go, shaking and worried to peaceful, wanting to go,
in no pain and swearing her late husband (my grandfather) was there to take
her with him. He had perished in an awful car accident about a decade ago.
They were both in the accident but my grandma survived (barely). A drunk
driver driving a box truck hit them and killed him instantly. She was in
the hospital for months back in 2003 when that happened and she saw him
then too. But less than a week ago, just before she passed she told us he
was back and asked her children’s permission to go. They gave their
blessing and before long she faded away peacefully, blissful with knowing
she would soon be back with the love of her life. It was a truly beautiful
thing and I have to say, I trust what people say when they’re on death’s
doorstep a lot more than what people say in a lab trying to push some
agenda. Heaven is real, people. I’ll probably never buy into the
‘judgmental God’ thing, but I would put my life down on the fact that we
are all a part of something much bigger and much more wonderful than this
life we are living now.

Paul Lucas says:

I was very sceptical about there being anything after death, Until this
happened to me. It’s a bit of a long story but just bare with it.
In 1968 I was 8 years old, my Father died in hospital of a heart attack.
The morning he died the hospital sent for my Mother because he was very
ill, and she took me with her.
We went into the cubicle where my Father was and I was holding his hand, he
started breathing funny and my Mother got upset and ran out, I stayed with
The Nurses rushed in but by then he had passed away.

A few weeks later I was in bed and couldn’t sleep, I turned over and looked
at the wall, and I saw my Father coming through the wall towards me. This
scared the hell out of me, and I covered my head with my covers, and
eventually fell asleep. Now I never told anyone about this not even my
Mother, but it played on my mind for many years wondering why he had never
come back.

About 10 years ago I decided to go to a spiritualist. I took a photo that I
keep in my wallet of me an my Father.
She held this photo in her hand and these where her exact words.

She said you where very close to your Father and he loves you very much.
This photo was taken when your Mother and Father took you for a day out
(which it was, Chester Zoo).
She said your Father is always with you and looking over you. Now this is
the part that totally convinced me, she said. When you where young your
Father came to you, and the reason he never returned was because it scared
you so much.

That really got to me and I started to cry. At this time I was 45 years old
and had never told ANYONE about what had happened. So no one will ever
convince me there isn’t life after death.

Baba Ji Bhoot says:

yes there is life after death.

eddie taylor says:

it is a shame that those who dont believe it will never believe it and the
ones who have experianced it are stuck with something they are driven to
tell others and will not be believed ,if that makes sense . i have had my
own and it was similar to some ive read about . the one thing that i know
for a fact is, there is a God and it is divinely scripted for the ones who
have had these to run into a brick wall when trying to explain them. all
the science in the world cannot explain it what we experianced is so far
removed from your puny little world of equations and test tubes that what
you think is rock solid scientific evidence is completely ridiculous ,are
your brains so narrowminded that you cant see that all these people have
nothing to gain from telling their stories other than just the benefit of
trying to get our fellow people of this world to realise the good news
,that there is something more . for the people who dont believe i can only
feel sorry for cause what i know now makes everything understandable , i am
just grateful as i can be to have been chosen to get a glimpse of heaven or
should i say the feeling of heaven. it is real my friend and whether you
believe it or not will not change a thing but boy are you in for a
pleasant surprise

mousa boulbahaiem says:

there is no such thing after life or next life,
it’s all a lie from satan to decieve the people.

poodtang1 says:

Patients are hooked up to an EEG so any brain activity will reveal itself.
If there is no brain activity how can they hear or remember anything.

Youtube Käyttäjä says:

Energy never dies, and even matter is concentrated energy according to
einstein, who also knew how to count the exact amount of energy in kg. It
feels obvious that there is life after death. If some one thinks there is
not, fine, but Im not gonna buy that shit without proof. It’s likely that
energy of universe has always and will always exist in some form, pre and
post big bang and to forever. Ancients found that out and called it god.

Terncote says:

Apparently “clinical death” is a misdiagnosis of actual death. How do we
know? Because the kind of “death” which produces NDE’s is 100% survivable.
Nobody has ever died from a NDE, regardless of there being the word DEATH
in the description.

Let me rephrase that for you wishful, fuzzy thinkers out there.

Nobody who has experienced an NDE actually died. The experience they had
was in a body which was still alive.

Clinical death is a misdiagnosis which doctors make all the time.

You are welcome.

Dj Tatianna says:

I believe that there is life after dead think about when we sleep why we
dreams feel so real Maybe its how its going to be idk lol but now for real
If it doesnt exist life after dead why do some people like me can see
ghosts? Why ghostbox exist ? Thats what makes me wonder. So i still not
sure that if we die its over i really cant be sure ,theres alot of things
in world besides humans

TheCaveCrew says:

All i know is my best mate growing up moved in when we were in year 6
,anyways after about 3 months we became good mates. One day he told me he
seen ghosts alot before he moved i laughed it off anyways, turned out when
my mate was 3 or 4 years old he died for a few minutes after a pool
accident . when we were in like year 8 midnight rocking roofs i saw a ghost
next door to a buddies house we were rocking it was a old lady on a rocking
chair laughing at us like a movie or somthing and the verandah she was on
was glowing bright green we ran away back to my mates house at the end of
the street as fast as we could..its totally true i dought it happened
somtimes but i know it did ,,weird shit

dmcarden says:

But does clinical death include the fact that the brain continues for
sometime after? Saw a panel on the Nour Foundation site where a doctor
indicated that how we define clinical death needs to be redefined as it
presently doesn’t account for a subsequent brain death.

kgdblade says:

The clinical definition of death being used is lack of circulatory system
function. Not brain death and/or loss of electrical activity in the brain
which is the key tie in to a mechanistic interpretation loss of
consciousness. The problem is that death is commonly pronounced according
to circulatory function and we do not routinely examine for loss of brain
function making the linkage between clinical death and timing of loss of
conscious experience a non-sequitur argument. It will take a finite amount
of time for the brain to become oxygen starved and brain damage to occur
after loss of circulatory system function. The empirical result upsets the
common convention that loss of brain function proceeds after 30 seconds to
potentially a few minutes. However, it is erroneous to say that
consciousness continues apart from loss of brain activity and true brain
The appropriate question should be rephrased and clinically tested as:
“Does consciousness occur after loss of brain activity?” This is clearly
a non-starter from the scientific perspective, albeit evidence against this
would be incredibly important (as unlikely as that would be).

Ironically one co-host (the believer) warns against bringing confirmation
bias into the interpretation of the study results and then goes on to do
just that at the end of the segment. He should be thinking more critically
as to whether the study results can address the question appropriately and
only then speculate about the implications.

EgadsNo says:

I remember seeing similar story on actually a science show in perhaps
the late 80’s because it happened under clinical settings- I believe a
beyond 2000 about one of the first cases of suspended animation surgery
done in Russia- a woman was anesthetized, surrounded by ice on the
operating table (froze her to death) and her heart was removed for
transplantation, for 45 minutes she was operated on with EEG monitors for
brain activity of which there was none- yet when she was revived she
recounted conversations of the staff as well as described instruments,
machines and actual parts of the procedure that never would have been in
her peripheral view or even in the room while her heart was in her chest.
These recollections went well into the procedure and baffled the staff.

Out there, but such research could have interesting consequences, if it
can put an iota of empathy into suit wearing sociopaths I am sure it will
be worth it. These people that only care about themselves might change
their tune a little if they find out their actions might go beyond sitting
in a little urn in a mausoleum after life in this society. Findings of
either result would not surprise me, life always turns out stranger than

GeorgeCox. says:

This is kind of pointless..

You cannot truly call this a valid answer if the person was dead –
consciousness links to cognitive action and the five senses, so if the
person is out for a few seconds, maybe the senses were still half working..
But let’s be serious here, no one has come back to life after 24 hours/ a
week/ a year. You live, you die. You will only know what follows death once
you experience it for yourself.

steven stowe says:

dead is dead, if they were dead they would not live to tell the tale,
obviously they wasnt dead, as in dead,

Edvinas Muscle says:

I’m an atheist but if everything is limited , then even death is limited

Seamless Robe says:

This is because everything is made of just Two Spherical Sine Wavefronts
Compressing +1=0 now -1 de-compressing Two Opposing Spiral Vortices!!
From virtual pair’s of plasma, to gases, liquids, and solid Fibonacci
Only difference is their rate of Vibration, or time dilating Volume now, at
the centre of their own 3D ref-frames within the One Infinite Universe!!..
. .All motion is 2pi spiral.. . .And all direction is 4pi spherically
curved.. . .This is why the Mind can exists outside of the physical
body in the form of electrical activity, due to the conservation of energy!!

What seems to be a conversion is a ratio between opposite vectors
interpreted as distance and time, physical reality and spiritual reality,
annihilation and creation, matter and antimatter, mass and energy, or
interference and resonance within an abstract arrow of time of Cnow at the
centre of their own 3D ref-frames within the One Infinite Universe!!

Input +1=0 now -1 output is a process of 4pi spherical symmetry forming and
breaking!!.. . .(Mind over Matter) when that perfect 4pi spherical
symmetry is broken now forms the imperfect 2pi spiral symmetry of the
Fibonacci sequence seen almost everywhere in nature!!

Velocity equals time density +1=0 now -1 density of space-time.. . .V= td
+1=0 now -1 ds-t G/r2.. . .Gravitational systems are the ashes from prior
electrical systems -1.. . .Simply because generation of “any information”
exceeds radiation during the first half of the cycle +1=0 now -1 radiation
exceeds generation during the second half of the cycle.. . .

Time is inverse multiplying +1=0 now -1 dividing like frequency and
wavelength.. . .

The One Logarithmic Inward Light of Universal Mind is Positive +1=0 now -1
its expression in the Two Opposed Lights of normal mind is its negatively
expanded reflection of broken symmetry.. . .

I the One momentary soul observer, am not divided into Two, as Two pair’s
of Opposites of Me!!
I divide the Two Extension of My Thinking with Neuroplasticity!!.. . .But
I am not My Thinking nor am I Two.. . .

Rush Rutherford says:

When your bran dead that is when your dead.Not do to your hart stopped.

Thomas mäenpää says:

When i was fourteen, i had encounter with demon spirit. I was from the
atheist family, so i didnt know, that there are spirits. Did not know, how
they can be seen or feel, near you or inside you. This horrifying being
went inside me, through the center of my chest, four different times. It
was full paralyzing horror, from the first breath. First two times lasted
few minutes. Last two times lasted only few seconds. My parents were
horrified, when they saw me in that situation, they could not understand.
My atheist father, ask shaking in fear”what is this”? He went to bedroom
and crossed his hands. I could see him, trough the horror. I think
afterwards, that i saw atheist man praying. Maybe cause of that, i feel
that horrifying force was leaving my body. I told my parents, that now “it”
is leaving. I told that now it is out, but still near me. Big relieve came,
when it was at the cealing. Next day nobody could talk about it, in atheist
family. This happened in west Finland autumn 1981, and it was 2009, when i
first time, talk about that with my mother. I met cristians 1985, and
decide to make God will 1987. So after then, i have name for these most
horrifying experiences, and know now, how to resist and win these forces.
Of course, here are soon some atheists crying, that you are crazy. But i
came, from where atheists are now, and they are wrong. Cristians are right.
God answer, was opposite to horror. Supernatural peace, joy and love, in
that i felt first time 1987.

MrEjidorie says:

Death is always my greatest concern in my life. I have been haunted by the
fear of death since I lost my father when I was 23 years old. So I strongly
wish that continuity of our consciousness after physical death will be
proven scientifically in the near future, and everybody will take life
after death for granted. If so, I will be emancipated from the fear of
death forever, and be able to enjoy my life more happily.

Holly MP says:

As much as I’d like to believe in life after death, I don’t think it’s a
thing. If we could exist without the human body, why do we need it.

jacksonnintendo3ds says:

Look. Accept it. People were able to tell and recall the conversations
their doctors had. So what if the person was only clinically dead? Their
brain had no activity whatsoever negating arguments like “WELL THEY ARNT
BRAIN DEAD” and arguments of the like. It is not possible to explain how
people are able to experience these OBE’s experiences even after their
brains have no activity without the afterlife theory. This is what i hate
about scientists. They say “WELL, IF WE CAN”T EXPLAIN IT, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE”
when this is not true. They will simply disregard as hallucinations, lies,
even simply ignore it. This is why I call science BS.

Paul Henry Dallaire says:

I remember when I was a kid way up in Timmins Ontario Canada. We would play
a game in Mrs. Laurin’s yard where one boy would grasp another boy around
his chest and before the boy squeezed the chest of the boy he would take 3
big deep breath and hold it in and then the operator would squeeze until
you passed out.
When this happened you would drop like a sack on the ground and travel and
when you awoke maybe a minute later with such a beautiful feeling of bliss
and happiness and everybody who did this would be smiling when they awoke.
I remember travelling and flying while in this state and this is why I
believe maybe there is something after death.
When we squeezed each other and passed out we probably fooled the body
thinking it was dead and the soul left the body. ?
Thought I’d share this with you.

zaalim ahmed says:

there is so many verses in the holy koran , that allah(god) tells us that
there is life after death in 1400s years ago , and now in 21st century u
telling dat scientist discover it …

Martin Brown says:

Houdini was an escape artist,everything he did was earthly,he wont of been
any different to anyone else after he died.maybe it was a joke. that occult
thing he mentioned at the end has naff all to do with the real eternal
consciousness theory.

Bella Patel says:

Yes, there is a Life after death(Life). Don’t like to use wards – death or
My only son Krish crossed over year & 15 days ago. I missed him a lot,
can’t think my life without him. Little by little i educate my self,
watching reputed shows & learning everything about…& believe…Yes, there
is a Life after Life…Thank you for sharing…

paul kwasiuk says:

i really hope that there is a astrobody after death yah know, but if u were
goin to stay like that for ever then whats happens t rillion years now ur
still wondering around, same with the end ur done after u die, see u wont
feel anyting ull be gone nothing nothing and that will bring a true ending
but id like there to be somthing after death, but i truly respect the
ending of life on nothing after death

Allyson Nadeau says:

This, if you think about it, backs up Greek beliefs, too.

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