Life After Death – Children

Life After Death – Children

The weirdly fascinating drawings that young kids did after they had experienced near-death experiences. There is a haunting and eerie familarity about them, and yet in some ways they avoid…



youngddamac says:

@ kingerz do yu think if yu belive in god and life after death but do not
go to church all the time wat will happen??

k0smon says:

@endofscene Have you heard of/ had any contact with Victor Zammit or David

Kingkalty says:

google Doe’s Account.

internationalnineone says:

Steve Jobs was athiest, I think. His sister just reported (its on the news
today) that his last words were “Oh wow Oh wow Oh wow” as he looked past
his family’s shoulders. Makes you think… I mean Steve Jobs is saying wow!

royalsteven says:

You have to understand the times and circumstances of that time when the
bible was written. I do not blame God for the evil of man because He is
love. He cannot be both love and evil like His enemy the devil. His Son
Yeshua told us all in the New Testament how loving His Father is. So do not
confuse man’s evil deeds or nature’s with God’s.

1sola1verita says:

@NyanNyan500 If Heaven did not actually exist, what point would there be in
telling anyone about it? What use would it be to anyone, if we did not have
the REAL HOPE of heaven? IF people had to ‘invent’ something, surely they
would invent something that we could see touch and feel in THIS life !!! A
near-death experience is NOT a dream … even scientists have confirmed
this. Heaven is for real… for ALL peoples of the earth!! Almighty God may
use many ways to lead us to Him…

desertphilip says:

@NyanNyan500 And lets not forget about the atheists like me. Has anyone
ever heard any stories from atheists having NDE.

Jordan Colburn says:

@oopo1 We are our brains. THEY are us. Why wouldn’t we freak out when we
are injured or dying? Our brains just create fantacies to make people feel
comfortable about themselves when we are in near-death situations. Dreams
occur based on real life events. NDE’s are all about Heaven and Hell
because in the real world, religious people have always given people
threats of Hell as a consiquence and Heaven as an award. This fits
perfectly with real science.

crystalship42 says:

@DrPhosforos People can be rude. Just have hope. No good taugh or doing is
invane. Doesn’t makes U a fool? It makes U strong. I believe I will be with
my love ones in someway (in that bright light)? I don’t know, but as long
it helps me to be a better person and looks beyond of this materialistic
world is fine. Prepare URself anyway why we need to know? After all,those
that still alive around U will apreciate it and those beyond what our eyes
can see posibly one day will apreciated too.

pearlina boatright says:

hell was prepared for satan and his angels, we were not meant to go there.
hell is everything heaven is not. god gave us jesus that we might be saved,
he hates to punish the wicked. god in no way is evil. and god is love, once
your in hell, you are cut off from god. and you loose everything even your
strength to move, and to breathe.

timothys2829 says:

@NyanNyan500 more like one cent

biz0586 says:

@royalsteven statement is partially true do to research. You should look up
another NDE from a black guy name earthquake. it’s on youtube. He had NDE
twice in his life time in both place. the time he went to heaven he seen
children playing. You have to see it. But, those that are capable of know
right from wrong are the one not guaranteed a place in heaven. cause
earthquak went to hell as a child growing up.

royalsteven says:

Why not believe in both? 😀

SummerSunshine1988 says:

@alnarweeg92 : Everyone must die at some point or another. What form that
event takes is up to God’s discretion.

papercandles says:

@yeshua4U: If you find it, can you please send me the link to her story? I
would greatly appreciate it 🙂

k0smon says:

@812LJ The truth about what? Let’s see, is it true that Judas hanged
himself, or did he fall headlong and burst asunder; or did the chief
priests buy the potter’s field, or did Judas buy it himself. Which ‘truth’
shall I choose?

Mario Addis says:

the drawings hardly look like a little kid drew them.

812LJ says:

@k0smon – Kos, you cannot contact the dead! You are communicating with
demons and it’s forbidden by God…

daliAdoo says:

@kissezonthemoon amen god bless you

crystalship42 says:

@ElysianFields100 Dying children, usually can be more stronger and mature
in their ideas of death than adults. My opinion. I think our goal is to
learn and grow in life, for the moment of transition can be as simple as a
“child soul.” EASY TO SAY!! Don’t fear God. That is insecurity. God loved
us first. And even if U don’t believe. Spend your time doing good to others

Norbo Norebo says:

We go to the Undiscovered Country which is run by The Grand Organizational

royalsteven says:

True indeed, let´s always open our bible!

endofscene says:

@oldblubblub lol

Juxboxable says:

The brain does strange things when it dies. It’s similar to a lot of drugs.
You get put into a state where you can accept death and move on. Doesn’t
mean anything super natural is going on.

royalsteven says:

I believe like the bible says there’s only one way into heaven and that is
through Jesus Christ. So when you are old enough to understand you have to
make that personal choice.

endofscene says:

@sweepginger Many people have experiences of spirits and other planes of
consciousness before their physical death. Even for those who don’t, there
is a lot of information available on such things. And it is not only
possible for spirits to communicate and interact with physically incarnate
souls, it is the norm. Nobody and no reality is totally isolated and
separate. All souls and all worlds interpenetrate each other in the same
space and time.

biz0586 says:

@royalsteven it’s “Earthquake Kelly Near death experience” I would’ve post
the link but it won’t allow that.

812LJ says:

@utubeboob9 – Open the Bible and read it to find out the truth!
Reincarnation is a lie… Jesus is the way!

k0smon says:

@oldblubblub They are NDEs. Too many Gs will kill you!

PaulAdrian says:

@shivers013 I agree. And I like the wise old saying – Life is just a dream
in the eternal death.

royalsteven says:

You are pulling stuff out of context…..

k0smon says:

@Juxboxable ::: You are quite behind on your research. See Dr Morse’s book
“Transformed by the Light”. Those who investigate in this field have ruled
out 02 deprivation, drugs, hallucinations as the cause for NDEs.

meangreen4321 says:

What I love about this video, is that it makes no assumptions. It is not
biased toward any faith and makes no claims. I would hope that death is
nothing to fear and that noone faces an eternity of pain or torture. thanks
for recounting these experiences.

Kevin M says:

It’s possible that these children may have been exposed to the idea of life
after death from an outside source. My parents never shared those ideas
with me, and when I died when I was a child I didn’t have any kind of
experience. It was just like going to sleep. So that right there should be
proof since only people that know about them beforehand actually experience

Maarten V says:

@armando117 It seems that you are looking for what can stand for the word
‘God’. It is just a word and you give it your meaning. It’s a word invented
by humans for … we don’t even know it.

Terry Elliott says:

@papercandles I’ll have a look, if I find it I’ll pass it along….

Chris Black says:

thats mad true

biz0586 says:

@royalsteven statement is partially true do to research. You should look up
another NDE from a black guy name earthquake. it’s on youtube. He had NDE
twice in his life time in both place. the time he went to heaven he seen
children playing. You have to see it.

Kyryll T says:

where did they the last picture from? any info on 2:14?

812LJ says:

@k0smon – Demons are present and can indwell too. What part of Spiritual
don’t you understand?

utubeboob9 says:

@ZAPDUNGAA And your point is?

shivers says:

People believe in religion to let them hope there’s something after the
death. When we’re dead, our brain is eaten by little worms, it’s sad but
it’s like this. People are afraid of the death, then they imagine a perfect
world without wars ! PARADISE ! It should be a world without men, that’s
paradise. My opinion : death is like before you were born. Nothing !

George Moncayo says:

Jesus said “So it will be at the end of the age,the angels will come forth
and take out the wicked from among the righteous,and will throw them into
the furnace of fire,in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of
teeth.”Matthew 13:49-50.Jesus also said “You are my friends if you do what
I command you.” John 15:14. Jesus taught that the only way to be saved is
to choose him as your Lord and Master, obey him and believe that he died
for the sins of his people on the cross see John 14:6.

Sue Ling says:

My friend you must accept Jesus before too late I am not preaching to you
this is is what Jesus warns us revelation 20:10, 2 Peter 2:9, Matthew
13:42, Matthew 25:41, Matthew 10:28, revelation 21:8, Ronan’s 2:8-9, 2
Thessalonians 1:8-9, Matthew 25:46, jude 7, Jeremiah 50:31, Matthew 3:12,
mark 9:43, Matthew 18:8 please don’t be sacred this is what Jesus us & you
also my friend.

Skiller Sk says:

God to know me

Tony Boloney says:

Just wish people could be more open minded to the possibilities!

oopo1 says:

@oldblubblub just an interesting side note here, i’m not trying to take
sides. I assume you believe that all the functions of our bodies have some
sort of purpose. eg, we have a digestive tract for the purpose of well,
digesting food. Why is it, then, that the brain does whatever it does that
creates an NDE? (be it oxygen deprevation, or the release of dmt.) there is
no logical reason (IMO) to comfort a dying being.

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