“Life after Death… after Water” (My Testimony)

“Life after Death… after Water”  (My Testimony)

TRUE STORY. Here is my testimony of how God saved me from drowning… actually… how He saved me AFTER I drowned. – Marlon E. Hines.



JACOBO C M B J R says:

we know him ! we come all from the light ! but we dont remember ! still HE IS ! YOU ARE BLESSED !

Luisa Mongoy says:

Praise the Lord.. We give all the Glory of GOD!

Cory Nolan says:

Amen God is great!!

rivern7 says:

Awesome testimony … Just keep your eyes on Jesus Gbu 🙂

MarlonHines says:

…He didn’t say anything…. to note, at that time I was only about 7 years-old.. I wouldn’t even know His voice if I heard it anyway lol… but I just sat there, on the ledge, in a dead stare….. to this day, my sister remembers coming up to me and saying “Marlon… Marlon…” and she says that I didn’t even respond… the she ran back to the rest of my family.. Funny thing is, I don’t even remember her coming up to me… eventually i got up, and walked back over to where everyone else was…

rivern7 says:

What happen afterwards when God pulled u out what did He say where u sitting at the edge of the pool

SteadfastIsaiah263 says:

Your testimony and your spirit shine through the wonder working power of God . May God bless you brother for your faithfulness to Him.

Jbwoy4life says:

loved the testimony

MarlonHines says:

wow… you’re welcome, i’m just honored to know that my life has impacted you in such a way as this.. God is always good

Claudittaaa says:

I just started crying watching this. Thank you so much for sharing

katpiering123 says:

Thanks for sharing your testimony. Yahuwah is real and wants to be part of our lives. Through faith in Yahushua Messiah we can attain that relationship as we obey Yahuwah’s commandments through faith in His Son.

katpiering123 says:

What death sentence are you talking about?

Projectman2u says:

Thank you for your testimony. I know your words are true because I too had a near death experience where I should be dead but am alive… only to know Yashua years later…
But your testimony has helped me again 40 years later as I face doctors death sentences… but know I wil get thru these also… Thank you my brother for being faithful and sharing.

spynu85 says:

God bless you my brother and all of them who tell the true to other person to help much more poeple ti be in Heavean and not in Hell!!!God bless Israel The Gods chosen poeple,they need our prays,because in a short time it will be the world war 3 we know all that..iran vs Israel The Gods people,but The WORD of Almighty God NEVER CHANGE,who is against Israel is agains Almighty God our Father!!!Viva Israel!!!Amin.

mrhannan84 says:

“God is real, miracles happen, I’m one of them.” “Nobody can tell me that God does not exist, because if He didn’t I wouldnt.”
Amen brother, well said. I will see you in paradise with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!

Katangel KK says:

that was beautiful, and a vivid reminder of God’s love for us. Thank you so much for sharing, a powerful testimony. Keep sharing *smile* btw very handsome.oops mistake @ you MarlonHines

Katangel KK says:

that was beautiful, and a vivid reminder of God’s love for us. Thank you so much for sharing, a powerful testimony. Keep sharing *smile* btw very handsome.

adviertehoy777 says:

thank you very much!!

Mandariinka says:

Thank you ! God blessed you!

NappyBeauty says:

God’s goodness never amazes me! Thank God for His mercy in sparing your life.

MostHighful says:

while i was watching this i was totally relating to your story because i had a similar experience before i was saved, although im almost seventeen and this happend to me when i was 16 it still happend he knows EVERYSINGLEONEOFUS ! He Truly Does, so i was just thinking to myself oh my lord you saved this man as you saved me that one night also and right after that i heard you say my Name in your exsample “No Not.. Aaron” i was shocked! thanks for your testimony it was amazing god bless

alohawg says:

Marlon, thanks for sharing your testimony of the goodness of God, it’s a blessing.

ndefascinated says:

Thank you for posting this. It’s great.

belovedgirltoHim says:

God Bless you…and He said “No, not Carrie”, many times.
saved by His grace through faith in Jesus Christ,
Jan. 2006

Isabel Rivas says:

I had an experience like that in my life twice.
One when I was 3 or 4 and another when I was 16 from a drug overdose.
Theres this little thing that I noticed you do that I do too.
…it just makes me think..
thank you for putting this up

eduardo arce says:

i dont really belive in god. but in what i belive is in destiny, it dosent matter how u were save, if u were save, is for a reason, u just cant die at that momen, theres something u have to do, maybe ur destiny was to survive to tell the people what happend to u

kiki azzarelli says:

hey marlon ..i’m a 1st time viewer. your an inspiration and all of your prayers are truely deep. your living proof of what it means to give god all of you and the wonders u will recieve threw him . god does give visions of whats going to come to pass , and i am also one of those people that have had visions , or should i say dreams that i know are godsent. i am truely blessed to have came across your videos. thank god for that.
maria from nyc

78sEVEn78 says:

whoa, you said ‘Sarah’ and it really tripped me out..Random. I know, but cool. God Bless, I just found your videos and they are great!
In Yeshua, ~sarah’7’~

uthinkuknow87 says:

Wow very powerful my brother in christ/mime ministry long time no hear from, i see you have been doin execptionally well indeed, just remeber if you ever come to texas look me up!!!

TrueOutpouring says:

This was so beautiful and TRUE. It really made me look at life in a different perspective. It’s incredible to know that your trust can be 100% in God because we are here for a reason. Thank you.

Antonio Morales says:

amen bro! God/Jesus/Holy Spirit does exist!

MarlonHines says:

Wow… Bless God 🙂 I’m honored that God has used my story to touch your life… God is good.

Muzik4daSoul says:

3 words~ GOD IS GOOD!

fabz mok says:

amen marlon man u’ve gotta be blessed, cuz ur testimonies n all that are just like….damnn ya kno? god bless kid

destinedmusician says:

Lamentations 3:21-23
This I recall to my mind therefore I have hope. It it because of your mercies that we are not consumed, because thy compassions fail not They are new every morning great is thy faithfulness.
Hallelujiah,Thank You Lord!
Powerful testimony brings tears to my eyes as another young drowning suvivor. I praise God, one day every person has got to Confess. In these situations God shows his children who He is in our lives “I AM THAT I AM” Keep letting the Lord use you

MarlonHines says:

…though one day you will… we all will 🙂 In some way, some form, we (the world) need YOU, Angel 🙂

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