Jurasic World Lock Them In Trailer. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism.

Jurasic World Lock Them In Trailer. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism.

An investigative look into the signs all around us that we are nearing the end of grace and Mercy. The Dragon Satan is coming to Earth to be revealed. ◅ Revelation 12 ▻ King James Bible…



TheGroxt1 says:

Love ya teammates and may God have mercy on us all.
Lets do this.

jerryrh7 says:

woman appears in ash cloud from volcano several different pictures on
facebook page some looks like she is carrying a scroll interesting could
she be fleeing from the dragon?

Adam Mendez says:

Hey groxt I recently posted a comment a few videos back talking about the
song BEST FRIEND by Eminem and yellow wolf talking about god and hows he’s
coming back Well today they finally uploaded a music video for the song. If
there Illuminati puppets then why do they say god is their best friend? Was
just curious to see what you think about it. I’ve been a subscriber at your
channel for a couple years now but now decided to write u a comment it
would mean a lot to see what u at least think about the video thanks and
god bless 

Wieshal Man says:

Wow i see another scary face i can see it on 1:53. right under the picture
you see a scary laugh and a crazy head. and a nouse and eyes too wow i see

ManOfYah YahWillHear says:

May The Most High Bless You All And Your Families, I Love What You All Do,
And You Have a VERY Spiritual Eye, But I Just Wanted To Ask If You Ever
Researching That Whom You Call Jesus Was Elijah To Come?? Great Video But
It Bothers Me Knowing That You Guys Are Still Worshiping An Idol Which Our
Creator Said NOT To DO. He Told Us He Was Going To Send Elijah The Prophet,
Whom Was Jesus/Yeshua….You Keep Saying You Are LOOKING For The COMING Of
The LORD And SAVIOR “Jesus Christ” But The Prophet Jesus Even Prophecied
ABOUT The COMING Of The SON Of MAN, You Should Be Looking For THE RISING OF
Then You Would Humble Yourself And Admit That You Were Wrong, And You Would
Make A Video To ALL YOUR Viewers And Subscribers Explaining That a
RIGHTEOUS MAN Falls Seven TIME But The WICKED FALL Into Mischief, There IS
NOTHING WRONG With Saying WE WERE WRONG,..Isaiah 6:5-6 Tell Us This…But
Listen, If You/ANYONE Who STRONGLY Believe That Christ Is Your Savior And
Your God Then That Is FINE , I DO NOT WISH To Argue Or Debate With You,
Unless YOU ARE WILLING TO UNDERSTAND What The Scriptures Say Who Is The
Savior,Messiah,..I Cannot DO ANYTHING To Make ANYONE See Different And I DO
NOT WISH To Offend ANYONE’S Belief Whatsoever, I Just Post This Information
Here For THOSE Who Sincerely Wish To Seek True Understanding Of The Creator
For Themselves To Understand WHAT THE CREATOR HAD ALREADY Ordained For
Mankind Itself, The Creator LOVES ALL Righteous People , Who ARE WILLING TO
REPENT And Turn Back To HIM Before Its Late,You Do NOT NEED Anyone To Get
To Him, All You Need Is Yourself And Him…..
Deuteronomy 30:14″But the word is very near you, in your mouth and in your
heart, that you may observe it. 15″See, I have set before you today life
and prosperity, and death and adversity;……There IS ONLY 2 WAYS Nothings
Else. Either Serve The Creator And Follow His Ways, Or You Serve Idols And
Vain Gods Which DO NOT PROFIT In The Day Of Vengeance, The Choice Is
YOURS..And The PATHS Are There, May The Most High Bless You All.

Nick Chavez says:

Great video , thanks Mark. I am at the Indio polo grounds , working . I
know that Mark has horses out here and he is a retired polo player. I have
been super busy lately but I’m still watching groxt videos daily

c.d says:

“Dear Lord, please make me a bird so I can fly far far away from here. Dear
Lord, please make me a bird so I can fly far far away from here” – That
scene from forest gump where the little girl prays in the corn field. I
have said that prayer many times too. He’s a coming!!

LOUISM1976 says:

Just another amazing upload every time mark….

Jonny Jon says:

I live in Washington state, i recently emigrated here from England (the
things you do for love) I feel quite certain that the big cascadia
earthquake is coming along with a tsunami. I’ve been having dreams about
tsunami’s and when i don’t dream of tsunamis, there is almost always water
and quite often coastlines involved. I hear there was a 6.2 in Vancouver,
Canada this morning too. Thank you for your videos.

Edward Kukuruda says:

Look at the joker below the red beast Mark! The trees make up the image of
the eyes and mouth of the joker! Very large! 4:08/4:48

Sarah Knox says:

Jurasic World Lock Them In Trailer. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism.

Nick Chavez says:

Thank you Mark , I love you brother

Adam Mendez says:

Here’s the link https://youtu.be/it_04dk_97E

ChristianSaveAmerica says:

Satan was defeated when Jesus was crucified at the cross, then resurrected
and seated at the right hand of the Father. Praise God this is true and
that eternity is for all those who have REPENTED and have given their lives
over to God Almighty. Wake up… For the kingdom of God is at hand! 

DewRodge Gladney says:

The Bible speaks repeatedly about the two witnesses . Please upload what
and where have your insight has lead you on them ?!!…

Mário Teixeira says:
Terra Fuller says:

In a dream last night I heard the words Revelation 9:7. I had to look that
The locusts looked like horses prepared for battle. On their heads they
wore something like crowns of gold, and their faces resembled human faces.

Spence Anom says:

brilliant Mark

Rhuby Star Diamond says:

May 5-6 is Lag B’Omer

Lag B’Omer is the one day during the 49 days of the Omer (which is
considered to be a period of semi-mourning) in which celebrating is allowed.

* Many Jews like to plan weddings on this date for this reason. In fact, I
got married on Lag B’Omer! However,

* the most popular activity on the holiday is creating a bonfire (this is
particularly popular in Israel). Other activities include having picnics
and playing sports.


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