John Lennon – Imagine – Lyrics

John Lennon – Imagine – Lyrics

John Lennon in Imagine! with Lyrics! Lyrics: Imagine there’s no heaven It’s easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people living …



Abdallah Elharouny says:

fuck HD i’d rather this

Cheima Khlaifi says:

J’aime énormément …♥

xyoungkilla13x says:

I recognize this song from somewhere I just don’t know where…

Eric Lin says:

Well said!

david1952000 says:

This song is the embodiment of cultural Marxism-destruction of nation state identity and the white Christian western democracies via immigration and political correctness, and eventual imposition of the one world socialist utopia. The EU runs on these principles.

Do you think the Muslims will embrace this ludicrous crap once they take over in Europe? Pleasant song about TOTAL BULLSHIT!!!

El Dominicano says:


El Dominicano says:

Good Point. Now, people, WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!

Ryan Hackett says:

*Jimmy Hendricks.

Ryan Hackett says:


Nacho Vanhardisk says:

Not as gay as you…

07latona says:

God loves this song…

JNG Music says:

Hi, I have just made a cover of Imagine. This is not so good but I do my best. Please check my channel and comment.
Hope you enjoy, thank you very much !

Can Birgüler says:

This song made me an atheist.

TheJimLahey says:

well that was gay

Diell Aliu says:

The best comment I’ve ever read on Youtube.

1990justina says:

Your welcome 🙂

Pinghong Sin says:

Thanks buddy!

1990justina says:

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

Pinghong Sin says:

What ‘s the name of the book? Can you tell me, please? I’m kinda interested in it! Thanks! 🙂

Pinghong Sin says:

John Lennon taught people learn to imagine! And now I am imagining that I will be a doctor one day!

Ninjamonkey474 says:

To those 1,324 people, I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.

CorruptedAdmin1337 says:

Only the dead have seen the end of the war.
George Santayana

Donald Devore says:

admirable lyrics which will soon become a reality in GODs new world psalm 37 10-11!

Fernando Hernandes says:

simplesmente maravilhoso……………

andrewtheballer23 says:

he is DEAD ?

confuddledN says:

I’m scared reading the book that the guy who assassinated him my teacher warned us not to think about it to much

Stonerface47 says:


mysteryparody10 says:

To me this is a very positive song. Because in a nutshell it says: Hey guess what: What if we treated each other with dignity? With equality? With peace? What if no one was abused based on the color of the face, the gender, the physical boundaries? What if all we feel is beauty and poetry? What if no child was ever abused, no peace activist mutilated?
Imagine that…

garden2011city says:

Rubbish song:
1)”There’s no heaven and no hell” it means people have to fear of punishment if they do something wrong or hope for award if they do something good sadly all people work according to “rod and carrot” policy.
2)”There’s no countries” I like this part so me cheap foreign worker can go to UK and make more money than British workers
3)”there is no possesion” plenty of thieves would love that..

Khader Taha says:


blingabi aino says:

What a dumb excuse. Because he was black living in a “White Man World” that gives him the right to rob, etc? Maybe they shouldn’t blame others on their problems and do thing themselves. The hip hop subculture has hijacked their entire community and with its “gloryfing” of crime (because hey, it’s the white man fault, brotha) it has brought it down. Hard work, not “thug life” and blaming your issues on things that aren’t there.

Tupac was born in 1971, AFTER the Civil Rights. There’s no excuse.

samusaran13372 says:

“gloryfied” Going to ignore that and your spastic LOL caps, which made you look like a two year old.
In any case, he defended his way of living because it was what he had to go through. He HAD to steal, he was poor, black and couldn’t go to school. Go listen to “Changes”, you clearly don’t understand if you think he was just another gangsta promoting violence.

samusaran13372 says:

He wasn’t murdered. He died of drug overdose.

Zack Kutler says:

Jimi Hendrix

blingabi aino says:

A rapper who gloryfied “thug life” wanted peace? LOL!

J loyal says:

We use religion– to try and get closer to the Creator, right? Jesus said we must go through Him to get to the Father. Seems we use religion to attempt and to hopefully achieve knowledge of Things Unseen. Yet, if I remember correctly, Jesus is the Word- Whom became flesh. And our Bible also shows that the Word is Eternal- with God. This means that both the Word and God have no beginning- or creation date:Jesus already knows God, intimately- and firsthand.
Why would Jesus need religion?

рита латор says:

it’s beautiful song .it’s the best song of John Lennon.Thanks to Yoko Ono (his wife) that,she helped him to write this song !!! kissi kissi bye

Abhishek Chaudhary says:

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