John Denver – Take Me Home, Country Roads

John Denver – Take Me Home, Country Roads

Music video by John Denver performing Take Me Home, Country Roads. Originally Recorded 1971. All rights reserved by RCA/Jive Label Group, a unit of Sony Musi…



alimanslayer says:

whisper of the hearts, and this song remind me that maybe there is such a
thing called love

Mathieu Schuler says:

like if your under 18 and you actually have a concept of good music!

heungheung wong says:

Take Me Home, Country Roads~~~~Love this song always!♡

TL swog says:

this song shows denver’s greatness. it may well rank among the 100 greatest
songs of all-time and it’s not even his best song.

J Fisher says:

Hank Green brought me here. However you get here, this is a great song.

LibertyNerd25 says:

This song refers to West Virginia, but really can apply to any place that
you are nostalgic for. 

Antoine Larue says:

Golden song

Emanuel Carvalho says:

Hayao Miyazaki brought me here. Lovely song! 

Vince Oddone says:

Mathieu- 100% with you on that post!!!!

KIYOSHI Piano says:

Wow John denver, I like 🙂
Pianist Kiyoshi from Japan
I subscribed your Wonderful channel

Paolo Brazil says:

Take me home…
To the place a belong!!
J. I’ll always love u!!

Josh Wellman says:

Man I love living in WV!

AntiHoplophobia says:

To the Admin with the list: try Christchurch, NZ.

Tolga Gonul says:

Timeless song.

Ani Payne says:

I miss him. 

dm3910 says:

when i listen to this song it makes me want to drive down a straight road
in monument valley at sunset in a convertible with this up full

Laurie Talbert says:

Love it

Cyrus Shahrzad says:

More I listen to John the more I miss him his simple ways and beautiful
mind. No one has brought the consciousness of love as he has.

dave fishman says:

take me home !!!!!!!!


Fucking goosebumps man :,)

Mohsin Abedin says:

Like it.

Dhuzy64 says:

Yea I’m sure that your musical tastes guarantee you a future. People
complain about modern music, but the crusade against it is just as bad.

ElSahmo says:

and its perfect music if you sit with good friends in front of the fire in
a nice warm summer evening…

birdsgoingtohate says:

Music is so beautiful that’s why I took it up… It can do good and bad
things to you And can have a effect on the world

Reginald Kasitigu says:

come on you boys Manchester City V CSKA Moscow.

Yuanliang Meng says:

Miners’ Lady, stranger to blue water Dark and dusty, painted on the sky

Punchy Johnson says:

….What part of this song makes people post their age? …No one cares…

Sammellan Singh says:


MrAke NaJa says:

Listen to this song and wanted to go home. T^T

Jade Sneddon says:

Yeah voice text, get over it.

Rex and Rex says:

this was my late father’s favorite song. He’d stand up and put his hand
over his heart. Never get tired of this. Rest in peace, John and Dad.

TheFishWhat says:

Right now Im in Vancouver, studying at college, but Im from MD and this
song makes me so nostalgic and reminds me of driving through Shenanhoah
with my family and camping in Caanan Valley in the summers. I miss home.

Patrick Sprouse says:

This perfectly describes West Virginia.

CptButternut says:

Country roads!

ranaspana says:

Your full of crap

xXdemonsacraligeXx says:

they say the new generation cant relate to the past one im 18, and it makes
me think of my deceased mother and grandma, oh ya im a musician, so duh,
lol luv john D.

CrilleMega says:

I listen to this while playing need for speed 😀

Peaches1691 says:

R.I.P. John….Your home now!!! <3

venus1112 says:

Taffy Nivert does an amazing job on the harmony in this song. Its so hard
to sing.

shreder15 says:

Are you trollin? Cause i know 2 guys named kelly…

beardog7651 says:

OK basically here’s the deal music of the past at least told a story,
does the music of today but normally for today’s music it revolves around
how many women I can screw or how good I am fucking or partying..not that
those themes haven’t always been in music to some degree, but that’s all
you here from today’s pop and R and B,there is no complexity or depth to
it..this place about to blloooow..its like I get it,you like to party!give
me some love or sad or whats going on in life songs!!

D' Nopolous says:

Like of the Axix of awesome 4chords song sent you here

glenn west says:

My dad’s favourite had it at his rip dad I love you

ranaspana says:


TeHride says:

Just let people enjoy there own music, just because you might not be able
to understand it doesn’t mean you should hate

sillawat srisuwan says:

Whisper of the heart – ghibli

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