Jim Anderson Went to Heaven and Pleaded With God to Send Him Back!

Jim Anderson Went to Heaven and Pleaded With God to Send Him Back!

Jim Anderson flat lined several times, and each time he apparently had the opportunity to stay in heaven, but he choose to come back to be with his wife and …



Tara Thomas says:

Beautiful testimony!

aliyah enriquez says:

God is so faithful!

joel10000a says:

Are you sure you will go to heaven when your body dies (permanently)? If
not, then please read the info in two links in the description of this
video. First read the one that tells how things fit together spiritually,
and then read the Born Again information. These will give you background
information, so you can make an informed decision about Jesus and about
becoming Born Again. Jesus said in John 3:3, in the Bible, that unless a
person becomes Born Again, he CANNOT see the Kingdom of God!

Wilder Dingo says:

I came here with a sceptical mind-set but for some reason I just know this
guys telling the truth.

Matt Bredlie says:

God is so good!

chulentkigel says:

INteresting coz he had a simmilar experiance to somone on my channel who
saw heaven!

Ikeashia Barr says:

Beautiful story he’s has such a beautiful heart ♥


this touched my heart .i will never forget this

Karen Paul says:

DennisDT04 – Just pray a very simple prayer and ask Jesus to reveal himself
to you personally – as simple as this – I can guarantee you your life will
never be the same again

joel10000a says:

Wow, that’s SUPER to hear!!! I look forward to meeting you in heaven
someday!! Thanks for the kind words too!!

Monica Moreira says:

I am a Born Again Christian and it has changed my life tremendously..Jesus
is my Lord and Savior. I know now what it means to be filled with the Holy
Spirit, what it means to have JESUS in my heart, what it means to read and
practice the word and works of our Lord. I used to be Catholic. I was taken
to a Born Again Christian Church and that one visit changed my life… I
will never be the same in Jesus’ name ! Amen. I do appreciate and love your
teachings Joel.

Suzanne Pilcher says:

What a remarkable story of a man who flat lined and had a choice to stay
with his wife versus go to heaven. How incredible! What a blessing! A
second chance to do the right thing. It couldn’t have happened without
God’s grace>!!

Jonathan Maillet says:

will i get nightmares if i continue watching these videos?

XxblackbarbieswagxX says:

It’s real

Noah Daniel says:

Now I have learned that river is called ‘The river of life’, and that water
LITERALLY was alive and made every cell of my body alive until it reached
my heart and I exploded!!! in love. Since this experience, I have been
baptized as a 38-yr old, and I have given my life to Jesus Christ. I
volunteer for hospice, hoping to give peace and comfort to those
transitioning to the next life. Youtube responses limited, but this is
basis of story. Thank you for listening and God Bless You Always!

Alice Parker says:

Thank you god for speaking to me and bringing me back! I will do as you
asked, I promise!

joel10000a says:

You won’t get left out, if you become Born Again! Are you? If not, or you
are not sure, now’s your chance to find out about it. Jesus said, right in
the Bible, that unless a person becomes Born Again, he CANNOT see the
Kingdom of God. (John 3:3) If you would like to read some detailed
information that will fully explain what becoming Born Again is all about,
look in the description of this video for the download link!

Jia Yi Chow says:

I thought people who went to heaven don’t want to come back?

nikeya campbell says:

please tell me

joel10000a says:

@canweknowthetruth If you want to further comment on this, message me.

sarahjanemcdowell says:

Watched this video in church, 🙂 its amazing story!!!!

joel10000a says:

Then what happened? Don’t you know that without faith, we cannot please God?

uyanga tugsbaatar says:

buddhism is better..i think

biblthmp says:

Propaganda is the use of Fraud, this isn’t fraud.

mattty105 says:

i got emotional :'(

joel10000a says:

Have you seen Colton Burpo’s video – “11 yr old went to heaven and back and
tells what he saw”? If not, please watch it too!

joel10000a says:

The verse has double meanings – neither of which is what you said!! You
didn’t even quote it correctly!! Here’s the EXACT verse from the KJV: John
3:13 13 And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from
heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven. KJV Jesus is talking about
how things were from the beginning of time to the present time when He was
on earth and spoke those words.

sixtysix kompis says:

@joel10000a didn’t Enoch walked with god… he supposedly the only one that
ever saw god???

welshboy3311 says:

Jim’s story nearly made me cry

joel10000a says:

If you are now more interested in finding about spiritual things, please
see the description of this video, for the two download links containing
information. First read the one that tells how spiritual things fit
together, and then read the Born Again information. Jesus said in the Bible
that unless a person becomes Born Again, he CANNOT see the Kingdom of God

joel10000a says:

The Bible says that it’s not God’s will that one single person goes to
hell. That’s why God the Father sent Jesus to earth in a human body, to pay
the price to set ALL of us free from sin, death and hell. All we have to do
is to accept Jesus to take advantage of this free Gift of everlasting life
with God in heaven! So we become a true Child of God, when we become Born
Again. God calls us all to be saved, but many do not accept it. So when you
do accept, you become a “chosen” one!

Yellah Jao says:

Hi, your testimony is very beautiful. I wonder what God looks like when you
see Him face to face.

blackjag200 says:

honey suckle lool i love this, but i had to laugh at that.. thank GOD he’s
still alive and well

joel10000a says:

Did you read my Born Again information yet? If not please do, and It will
help you understand. Also read the message that tells how spiritual things
fit together. We can’t cut way down on sinning until we become Born Again,
because we don’t have help from God, to quit sinning, until we become Born

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