Jesus is real.. My testimony of how I came to faith..

Jesus is real..  My testimony of how I came to faith..

Ok guys so I felt really awkward cause I felt like I was talking to a brick wall.. and I just did this in one take, the first take. I didn’t edit it to make …



jay tay says:

you kinda scared me but how wonderful

rob whee says:

Amen sister.We must spread the good word of the proven resurrected Christ.

Awesome witness,and proof that will soften any hardened heart.

Copy,paste each to address bar.The truth will set the world free.:)

watch?v=31cOKXxn1NU watch?v=h3Vj-EgwRJQ watch?v=rMVAUcFj3Aw

stephaniemedina2011 says:

Wow this reminded me a bit of how I was before coming to Christ. Everything was quit traumatic and dramatic in my case but I agree with you. God is very real(speaking from personal experience). Though its sad a lot of people pass off spirituality for some kind of mental break down and never get set free

ieva f says:

especially cause you were praying from your heart when you thanked the Lord cause it shocked you and you were grateful. I always find that when I pray deep from the heart (when something really bothers me) that I get the most out of the connection:)

Joris De Jong says:

Thanks 🙂

ieva f says:

Yes!!!!! absolutely!!! Everyone has their own thing that they get, yours is very very common. I have a friend that gets tingles down his side every time he prays or some get goosebumps, some cry from happiness 🙂 I also get what you get often 🙂

Joris De Jong says:

But what do you feel when you think jesus touches you? I had this one time mum watched a show about people who where born with handicaps and after that i went upstairs and praised and thanked jesus for that I was born healthy. Then i got a really warm feeling in my heart! Do you think that might have been a sign?

ieva f says:

I knowwwww:) i’m so happy. i’ll do more videos cause literally that’s the most boring story of them all hahaha because it was only the beginning of a crazy adventure 🙂 and to think i used to think that Christians are boring! Hahahahaha noooo, now i know that being in Jesus’ team is the most thrilling thing there is 😀 I love your channel btw 🙂

TheVigilantChristian says:

So awesome praise God !!!

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