Jesus Healed Me | New Age to Christian Testimony

Jesus Healed Me | New Age to Christian Testimony

Jesus Healed Me | New Age to Christian Testimony Jesus still heals today… Jesus healed me and continues to heal non-believers and believers every day. That was His gift and His promise to…



Paul B. says:

Excellent. I came up through New Age and know how seductive it can be. The
simplicity of Jesus bearing our burdens is far better. Glory to HIM.

PreciousTestimonies says:

Awesome testimony, sister! Thanks so much for putting this on the Net for
the Lord to use to touch OTHERS for His glory! 

Timmy Lazaro says:

Hallelujah! I used to be part of new age movement, but I felt emptiness on
the inside, no happiness, endless chanting of mantras, and still no joy.
But, I know about Jesus, from my mom, I read bits of the Bible, and started
crying because Jesus told me that He would not leave or forsaken me, I said
yes to Jesus, and I’ve become a calm person in Him! May Jesus take care of
you and your family, Have a blessed day!

unlokia says:

You are so lovely, and this is such a wonderful testimony 😀

I think the video you saw, was from my friend – Thomas Fischer – I’ve known
him a few years now, he a very lovely man, and his wife – Ahava – is also
lovely too.

God bless you, from Matt, England 🙂 Happy Christmas, Jesus is Lord – may
he continue to pour blessings into you and out from you xx

tierrabear10 says:

Thank you for this beautiful testimony. You inspire me!

Pennystockid says:

You have so much wisdom for a new believer. I’ve been Christian my whole
life (36 years) and want the hope and belief you do. Battling MS and I know
Jesus heals and ppl tell me I’m already healed.. I just needed to
understand that meaning. Anyway, you’re encouraging and I got choked up.
You’re right, I need to thank Him and also walk away from things that
separate me from His presence. Your light shines… It’s helped me to
believe more.

Andrea Hamilton says:

This is so awesome to see! I have a healing testimony too!

Christian Salvador says:

Praise Jesus my sister! It’s amazing what God can do! I am so blessed to
hear your testimony! Glory to God! Jesus uses us for wonderful things. Keep
testifying and glorifying his name.

Christian Friends says:

amen God is so good, great testimony sis. I subbed :)

Florence Santillana says:

What a blessing to hear your testimony I’m a believer as well and I
encourage you to share continue sharing your experience: God bless you!

Elizabeth Cabral says:

Thank you for sharing your testimony. I am so encouraged by your healing.
Your honesty is a blessing and your love for Jesus is encouraging in every

pookiedook says:

I am so happy for you, sweetheart!! Welcome to The Faith! It’s a warm and
wonderful place. Thanks for making and posting this, so glad we are

lennavi says:

Thanks for your testimony. I have been a Christian all my life. When I was
a teen I was eager to know more about God. Years had passed and somehow I
became a Lukewarm Christian. However, something has changed lately inside
me and my desire to seek God with all my heart returned stronger than
before. And I want to follow the Way the Truth and the Life.
Keep sharing your story. The testimonies really help, believe me.

Richard Norris says:

Glad you found Jesus. ….. how’s the kool-aid
Such phony bull

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