Jesus, Angels in Heaven, and the Throne of God – Richard Sigmund (Heaven True Story)

Jesus, Angels in Heaven, and the Throne of God – Richard Sigmund (Heaven True Story)

This is 4th video of Richard Sigmund who died of car accident. He went to heaven and saw many things in heaven. In this video, he could describe Jesus, many …



Bryson Kyles says:

the bible tell u to test every spirt to see if their are from God

Leila T says:

Is that a vision of yours?

Zach taylor says:

I was listening to a guy on church channel and he said these vision can be
deceptive and potentially not from God, unless they are focused on his

Purplee Monkeys says:

Wowwwwww !!! I want to go heaven Jesus please take me :D


all repent im only 13 but i worship the lord better than grownups



Cephas Duenas says:

If we are not humble in spirit we are not His. We must be loving, caring,
and forgiving always. We must believe that Jesus came, died , was buried,
and rose again from the dead. He did not do it for Himself, but for you,
and you and you,and you, and you! All of us. He calls to you always, but
you do not hear. He cries out to you, and you still do not hear. Why?!
Because you are all caught up to yourselves, and the world. It is time to
stop, listen, and pray, because time truly is of the escence. Believe that
Jesus Christ already paid for you sins on the cross, confess it with your
mouth, share this to all . Jesus said that if you believe in your heart
that Jesus rose again from the dead, and confess Him with your mouth, YOU
SHALL BE SAVED! Please do it now, for there is little time left! Read your
Bible and the Holy Spirit will guide you to all truths.

Heaven Awaits says:


C J Smith says:

We all should love god in believe in him because things hear on earth is
temporary but god is in all ways will be forever prays god in what I really
think about this generation that we all live in today is too many people
have hate in their hearts toward each other in people only cares about them
selfs people only cares about money cars clothes sex and people only cares
about cell phones technology is taking over these days in its only keeping
us from the truth it is keeping us from the bible

rossdaboss1959 says:

Acts 2;38 is still God’s plan of salvation. One way for all people. God is
not the author of confusion. One Lord, one faith, and one baptism. Jude 3.

wallytron101 says:


EZEKIEL 47:1-12

C J Smith says:

May god bless all people

April Leblanc says:

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