Idaho Earthquakes Gods SIgn Satan is Coming. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism.

Idaho Earthquakes Gods SIgn Satan is Coming. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism.

An investigative look into the signs all around us that we are nearing the time in revelation 12 when Satan is revealed as WW3 Starts. ◅ Revelation 12 ▻ King James Bible The Woman and the…



TheGroxt1 says:

Love ya Teammates and may God have mercy on us all.
John 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the
Word was God. 2The same was in the beginning with God. 3All things were
made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. 4In him
was life; and the life was the light of men. 5And the light shineth in
darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

brocktharock says:

to the right it looks like it says – kalispell. kali spell

ctwatcher says:

I believe he’s already here inside many so called ‘people’ without souls as
he ate them and promised them money etc. etc. etc. All in power are bred
from him. So they seem.

Candy Carmichael says:

Here are pics of ( I believe) of Satan coming on down. He may not be here
in 3d but he sure is working overtime. What a loser.

Tina Johnston says:

Our King is coming very soon teammates we are truly in high watch time, Let
he that is without sin cast the first stone and he is about to throw that
millstone down teammates because he is the only one that is worthy keep
your eyes on the prize and don’t let anyone or anything take your crown,we
are almost home teammates the dinner tables are all prepared name tags for
seating is all ready in place the only thing that is missing is us and we
will be their very soon to take our seat and give honor and praise to our
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for saving us and giving us keys to the
kingdom……THANK YOU JESUS!!!!

Sarah Knox says:

Idaho Earthquakes Gods SIgn Satan is Coming. Illuminati Freemason


Everytime I try to tell people about this it’s like killing their buzz.
Nobody wants to listen and I just can’t get through to anybody nobody wants
to pay attention some of the Christians that I talk to don’t care to hear
because they think that they don’t need to know and I’m wondering if we do
need to know I would love to know everything I possibly could but that’s
just me I don’t know if knowing all this somehow will benefit us or dampen
our spirit by all the weird and crazy things that are going to happen but
now we know isnt just fantasy but are real and we will see it in our
lifetime. When I first found out that what I knew deep down was real
(Our Elite’s of the USA was killing us), I was depressed for about a
year… now I just want to expose it but nobody gives me the time of day
when I bring it up. I wish all of us that know the truth could meet up and
get organized and take this out to the world. People tend to believe a
large group more that just one man talking and showing out her peoples
videos. Its hard as I’m sure you all know. I’m to the point that I’m
restless watching the videos an I just want to do something positive. What
can I do?

Thnx everyone..

Green Leaf says:

…4/23-announcement of four killed, then alter on a super-ba’al
#44prophetic (brady bunch balls/famine commercial-i will have my foretold
of brady bunch of g-children by the end of July) super-ba’al
celebration/sacrifice same day at WH, now the statue of liberty today, and
the 6.2 Charlotte island earthquake…this frenzy is all getting worked up
over kates imminent baby(w/charles), chel-sea c-lin-ton who tried to
emulate princess diana (with will i am) in the photo with bill & hill
behind in same blue(israel) dress named her baby Charlotte, it also a name
speculated for the future female baby queen, I say Alice for Cern or
both…nephew4/8 ready to graduate in Idaho from univ.

“The quake, which happened at 6:52 a.m. on Friday, occurred 110 miles
southeast of Sandspit, Haida Gwaii, formerly known as the *Queen Charlotte*
Islands. The depth of the quake was 24 miles, NOAA reports.”

88msbugsy says:

+countessarcadius +Starre LaBell He is amazing…watch this one…Obama
sure looks “out front” on that mag cover like he is right where he wants to
be or where they want him to be…he does seem like the man of
perdition…here we go guys, soon…Thx Mark! IDK HOW you ever figured this
stuff out, Mark…genius and Holy Ghost and God Bless You!

Tina Johnston says:
Kuki Pears says:

it’s very sad this things when it happens.
but I remember Ezekiel chapter:8 and verses: 6,7,8,9 and 10 GOD is
JUST aleluia

Lively says:

Mark, I know you have covered I Pet Goat 2 before….but if you look again
around the 2:50 mark in the video, there are your worms you just spoke of!
They have a voice and an image, which is the antichrist marking. These are
the witnesses of the world market system! The eyes have seen and the ears
have heard and the touch has happened and we now have blood on our hands
with guilt! Notice how the voice inside the cracked brain has injured the
brain and the person is unable to live and function. This is the death we
were promised if we ate of the forbidden fruit of the tree of duality. We
become brainwashed by the world and the terror it gives. WE ALL NEED
JESUS!!!!!!!!!Please consider going over it again for your new viewers.

Frank sharal says:

Ask Jesus into your heart repent of your sins be baptized and you shall be
saved hallelujah 

Angel Light says:

Sure. But Jesus is Here…

highspeeduzt says:

Hi Mark and ALL, Mike here. Ok. Lazt night chose to share mi wisdom through
a great and many truths. I understand some of us doubt mi words. It’s ok. I
understand. But please allow mi to continue. Ok. Know that wherever great
evil lies, greater good iz also close at hand. The “balance” you speak of.
To keep evil in “check” . Ok. I meantioned I live in Bridgeport Ct. The
clownish figure on top of Illuminati box cover looks remarkably like
Bridgeport native Pt. Barnum m. Also from Bridgeport iz Sikorsky
Helicopter. (Notice all the helicopter references ) . Az well az General
Electric. (Very important, explain later date) . Know IAM in mi rightful
place and thiz haz always been home. I live 15 miles give or take from
Sandy Hook. 3 towns awaym . Ok. I know we ALL put our focus on Jesus.
That’s ok. But remember that it’s the HOLY TRINITY, not ALL juzt Jesus.
That means “the FATHER, the SON, and the HOLY –
GHOST. We know about the FATHER. We know about the SON, but do we truly
know about the HOLY- GHOST ? HOLY -GHOST iz actually TWO PEOPLE ,not ONE
like we are led to believe. I can tell ALL that with great assurance, that
MICHAEL iz the GHOST! Know thix yruth. But who iz “HOLY” Then? Are we ALL
ready? OK. HOLY iz MICHAEL’S wife who az of right now, lost her soul, but
upon her coming back back, iz made “Clean” again and essentially becomes
“HOLY” again. The
“Throne” iz actually a “LOVE” seat. Built for “TWO” by a Jewish carpenter
and iz actually one of HIZ wedding gifts. Know thiz truth! (Crying right
now). I know thiz isn’t written! You ALL have got to truzt mi on thiz.
Michael follows in the same footsteps of JESUS and gets killed in the end
of time battle.*also not written. Juzt az GOD resurrected Jesus, Jesus
returns the favor and resurrects Michael. Know thiz GREAT AND AWESOME
TRUTH! Michael doesn’t die on the cross like Jesus did though. He dies by
getting shot in the head and thiz iz how HE looses an eye. (Now you ALL
know the symbolism of the one eye covered !) Remember lazt night how I said
Micheal and the ONE WITH NO NAME or GOD or POP- EYE az I prefer to call mi
father , are very closely connected? Remember? First and lazt? Am I getting
through to at least ONE of you? I know one of us hears mi word. M

Joseph Latham says:

Lotta background noise in this one Mark..must have put it in the wrong

Truthsets Youfree says:

right at that LAKE in 1973 for
with BOB HOPE.

TruthSeeker 10 says:

Something will happen and if people don’t wake up and start respecting each
other and loving each other and repenting from sin they will be lost
confused and no form of understanding of what is happening because people
have not took time off to educate themselves of truth and so forth 

Green Leaf says:

after prehistoric clay art (Venus fertility figures 25,000BC) and cave
paintings(mostly by women15,000BC) is the first actual art or objects ever
made during the Neolithic period around 10,000-11,0000 BC… it was all
made with/of JADE in CHINA.
walmart- sound the ALARM boat-Helm = verge of China boats invading

Trevor Vanderwal says:

you keep referring to god and satan as a physical being. there is no cloud
daddy. but yes the devil and god lives in all of us, as consciousness. just
like a coin has two sides. anything can be either used or abused.

barry pollard says:

Like I was saying;I’m a long haul truck driver and I drove right into the
dragons mouth that night coming through spokane heading east. Not only this
but all the train derailments happen before or after I pass through theze
places. We’re onto something;I like to think I’m hunting him but he’s got
that all seeing eye constantly on me with his puppet mob on the highway.
God’s eye vs. The dragon eye 101.

soul1234 says:

Mark of the beast. No any RFID chip, tatoo or so…
We gotta two symbols here
1. Forehead
2. Hand (as arm)
– To symbolics forehead [Ez. 3.7] [Deut. 11.18] for examle.
– To arm [Syr. 36.2] [Ex. 6.6] [Ex. 7.4] and many more.
The forehead is a symbol of consciousness.
The hand is a symbol of action.
Who believes the beast and who worshiped the beast that receiveth the mark
of the beast on the forehead.
Who works for the beast, the mark of the beast takes on hand.

Truthsets Youfree says:

and so much more…

pentecostalnun says:

I believe the earthquake in North Idaho maybe a sign from the Lord. Sadly,
My own grandfather was a Grand Master in North Idaho.


Hi… So this asteroid that supposed to hit on September the 23rd I assume
will trigger the earthquakes in America. The asteroid is supposed to take
out Porto Rico and around 800,000 are supposed to die there and putting two
and two together when the asteroid hits there of course the earthquakes
that you’re talking about will be triggered here in America forgive me if
I’m a little late I’ve only been looking at this for about 3 years so there
are some things I don’t know but I’ve been a born again believer in Jesus
since I was 16 and I’m 44 and this stuff right here blows my mind it does
every single day that I study it and it’s amazing how I just keep getting
surprised and there is never a boring subject.

soul1234 says:

[Ez. 4.6][Numb.14.34] one prophetic day = one literal year. [Rev 1.1] – all
is in the symbolics. [Rev.17.16] Horn is a symbolic of king and kingdom.
[Dn.7 .8] Little horn is Vatican – the lowest kingdom on the world. – 3
broken horns [Dn 7.8] Vandals Heruli Ostrogoths 538 – from 538 to 1798 is
a 1260 (42 months, 3 and half years) prophetic days (literals years) of
darkness. When Bartier arrestet pope. Now we got the period 131 years
withot kingdom of Vatican. [Rev. 13.3] And Mussolini gave the Lateran
Treaty and Vatikan rising up. Find photo pope tiara with a “VICARIVS FILII
DEI” wrote that is exactly 666 [Rev. 13.18 “this is a MAN number”].

4Is2See says:

Is this earthquake coming before September 2015?

john woodley says:

With the help of the scriptures, the Holy Spirit, and Mark the illuminati
freemasons don’t have anything on us. Bring it on you satan worshiping

Ange6H says:

Thanks KJ, these are wonderful & terrible times…God bless.

Marc Z says:

Good job Mark.. Got anything on the Baltimore Riots?


I just did heard about the earthquake today and man it’s really getting bad
crazy. I’m just wondering I mean I’m usually pretty prepared for anything
but this is going to be a trip for sure. Definitely need come together
somehow maybe be more prepared somehow its going to be difficult I don’t
know what’s going to come first the rapture? Or Gods wrath. Will food and
water even be feasible to hold on to or we stored up just for it to get
blown away or washed away? Deep down I know the answers to my questions but
its nice to here you all’s point of view. I like to cover myself Lol. I’ve
been saved for a lot of years but its still nice to talk with like minded
people. My church friends really Dont want to here this.

Truthsets Youfree says:

and so much more…

Lilli pod says:

Kali spell at 5:02

Emmanuel Daniel says:

Idaho Earthquakes Gods SIgn Satan is Coming. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism.

Spence Anom says:

brilliant again Mark

LOUISM1976 says:

Slenderman is that why my head sometimes feels like it in a mess. Like I
am been told things and sometimes make bad decisions so I feel confused. is
that what the devil wants?

Rhuby Star Diamond says:

We are manifesting these things, don’t you know? The time between when we
think it and when it becomes “real” is shortening exponentially! I am
choose to envision the rapture! I think I came up with a new quote today,
thanks to Obama! If you’re happy in your chains, you can keep your chains.
MsRhuby! Star Diamond

Armored Saint says:

Isaiah 40:31 They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they
shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and
they shall walk, and not faint.

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