I Saw My Prayers Ascending To Heaven

I Saw My Prayers Ascending To Heaven

A testimony to the power of prayer – This is a vision I received from Jesus when I was feeling uncertain that he was hearing my prayers.



Liene svärd says:

I’ve heard many talking about attacks from evil spirits lately. Jesus has already won, and there’s power in his name and blood. Listen to anointed music and praise God. Evil spirits don’t like it, they will flee. I’ll pray for you. I experienced attacks from evil spirits while being on the hospital just after sergury. I asked them why they were attacking me and they said because I’m weak but they always lie. With Jesus no one’s weak! Keep praying and doing your missions for Jesus. God bless you!

alphafaith says:

Hi cheryl, please know every demon spirit must leave when you command it to. Also know that in your weakness, His strength is perfected. Be of good cheer, for Jesus over came the world, that you might also be an overcomer in Him. grace and peace

Cheryl Nero says:

Please pray for me, I am a born again Christian under great persecution and attack from evil spirits, trying to hinder my mission for Jesus.

jokinwifdajoker says:

Please if you get this kinda answer from our lord please can you spare a prayer for me? I’ve had it externally hard lately. God bless you

ARakaLordBrilliant says:

You sure it wasn’t just your imagination?

awomenoftruth says:

I needed that. Thanks.

karensera says:

Thank you for writing. God be with you.

larvage digdem says:

Your videos are truly inspiring and encouraging everytime I look at your videos I feel the holy spirit present

Richard H says:

hawk77y, you don’tknow this but Jesus is looking for you. You are a lost sheep. Jesus is the good shepherd and he is looking for you because he loves you. And he won’t quit until he finds you. I promise to you I am not lying.

Richard H says:

God is real and He loves you more than you can imagine. He created you with His own hands. Call out to him with a sincere heart and He will answer you.

Misha4Jewel says:

We have a great answer for you back and for those who has the same heart as you do! So we hope you will enjoy it!

Steven Chavez says:

your videos are a blessing, darkness seek a negative reaction from u. instead of response you shall pray for them for heavenly reward await u. I learn this from u my sister..

Joshua George says:

how evil of you

karensera says:

Their mocking is so unnecessary, but I guess that they feel that much hatred. They don’t know the way of peace, but choose the way of being abusive. There is a lot of darkness in people.

karensera says:

You are an evil person. The devil is in you. He owns your soul.

hawk77y says:

I also saw my fart ascending into heaven too! What a pile of shit this is…You guys are the most deluded bunch of people!

ddg fg says:

divinerevelations.info/How_satan_stops_our_prayers/index.htm watch this page. it says the same thing about the prayer smoke! praise Jesus!

isa InProgress says:

Hi Karen, your dream reminds me of the Bibleverse in Jeremiah we were recently taught:
My pastor commented on how beautiful the “language of the Holy Spirit is” with this verse: Jer. 29:13- “You will seek Me and find Me; when you seek Me with all of your heart I will be found by you…” I can picture a new Husband smiling while playfully hiding from His new wife- she is searching for Him- only to find Him right there behind the door smiling at her as He embraces her 🙂

isa InProgress says:

Ohh, i love that scripture! I can totally relate with those disciples when they were dissapointed that Jesus chose to surrender Himself when they expected Him to pro-actively make Himself King right then- they didnt realize He is a King in Exile still- a Fugitive King who for love of His Father and us died of Love. It must have been totally awesome for them to discover He ressurected- and was with them incognito on that road 🙂

isa InProgress says:

you’re so welcome 🙂 Im asking Jesus to help me to abide in Him and stay in communion with Him- He’s actually helping me- in spite of myself- Who knew! the Holy Spirit quietly showed me how many times, praying and connecting with Him can just be resting quietly before Him while thinking of Him.- and His Spirit communicates with our spirit. A person can have ADHD and He still knows how to reach even THAT person–

disconabisco says:

Hey, thank you very much for praying for me. I really do need it. I’ll pray for you to. Thank you again and God bless

Chandra Leigh says:

yes…. when sometimes all we can do is ‘utter’.. God hears that in an instant. Thanks 🙂

Chandra Leigh says:

this happened to me too. in my situation, God is helping me to rid my whole system of “accumulated garbage”… emotional baggage. Hon, it’s working for me. I said a prayer of assistance for you just now… 🙂 Be well, kind regards, Chandra

Chandra Leigh says:

Thank you brother Jesus))) … Thanks be it to God. God is testing and teaching, I really enjoyed and needed to see this. Thank you Karen. 🙂

karensera says:

Thank you for sharing that scripture with us. I really loved it!

John Doe says:

Thank You for this Video. It worked (witnessed) in my Heart as I watched it. check out this scripture. Luke 24:32 And they said one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures?

disconabisco says:

Thanks for replying. But, I do not blame jesus and I have accepted the holy spirit. Its just demons. You are right most def. Demons can still torture you. That’s when God is testing you. Also though alot of times now when I dream I’m talkin bout God, the stars and singing his songs.

isa InProgress says:

This was very encouraging to me as it”s very hard for me to pray–I have spiritual attention deficiit disorder. When I was in the New Age movement , I also could never meditate— at least I can be thankful about that, now ,but I would like to be able to connect with Jesus– my mind is a royal pain in the butt! A wise late pastor we had would always tell us how sometimes our sighs are prayers to God when words are not sufficient. 

disconabisco says:

Thank you very much. I have actually been doin that alot lately and it has been working. I will keep doing this and thank you for your time to reply me

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