I Died Dec 18/ 2010/ Durn My Surgery Hear My Testimony On After Life By Angel Morrison.

I Died Dec 18/ 2010/  Durn My Surgery Hear My Testimony On After Life By Angel Morrison.

Hear my testimony that I am sharing on What I seen. What happen after I Died durn my surgery. Where I went. Who I meet. Plus I got to Talke to Jesus ! ! Glor…



shopaholic1 says:

The glory of Jesus Christ, please seek him

Warring Angel says:

I’m also reading a book called “The Power of the Spoken Word” by Bonnie Jones. Her husband, Bob Jones, is another amazing prophet from God. In her book Bonnie talks about the true power of our prayers and when you talked about the angels scooping up the prayers with wings that REALLY touched me. Just today I asked God to show me that my prayers have power and on the same day I watched your testimony! Thanks again…you really made my day.

Warring Angel says:

Not one unborn child is lost…they are God’s. I absolutely loved your emotion…I bet that’s an emotional experience you’ll never forget! Ha. Well, God bless you, your family, and your entire universe of people you love and that love you! Your spirit brother in arms, Brian

Warring Angel says:

What a wonderful story, Cutiech2001. Thank you soooo much for sharing this beautiful story. Wow! If you’re interested YouTube Kat Kerr Revealing Heaven…because you’ve been there I am 100% sure you will be amazed & addicted to what God is saying through her to us. Kat’s job is to reveal heaven for God and she has seen the portals that our brothers & sisters in heaven look through. She also talks about miscarried babies and aborted babies too…they are waiting for their mothers to come home…

cutiech2001 says:

What i understand is..that our loved ones up in Heaven are Allowed to observe us Only NOW & THEN, when we’re doing things that are Pleasing to the Lord. I was Allowed at the time to hear my Dad’s Prayer Only because, he was Praying for my Resusitation.
As Far as Praying to “Saints” or to our Deceased Loved Ones, the Bible Teaches NO SUCH THING. Jesus Only Prayed to our Heavenly Father & Taught So{Mat.6:9-13/ Jn.17, etc}. Also check out Acts 10:25 & 26/ Rev.19:10/ Rev.22:8 & 9. Only Pray to God.

DesmondDo says:

Hi sister Angel.. i believe your testimony, and you mention that your love ones in Heaven can look down and see everything about you, and you can hear your father’s prayer… which mean SAINTS have the ability to know everything right? im catholic and many so against catholic believes… do you think that praying to saints is a sin or not? im so confuse.. please help sister… thank you.. GOD bless..

AlaskanFamilyBlogs says:

God works in mysterious ways! Amazing, beautiful testimony! =-)

NetGuruINC says:

Please everyone, we all need to make sure we get our affairs in order. Repent of our sins for we do not die, we shall live eternally. Jesus is the way and the ONLY way to eternal life

DesmondDo says:

praise to Jesus!!

Jessie Johnson says:

This is so beautiful. Thank you so much for this testimony. Love sister and God bless you.

farawayhome143 says:

Be ready to face Jesus!!!

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