Howard Storm DIED, WENT TO HELL, CAME BACK [01/12]

Howard Storm DIED, WENT TO HELL, CAME BACK [01/12]

Howard Storm Interview.



tashawn777 says:

He was an atheist too….didn’t work for him.

charmainematson says:

because Hell is real and alot of ppl don’t believe it or choose not to, because they know that they are going to have to pay for there sins..Christians are not trying to scare anyone, just wanting ppl to know the truth

ChessMaster8387 says:

cant nobody help you but God

benbutterell says:

In your time of need brother, please pray to jesus because he loves you no matter what and wants all his sheep to be with him forever

Stephen King says:

He didn’t go to hell because of lack of faith. He went to hell because he was a cold-hearted and cruel man, obsessed with his own vision of what he wanted to be. He cared nothing for anyone else. (Like the people who tormented and attacked him.)

MrsMarshall72 says:

Amen :)

Stephen King says:

As a Catholic I am inclined to believe that my faith is the best for me. But that doesn’t make me think that there are only Catholics in Heaven. It’s my own belief, that if we die with enough grace (belief in God and having lived a good life) it will get us to the Pearly Gates (so to speak) and it is here, we will learn that Jesus is God. And based on the condition of our souls, we will have an opportunity to accept the truth, or reject Him. (Again, only my own take on it.)

Stephen King says:

YOUR WORDS … “I’m a convinced atheist.” That’s a complete contradiction in and of itself.  What you are actually saying is you’re “Convinced of Nothing.” lololol.

Stephen King says:

I would have to say that Neale Donald Walsch is a bold face liar if he says in his book “Conversations with God” that God revealed that hell does not exist. The bible is the TRUE word of God, and it states very clearly that hell is real. God cannot contradict himself. And He doesn’t lie. (I don’t know if the same can be said about Neale. ;D)

Stephen King says:

The fact that you’re alive proves God is real.

Stephen King says:

You know who else believed that love and compassion are the most important things anyone could possibly practice in thier lives… Jesus.

Stephen King says:

you’re welcome! (There’s another great version of Howard’s story in another video series of mine. It’s parts 4-5-6 of the series TO HELL AND BACK. I actually like it better than this longer version.)

Stephen King says:

Jesus was a Jew, I’m sure He’s in Heaven. So yeah, I’m sure there are Jews in Heaven.

Stephen King says:

 I agree, your comment is retarded.

Stephen King says:

I know it’s real because Jesus says Hell is real. And Jesus is not a liar.

MrsMarshall72 says:

But how do u know this is real? maybe its only propaganda or smth

youngcarter6 says:

This is a great testimony

goscott4 says:

REV 18

Michael Wehrley says:

“The ego can be a cancer, I hope God will forgive my sins in the end.”

He can forgive them now if you ask Him to. If you wait until after you die it’s too late.

jediguardian1 says:

A video all Atheist must see, God is real whether you like to admit it or not!

nobodehindahouse says:

this is retarded…

Mikhail Podushkin says:

I have Jewish faith, so in a Christian perspective would I still go to heaven?

LoLwhySoSensitive says:

14 people missed the Like button

Amazing Video, thanks so much for pointing me to this clubsoda!

truly inspiring words, you can just feel the sincerity of Howard’s demeanor, for Pete’s sakes the man was in tears

TheLooserBrain says:

IT’s not too late. You better believe in our heavenly father

Dominic Vasquez says:

pause at 0:53. creepy as fuck. im atheist right now, but im gonna watch the interview and think a little bit

lindakbray1 says:

Yes,this is true.The BIBLE speaks NO LIES!

bass109 says:

Jesus christ saved my life. I was freed from demonic opression by Jesus christ! everyone Jesus is god of all mankind! praise Jesus!!!

stonerguy420PSN says:

I’m a litlle skeptical about all this, I kinda consider myself an agnostic rather than an atheist, however I do believe that love and compassion are the most important things anyone could possibly practice in thier lives. I would like to hear some opinions on this. If one is not necessarily a believer, but still loves his fellow man and does good in the world, will this save him from hell (if there is a hell)?

ArchangelTwiz says:

Finally, someone with some sense.

BetterMagic says:

Please put this video to Facebook, Twitter or similar medias. You don’t know how much it might or will effect on people. God Bless to you all =)

koss121 says:

Emotional appeal [fear] aside. Here’s some modern philosophy.

There is no evidence to the existence of God or Hell.
We can not accept as a hypothesis something for which there is no evidence.
Therefore, God and Hell don’t exist.

hola897 says:

he can forgive them now if u ask =)

Siva Balan says:

What about Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch when God spoke to him that hell does NOT exist?

Paul Dougherty says:

I heard a portion of his interview about the portion of purgatory where the spu;s are completely reliant on the prayers of human beings to free them from this portion of purgatory….also said that he shared much in common with these souls and that it got more crowded the longer he was there. The good news is that prayers do set souls free from this part of purgatory.

Lapdol says:

Amen to that

boyandband says:

Why is everyone so absurdly inclined to believe this guy? I’m a convinced atheist. Why believe this stuff? This is scary and a terrible image to have in my mind. Why give yourselves such an irrational, but terrible, fear to live with?

Paul Malboeuf says:

Believing in The Father - Son & Holy Spirit are the most important thing — To do good works to prove our Faithfulness & treating others as Brothers & Sisters. God pulled my soul out of my body – it is really scary if you are not ready to face God! Repent of your Sins & Accept Jesus as Lord, Savior & Master! The Time is Short!

BeautifulJADExx says:

All Atheists really need to watch this and wake up! This stuff is real! Get right w/ Jesus today! Tomorrow might be too late. In the bible it says you will not make it to heaven by doing any goods it doesn’t matter how good of a person you are. You have to believe in trust in the lord love him and honor him. He came and died for you in such a crucial way so that you wouldn’t have to go to hell. And for those who don’t believe, love & trust in him, will have to pay the consequences forever…

thecomputerguy1997 says:

dont worry he will hes cool

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