How To know for sure you’re not going to HELL (Paul Washer)

How To know for sure you’re not going to HELL (Paul Washer)




Big Mac says:

Praise God .
Who then can be saved ? We all fall so short. I ask again, who then can
possibly be saved ? Oh God have mercy and compassion and save us from the
pit that lies below . Save us in the Mighty Name of Jesus 

Gillian Smith says:

You should change this films title. No one knows who will go where, there
is no being sure. Who do you think you are ??

Pewdmoshcus says:

Im Satanist, do you guys have an issue with that?

AmazingLogic says:

Glad to see a pastor tell it like it is. We really need to hear this more
in America.

MrGlossyEdits says:

That was awesome! ^0^/

David Alexander says:

Please listen and receive true followers of Jesus. This is my Jesus and the
way I try to live my life. 

deadlybeautifulangel says:

intense message. I really needed to hear this. Thank you for posting this.

I sotac says:

Now if one used just a little thought concerning the opening verses from
Matthew something might be learned.

What was God’s word Yahowsha (errantly called Jesus Christ) is speaking of?
Yahowsha was the word of the Father made flesh, yes? We even have Yahowsha
stating he did not come annul the smallest letter of the smallest word
nothing is to pass away from the Torah until the heaven and earth do also.
This is God’s eternal word, yes?

Now to the verse not everyone calling him LORD, LORD will enter the kingdom
of heaven, the verse actually says NOT ANYONE, calling HIm LORD, LORD.

The verse goes on to say: Depart from me you who are workers of
lawlessness. yet However the words actually being conveyed are: “those who
are without the Torah”.

In each and ever instance the word Law was written in the place of Torah.
In the Greek the word Nomos was conveyed for Torah which is errantly
written Law.

Definition: Towrah – written instruction, teaching, direction, guidance

Here are the base words :
tow – the signed, written, and enduring
tuwr – giving us the means to explore, to seek, to find, and to choose
yarah – the source from which instruction, teaching, guidance, and
direction flow
tuwb – provides answers which facilitate our restoration and return, even
our response and reply to that which is
towb – good, pleasing, joyful, beneficial, favorable, healing, and right,
and that which causes us to be loved, to become acceptable, and to endure
tahowr / tohorah – purifying and cleansing us towr – so as to provide an
opportunity to change our thinking, attitude, and direction

The point here is that Yahowah is all about us understanding Him .
Understanding and passing on His Words, plan , and nature. If you think
Towrah is Law ask yourself why Dowid (David ) called it freedom .

And I choose to walk in its (speaking of the Towrah‘s) freedom , because
indeed I have sought after, inquired about, found, and have looked to Your
precepts and directions (Mizmowr / Song / Psalm 119:45)

Snap Napos says:
iamanoobiecheez says:

This is the bestestestestestestestestestestestestestestest bible service I
have seen so far. Thank you. I’m spreading. ^_^)

Shakanka Sore says:

How can one be saved? No matter how people try to deny it, they still are
sinful, no matter how pure they try to appear. Most of these hell
testimonies make it seem like it’s impossible NOT to go to Hell… :(

Blaze Flewelling says:

Love God 

Janaina Silva says:

may god bless you pastor paul and thank you for your teaching 

Janaina Silva says:

when you preach i hear the voice of my saviour and god in your preaching
thank you 

Christ The Lord says:
mikey 860 says:

I thought I would listen to this and have a laugh, But that was surely
wrong he know what he is talking about. You just remember God knows his on,
All that the Father has giving to me will come to me, my sheep hear my
voice and a stranger they will not follow. To know Christ is Life. He is
something you possess and not confess.

Christ The Lord says:

My favorite preacher!

Athina M says:

God bless u,bless u&bless u Paul washer.Your message is a blessing to
me.The holy spirit convicted me tonight.What a blessing message to a
confused&tempted heart.You turned the sons heart toward father.Thank you.

Kyle Kaloi says:

This is a great video

Jim Hoerst says:

Poor Christians,
Believing things that deny reason just to please a vengeful god and living
in terror of an imaginary being.

Athina M says:

I can’t stop crying

AmazingLogic says:

God is all powerful, Jesus saves us. You have to teach how to change from
being a sinner to being more like Jesus. I was always told how bad or
wrong I was, but no one taught or told me how to do the right thing. But,
God has a loving nature that He takes the time to teach the sinner to be
more Christ-like. I had to be scolded by God for the things I did and I
learned. God did not let me go, because He taught me. Yes, He did use
mankind to help me learn, but I knew it was God doing the teaching.
Mankind did not teach me how to do the right things I had to figure it out
on my own or with the help of the Holy Spirit. Yes, the Holy Spirit used
mankind to help me, but I knew it was God behind the whole teaching
experience. When people give their lives to Jesus the teacher needs to
teach how to do the right thing not just say the Lord’s Prayer.

megasif . says:

You must eat it, live it, breathe it….It must become a full-time job. You
must know it, believe it and do it.

Dwayne Hunt says:

How To know for sure you’re not going to HELL (Paul Washer):

sofiadorci says:


Lisa G says:

thank you!

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