Hell is Real – 3 of 29 – Shocking Proof – Watch the Series

Hell is Real – 3 of 29 – Shocking Proof – Watch the Series

Download this video & audio at FreeCDTracts.com. This is a complete series that shows the reality of hell as thousand of people around the world have been experiencing hell after death…



Cathy Murphy says:

We all sin and fall short of the glory of God. Only by accepting His Son
Jesus are we allowed access to God and Heaven. Jesus is the only way
through the door. Once a person accepts this, by faith, when God looks upon
us he sees His Son’s blood and knows that Jesus has paid the ultimate price
with His life to allow us into His presence. If you have not accepted
Jesus, God sees us as we are, as filthy rags, sinful and followers of the
devil. There are only two choices….God or Satan. By not choosing God you
are accepting Satan as your Lord and letting him rule your thoughts and

hapibth0pel3ss says:

When jesus died He went to hell to drop off the world’s sins and then went
to heaven. at that time all mans sins had been forgiving but it wouldn’t be
long until man strayed again that they would need to be reborn as a
christian and hand their lives back over to Jesus. At least thats what I

Gisela Fiedler says:

Viele Menschen glauben nicht das Himmel und Hölle existiert und ist Real.

InnerMittenSignal says:

who are you & what happened to you to make you so despairing? what you are
saying is that Goodness as an absolute does not exist. why would this be
the way you want to see things? if there’s no goodness, why can you take
your next breath? why is the sky still blue? there is beautiful music to
listen to, jokes to make you smile, other humans & cute animals to keep you
company. if you despise those things & choose evil, you will spend eternity
in the company of others who chose the same…not fun!

jiddandlaur says:

why do people not believe this. God makes it so very clear. Oh Lord help us
to get this across to people. Please Lord!

commonthread2 says:

Lord lead all souls to your ever lasting Mercies and to Heaven Forgive us
our sins and trespasses and help us to be Holy in thine sight sorry for our
lack of care toward each other Lord forgive us

SuperRob77 says:


Arjuna 1 says:

everybody of us is a part of god and the whole univers. god would never
punish himself, he loves us, cause we are a part of him.. i think walsh
gives us the right answeres with his dialog to god..

bigreed43 says:

My question is simply WHY? If God is omnipotent as it is widely taught then
why is he going through the motions. Surely he already knew Eve would eat
from the tree. Surely he knew that Jesus would be crucified. Surely he
knows where each one of us is going to end up…be it heaven or hell.

Gieszkanne says:

Good example the chair holds me if I believe or not. And yes what is
believe. Its less important than what you do and why you do it!

To Em says:

thank u

InnerMittenSignal says:

@Gieszkanne there’s lots of answers in the comments for you, but examine
your logic. what do you think “loving” & “god” actually mean? the opposite
of them=”hating non-ruler”. why would you not avoid such a being? but if
you choose such company, he will take you permanentlyfrom God, just because
he hates Him & you, & turn you into something that doesn’t dare to approach
His Perfection. we’re being shown some stuff down here. as “the simpsons”
humorously advises: “don’t do what johnny don’t did!”

quaker261 says:

@connieensinger illuminatti is real too. and they control us all and wanna
kill us

Gieszkanne says:

@jiddandlaur I think what it makes so hard to believe is that hell and
endless pain dont fits a loving god. Hell is also defined here as
separation of god, but as his creatures, a part of him can we be really
separated ?

805ishi805 says:

Plan of salvation 1.Romans 3:23 Isaiah 59:2 We are short of the glory of
God 2.Romans 6:23 Ezekiel 18:4 We have to pay for our sins 3.Galatians 2:16
Titus 3:5 Nothing we can do to save ourselves 4.Romans 5:8 2nd corinthians
5:21 1st peter3:18 Jesus paid all our debt. 5.Romans 10:9-10 John 1:12
Receive the gift of God. John 3:16

subulion says:

@Gieszkanne we are separated from God by sin and no amount of good deeds we
can do can ever bridge the gap between God and man only faith inJesus
Christ and His death and resurrection believing that what He accomplished
was personal for you and you accept His forgiveness for sins that only
bridges the gap and we can be with God in heaven

Domodeath says:

Hell is a place of God’s wrath, Heaven is Heaven because…?

billensinger says:

@connieensinger thank you for reminding me about this video. Please never
give up praying for the unsaved. It’s only God who can save them from
eternal Hell while there is still time……Please God….have
mercy……save them by Your grace!

Natalie Briggens says:

Jesus Christ is god, we must repent.

Gabriel gamache boucher says:

@Domodeath hell place of gods wrath heaven place of god’s loves(infinite

Jerry Griffin says:

@Nomoremrniceguy100 god does not allow people to destroy them selfs in fact
he gave us a way out when he gave his only son to DIE FOR YOU. do the
police allow you to break the law .NO & if you do there is punishment to be
dealt out.gods laws are no different.but you & only you can make the choice
to follow him or follow the world.you know i would rather follow a god that
did die for me.then follow satan who wants me to die for him.the choice is

Eximious94 says:

If you’re christian and don’t believe in hell, you admit you’ve never read
the new testament.

Nemesis Dawn says:

I believe Hell is the full destruction of a soul, there is a gulf between
heaven, and the place where those who didn’t quite make it. Hell fire is
Gods judgement, God can’t be around sin, or those who have sinned, just the
mere presence of God to a sinner will consume them, this is what caused
Moses to age when he went to the mountain to counsel with YHWH. Hebrews
12:29) For our God is a consuming fire.

billensinger says:

Thank you so much for sharing this video again. I hope and pray that all my
friends and family who will watch this video in my FB, (don’t believe Hell)
will open their eyes to the truth. In the Name of Jesus, I pray…save them
by Your grace. Deliver them from Satan bondage and set them free by Your
Power. Thy will be done. Amen!

Jesus Angel says:

@Gieszkanne Yes because God is holy therefore sin cannot stand before him,
that’s why the separation forever

InnerMittenSignal says:

“it’s not written”…? are you a reader of the Word of God? why not quote
ALL the great stuff surrounding that fact which is that You Don’t Have To
Choose It! define ‘plain’. define ‘believer’. do you believe your chair
will hold you up? why? because it always did before? every time you sat in
it, it got closer to the day it will fall apart under you! this earth is
most obviously corrupting so you have to take that chair-sitting Faith &
put it in the One who gave you breath & air to breathe! (:D

morasinlove says:

Idc what any1 says I totally belive in hell and I belive the devil realy
does exist!! U can’t belive in God and not belive in the devil that doesn’t
make any sense they both exist u need to chose who u want to be with!!

connieensinger says:

thank you for posting this biblical truth about hell. The Bible is True and
Hell is Real. This is an eye opening and should take it seriously and check
for ourself if we are saved !

TheFitnessShinobi says:

@jiddandlaur Becasue people do not like the truth, they would reather
falsely belive in a happy lie they make up. God is the king of all, like it
or not it is what it is there is a reward for our actions and there is a
punishment. You can do as you please but in the end, only you can be to
blame for what you receive. God bless you all

GurlCaa says:

@connieensinger most definetly.

NarGuilhermeReal says:

@flairfan101 PERFECT

Dorian P. says:

why would they put this on the history channel, why would the media want
ppl to know this, isnt the media manipulated n controlled.

Jeff B says:

Adam and Eve were perfect when they were created. You know the story about
the APPLE. God did not set up Adam and Eve knowing they would “fall”.
However, the Serpent lied and tempted Eve, and she fell from Grace. Not
long after, Adam followed. They sinned. God responded to their fall from
Grace, and He was forced to have them driven out of the Garden. God made
man to subdue the Earth and to populate the Earth, and to worship Him. God
did not sin. Man sinned. The Serpent will get his in the end.!

Michael Justus says:

I have a burning desire to make people believe the truth but they are
either not interested or they think you are crazy

carlo serame says:

We must asked for our Lord Jesus Christ forgiveness and accept him in your
heart as the CHRIST.

May420pm says:

@greeniem its you agian (cough cough) troll

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