Heaven Or Hell?

Heaven Or Hell?

Heaven is a real place described in the Bible. The word “heaven” is found 276 times in the New Testament alone. Scripture refers to three heavens. The apostle Paul was “caught up to the…



Shyann Loving Warriorforchrist says:
Ann Kesler says:

Thank you sister. This post has a powerful message. May you be blessed.
Much love and hugs to you.

dzac02 says:

I have come to believe, through study that “hell” is a state of being, and
interpreted for “grave” many times.. Death and hell will be cast into the
“lake of fire”, this is the eternal seperation. Those who have died, both
with Jesus, and those without, will be awakened, some at the second coming
to be with the Lord forever. And those without who will stand at the “White
Throne Judgement”. If the souls are in their eternal state now. there would
be no need for a resurrection and judgement, and it would be just the
living followers of Jesus that are caught up in the second coming, but this
is not the case nor scripture.. Yes, once dead you have made your choice,
but i believe the souls are “sleeping” until the first and second
resurrection. Just Sayin’ my two cents.. Wonderful vid sis.. God

lee yang says:

yes there is a hell and heaven but people hype heaven and hell up wrong.
from my opinion heaven is a resting place for spirits who past judgment.
hell is prison system or a place for bad spirit.

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