“Heaven is For Real” Revisited December 7, 2012 ~ Colton Burpo at 13

“Heaven is For Real” Revisited December 7, 2012 ~ Colton Burpo at 13

A new follow-up interview with the Burpo family from their best selling book, “Heaven is For Real.” Colton is 13 years old now & he shares even more of what …



Dan Cotterman says:

Personal experiances with God, Jesus, and HIS love are indisputable to the person that has them. It’s His goodness that leads man to repentance. Not arguments. Ask and you will receive, He will show up for YOU any time you are seriously seeking a relationship with him. May you have your own experiance, and know His love. Amen.

GetaLifeMusic says:

Not true. He does love you & wants you no matter what you have done. The Word of God says that if we confess our sins He is faithful & just to forgive us of our sins. He left the 99 sheep to go and find the one that was lost. I will NEVER leave you or forsake you! Come now, let us reason together. Though your sins be red like scarlet, they shall be made white as snow. Talk with Him like He is your best friend because He is! Ask Him to forgive you & give your life back to Him & He will save You.

Saad Zahid says:

Hi:) The Christians of today are the perfect irony, they worship Jesus, a man, yet in the BIble two of the ten commandments prohibit you to worship anyone other than God. Yet the Christians openly defy the 10 commandments. I am shocked at the belief systems of the Christians.
If you worship the Christ, then you will go to Hell for all eternity.
If you worship the one God, then that’s a different story.

QuiteGamerCom says:

I can never accept christianity as a healthy religion, because I can quote christians who claim that no matter how good a person you are, no matter how hard to try to do the right thing, you will always be in sin, and unless you ask God to forgive your sins, you’ll go to hell when you die. If this was true, God would be a horrible evil entity. Any human that condemn another to hell, based on belief, it’s just not right. 

Leaj Cecilio says:

grabe,. tinatayuan aq ng balahibo when i first read the story,. and ngsearch tlga aq if it is a true story and i found it,. heaven is real,. i am a christian and it is a big revelation to me as a believer of jesus and father god.. i was amaze and also i felt fear,. prang i want to be more righteous s mata ng dios,. and the only thing i can do that is to serve him wholeheartedly:)

Maria Victoria Knight says:

The only way you’ll see Jesus is by faith. The hard at heart will not see Him. To them it is foolishness because they lack the spirit of God. Lie Jesus said, This wicked generation will look for a sign but no sign will be given.

Dariand Warwolf says:

Read the bible on your own instead of asking others who might not have the correct answer. There you will find the answer to that and many other questions.

Antony Paulson says:

Gods word states jesus appears after his death on the cross.

kaelemelf says:

Pictures or it didn’t happen.

xin0 says:

please read the BIBLE…not man made books!

xin0 says:

you read confused with the bible.
Jesus is the word!
people who claim to see Jesus are either seeing an angel, demon in disguise or light or lying.

what do we have to obey from Jesus, if you don’t mind me asking.

xin0 says:

the monk is lying.
there is no such thing as Purgatory.
it is a fictional realm created by Catholic, to justify people who just cannot stop sinning but think their ‘works’ will save them, so when they die purgatory will be their chance of redeem.

xin0 says:

people who are bored reading the bible and want to look for something extreme or supernatural are going to believe this.

i still can’t understand how people fall for ones who have testimony about heaven and they make a book about it. Easy money for them.

GetaLifeMusic says:

There is no purgatory so what the monk saw was a deception. When Christ died on the cross for our sins he said,”It is Finished!” He that has the Son has life, he who does not have the Son does not have life.
It also says in the book of Revelation that there is a book in heaven called, “The Lamb’s Book of Life.” If your name is not written in this book then you will die in your sins & you will be cast in to the lake of fire forevermore. But, if you call upon the Name of the Lord U will be saved!

Joshua Cannon says:

I have done some very bad things in the past and i’m worried Jesus won’t want me 🙁

thevoicexwithin says:

Amazing video! God is good (:
I hope you will not put that 2012 date in the title cuz it is misleading. I thought he revisited heaven on 7 December 2012. lol

thevoicexwithin says:

You say you are a strong believer in God but don’t believe his testimony of Jesus.
So who is your ‘God’ ?

thevoicexwithin says:

Jesus didn’t only come to see him. There are many testimonies of people who have seen Jesus as well in today’s world. You can search youtube. There’s a channel ‘HeavenVisit’ go check it out (:

And according to the Bible, God’s Word, you receive eternal life (go to heaven) if you believe that Jesus is the son of God, repent of your sins and obey Him as Lord and Savior.


Children don’t lie about things like that when there 4 years old “AMAZING STORY”


Me too.

80sspirit4ever says:

Actually you’re not that wrong, centuries ago a monk had a vision when he saw 30,000 people who died in a day, only 5 were saved, 2 went directly to heaven and 3 to purgatory, the rest were condemned, centuries later a woman had the same experience and she saw 60,000 and only 3 were saved. Nowadays around 120,000 people die daily in the world, probably just 20 or less are saved. Then what can we do to be of the “few”? repent of your sins, ask to God forgiveness and try to avoid sin from now on.

SkullakaAce says:

First off, I think you are awesome! But like someone else said, Jesus is omnipresent. Mankind tends to limit God. We cannot limit him. 

Oran CrowSinger says:

This kid could not be lying because he knows that he is going to heaven so if he lies about what he saw, he will blow it for himself and go to Hell. If he was lying then he will blow going to heaven for himself. People lie for money, but what would you choose? Money, or an eternity of pain and suffering?

NicksPlayHouse says:

why do people beleive this?

Martzdude1 says:

i agree. after reading the book i really want to see jesus, angels, etc.

GetaLifeMusic says:

Jesus is Omnipresent : adj. present everywhere at the same time: the omnipresent God.
He can be with many people at the same time throughout time & space. He is beyond space & time & He is not restricted by them. He can be with many people in eternity in the same instant since there is no time in heaven…

hawklord2001 says:

The scientific method is the ONLY way to answer questions about the universe and our place in it.

“”For example, how many times has the scientific view of cosmology radically changed?””

Our understanding advances as we learn more, we build our knowledge on confirmed observations.

Antony Paulson says:

Really, then who made the big bang?
Why can heaven not exist?
You did not give a clear reason.
I studied science for 40 years,
I conclude God exists,
so does life after death,
so does judgement,
so does punishment for wicked persons.

Antony Paulson says:

May be you are the big lie. J woods.
You have no evidence, do you?

V Orchaid says:

Tj you know if you are a Christian, you know you shouldn’t judge, one day you will see the truth, you need to find unconditional love , let love guide your thoughts.

Shayne Brady says:

This is the same christian network that covered the first story when he was 11 yrs old. So of course I’m very unsure that any of this is real.

Chelsea Tye says:

wow this is amazing! ide love to see jesus right now.

ber427 says:

with God everything is possible, EVERYTHING!

sparklingmichele says:

So, Jesus has a horse. All I have learned about the immortal Secretariat, not just how he miraculously won races, but his personality, he was more than just a horse and did things horses can’t do. I thought to myself that God let him live with us for a little while because we needed to see a miracle again. So many people broke down the day he won the Belmont/Triple Crown & still cry to this day every time they watch him. It must be Jesus’ horse. I always believed that & this is confirmation.

joan Jones says:

Unless you met Mr. Christ like Colton her, you only know what we do. Give it a rest.

joan Jones says:

I am reading your book now little man. I found it in one of those community book boxes that are popular right now.

FroztDrake says:

Im wondering… how many ppl die everyday? millions? how come Jesus only came for him and he sat in jesus lap and angels sang. This only make sense either if only 0.1% of the ppl go to heaven or.. if jesus can duplicate himself or w/e…

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