Heaven, Hell, Red Horse Rider, 3 Days of Darkness and Rapture – Kelvin Mireku

Heaven, Hell, Red Horse Rider, 3 Days of Darkness and Rapture – Kelvin Mireku

Kelvin Mireku shared the testimony from Pedro who recently had spiritual experience. Pedro was taken to heaven and hell. Pedro also saw the vision of 3 days of darkness and revival after asteroid…



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Oscar Ayala says:

Wow praise the Lord!!

brainnok says:

I’m sharing my dream as a confirmation. Some of the things shared in this
video have happened to me over the course of many dreams. Here is one of
8.6.2014 In the dream, I was standing beside a big lake on a bright
and sunny day. There were lots of people gathered for some giant event. We
were standing at the lake watching people do tricks on the water. Then, I
remembered that in my dream, a kid had given a prophecy that an angel
would ski on the water and then we would have powers. I also remembered
that we would be invaded shortly after that. The invading troops wore green
uniforms. So, I was screaming….trying to tell them about the dream.. I
looked like a crazy person. I jumped in the water and was asking for my
gift- because I saw a boat riding around with ripples as if somebody was
water skiing, but I didn’t see anybody. I got out and went to a room with
my friends. (On the way in, I walked past huge guy dressed in all black. He
was wearing a black duster and a black cowboy hat.) I was telling them that
we are supposed to have powers now. I asked my friend to light my hands on
fire with his mind/his gift. He didn’t think he could, but when he tried
it….it worked. Then, I asked him how he did it and I realized the trick
to it. Then, I could light stuff on fire by thinking it…. For fire, it
was a “Hhhhh” breath sound. I could also shoot streams of water out of my
hands. That required thinking on wind. I stepped outside of our room, for
some reason…
Then, the tall man in black grabbed my arm, mumbling something about me not
needing power anymore! He said “Dog tags, REMOVE!” -DREAM OVER
On the same night, I had a follow-up to that dream. Several of us could fly
and teleport and pass through walls…..still, we were being pursued.
It was immediately after the first dream. In that one, I wasn’t caught-
because I flew away and teleported.

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