Happy Easter! The Evidence For Life After Death

Happy Easter! The Evidence For Life After Death

Today, I want to wish all of you a very happy Easter—the day in which Christ triumphed over death and rose from the grave. During Easter, consider this question: is death the end?



Alex Braunberger says:

Happy Easter Mr. D’Souza! May God be with you.

tgtshirts1 says:

Totally agree with you..Happy Easter to you Dinesh..!

Catfish Jenkem says:

Wishing you the best .. Thanks for your work .

ScrewYouTwice says:

Happy Easter and God Bless

sohelwriter says:

I’m an atheist but I like you man!

Blueeyedboy says:

Dinesh, I went with an atheist friend to see your debate with Michael
Schermer at Cal Poly in Pasadena several years ago and you clearly won the
debate, as even my friend admitted. My disappointed friend was annoyed
that Schermer just “had not prepared well”. It was I who presented the
question to you about the historical significance of the Danbury Baptist
Church and the misreading of Thomas Jefferson’s letter to them. Your
response was immediate and passionate, and I got so much more from your
answer than I expected. I was first in line for you sign my copy of
“What’s So Great About Christianity”.

I taught American history at a community college a while back and I used
“What’s So Great About America” as my lecture material. There was more
class discussion and positive feedback from those lectures than probably in
my entire teaching career. 

John Emery says:

Christian’s do have evidence through the crucifixion and resurrection.

MairinT says:

God Bless you Dinesh and Happy Eastertide from Australia.

Armando Calderón says:

El Resucito ! Gracias por el Video, muy alentador.

Mark Bolton says:

Dinesh is the only debater who ever laid a glove on Christopher Hitchens.
For that I am thankful. The Evidence for Life After Death was a draw and of
course the lack of a mechanism for an afterlife it the major sticking
point. But I enjoy your work and you are a worthy apologist.

Susan Delashmutt says:

Thanks, another great Video, (your the best), and may the ‘Lord God’ always
be with you!

Gowith God says:

We have all the evidence we need. HE IS RISEN! The tomb is empty, the enemy
is defeated, our debt has been paid. Joy comes through Christ alone.
Atheism is merely the apex of man’s pride and arrogance, the worst of man’s
fallen nature. God bless you Dinesh, love your work

Marc Myers says:

Happy Easter Dinesh!

John Tewelow says:

Happy Easter. HE is risen

John Galt says:

God Bless You!

Jerry Olson says:

Thank-You. And Happy Easter To You Also.

Synchr0nix says:

Happy Easter Dinesh, thanks for upload. Good words of wisdom.

janet weir says:

Thank you for all you do. I love you .

Mike Repluk says:

I needed to hear this happy Easter to all!

You'reKiddingRight? says:

Thank you Dinesh!! Happy Easter

mile marker says:

G-d bless you dinesh, forever, G-d’s gonna give you a huge house, this i
know! much love and respect!

Jon Lanier says:

Something else people might be interested: Josh McDowel’s “Evidence that
Demands a Verdict.” If you can find a copy.

Chloe Stevens says:

Happy Resurection Day to you too! Happy, happy, happy to those that
K NO w The Christ! This past eclipse is Christ Resurection! It is you, it
is me!
Much Love, Manyblessings Dinesh!

Blueeyedboy says:

I read this book when it first came out in 2009 (I think) and I highly
recommend it. I loaned it to a physicist friend who had no problem with
the science in the book and who then bought his own copy. 

WaterGirl49 says:

Thank you Dinesh…

jackryan529 says:

Easter is a pagan day , Dinesh D’Souza should know that.

Jeanne Hathaway says:

I read your book sir, and treasure it! I encourage everyone to read it.

prettybabs25 says:

Happy Easter!

ThePatriotrocker says:

Wishing you and your family a very blessed Easter! Thank you Dinesh-for
all you do for liberty!!

mrburgy says:

So your evidence for life after death is faith? If nde’s are evidence for
this then this also proves aliens are real and they kidnap humans and do
experiments on us!

3LesProductions says:

you signed my book ”America” at GCU in 2014, I was a little boy

joshua herbert says:

Glad to see that you are out promoting your apologetically work.
Personally, I like your apologetics more than your political points, but
they are both good. You did a great job debating the late Christopher
Hitchens. Would love to see you debate Sam Harris. God bless you and your
work Dinesh! Happy Easter to you and the ones close to you! 

Texas008 says:

As a 4 year old child visiting my grandmother’s house, I pulled a stopper
from a bathtub filled with water, and as I was looking at the water running
around and down the drain, the next thing I knew, I was on the ceiling
looking down at myself, but the aspect of this realization that amazed me
was not the fact that I was on the ceiling looking down at myself, below,
but that I was an old soul looking down at myself as a very young child.
At that instant, I knew that this was another incarnation, and that I was
here to learn some new and valuable lessons, so Life after Death is a

William Geldernick says:

Amen Dinesh! Keep trucking 😀 Love your relaxed firm stance in God. There
is much evidence to me of the resurrection. God in His grace affirms our
faith sometimes with subjective feelings or signs but by and large it’s
after faith. What’s really neat is when both our faith and His affirmation
meet. My first time God seemed to reach out first, but only after I knew
that there must be something else to this life and sought after it, Though
I didn’t know what that was, He showed me 🙂 Many times I have experienced
a resurrection, revival, or a come back in life after I thought I threw the
towel in and there was no way out, through, or around. Spirit indeed gives
birth to Spirit, the flesh or our own self contrivances cannot do anything.
It is even Jesus Himself who seeks God through me, as none seek after God.
It is His Spirit flowing through His Word that literally brings a whole new
life….everyday. I find it fascinating that the craving for “evolution”
can be traced back to even before Babylon and the flood. There is so much
evidence to the flood as recorded in the bible. From seashells on Mount
Everest, to whale bones in the middle of arid deserts in Peru, to tall
trees still standing in layers of sediment supposedly representing many
more years than they actually do. Even the “Neanderthal” sculls show that
the human brow (which continues to grow even today) proves the 500-900 year
lifespan of early biblical lives. And the many obtuse sculls purportedly
Neanderthal in fact have different plate/bone structure showing that they
are not in fact human, but the strange race accounted in Genesis and even
the book of Enoch as quoted by Jude…the result of the angelic fall and
the lust for glory and power we even see today. Look at the physicists from
CERN who have shown that in fact all matter is only some 4-27% of 3D matter
as we know it while the remaining majority they call “dark matter”. They
are spending billions to collide particles to discover what we know by
faith holds everything together…God. It is funny that their process
naturally “evolves” into a black hole- a great void, and they are excited
about it because perhaps they think this disproves God, but I think it’s
just another sowing to the wind where they will find what they are looking
for- because…”And without faith it is impossible to please God, because
anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards
those who earnestly seek him.” Lol.
Happy Easter Dinesh! Enjoy the peace of the Lord today :)

Athena Creamer says:

Just posted on twitter @India and @mangonews GOD BLESS YOU DINESH.

Uncle Javi says:


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