Guns N Roses – Knocking On Heaven’s Door

Guns N Roses – Knocking On Heaven’s Door

PLEASE READ THE VIDEO INFO!!! Unofficial Music video of Guns N Roses with their song Knocking On Heaven’s Door. The Video is a series of diffent clips from v…



Francisco Rubia says:


JesusPaid4You2 says:

“For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” -Matthew 7:8
Jesus died for our sins, was buried and rose again. Simply BELIEVE in Jesus Christ for eternal life in Heaven. John 3:16.

diego alberto canro salgado says:

severa cancion me recuerda mi niñez

fanmusik12345 says:

i got here because of a kpop band ^^ but honestly i love this song!! <3

Daniel Kraus says:

this is Bob Dylan song 🙂 but this version is good

Abe sm says:

wow the advert for the LG before the song was epic any one else agree ? advertising is svary and so good but fuck off im not going to buy a LG i own a apple stop trying 🙂 !

how to get traffic to my site I how to get traffic to my blog says:

This is one of the classics of the century.

Michael Schwing says:

Hey people, I’m a 17 year old guitarist and I just made a cover for this song and I’m not trying to become famous or anything but I would liove for people just to check out what I can do. I would greatly appreciate it if you would check my channel and cover Ito this amazing song and like this comment for others to see. Because I’m pround to make covers

norra morrel says:

love this band

Austin Sackett says:

Is it bad that I thought this was their original song? I didn’t know it was a Bob Dylan song.

exchanger2012 says:

no tenia idea de eso…fue en argentina 1992???

Tough Monkey Records says:

The lead vocalist of When In Rome, Clive Farrington, has released an album called: ‘Independence’. The first three tracks ‘Deliver’, ‘Breathing’ and ‘Invisible’ can be heard on Tough Monkey Records’ Youtube channel. If you love ‘The Promise’ you’re bound to love the new album too; enjoy! 🙂

Francisco Pagan says:

Incompleta, puñeta….Sucks!

Claudiomar Lang says:

This music is incredible

Walter Salazar says:

llenemoslo de comentarios en español xD

Isaac Rivera López says:


juan luis powsang campos says:

esa es una de las canciones mas tristes para mi porque fue esa la que tocaron al final de el ultimo concierto con slash :,(

expojett says:

Metallica – Nothing Else!

Delfim Oliveira says:

Great song excelent preformance.So i have to agree whit you .An other explanatioin is they are deaf or under the action of any bad weed

MrMokies says:

2.500 People ar Nuts!

Trustin Jesus says:

” There will be powerful earthquakes in Russia and China soon and they will take place one after the other -Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013″
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jeancarlos Quilla says:

Llamando a las puertas del cielo – 🙂

Tiniwa Morehu says:

praise the lord, you suck too

Tiniwa Morehu says:

whats wrong with you people.

Guilherme Goncalves says:

guns para sempre.

stephen camacho says:

rock your way to heaven Axl..

yoro1098 says:

Hallelujah Praise The Lord!

ichelita2012 says:

me encanta esta cancion  muy sensual

TuomoMusic says:

Welcome To The Jungle / Drum Cover Here !! ** TuomoMusic **

EmilyAliceXoxo says:

Hey people, I’m a British singer and guitar player. If everyone could check out the covers on my channel, I’d love to get all of your opinions, so comment, like/thumbs up and subscribe if you like what you hear! 🙂
Thanks for reading this xoxo

NNCwatcher2 says:


NNCwatcher2 says:

WAHAHAHHAhahahah, you see it wrong: legends grow and die like flowers do, and every other living thing around here. or anything which is created. the thing is, you can NEVER replace an artist. however, you CAN grow a new legend. but you are so stupid to claim legends are to be replaced. go back to school,,,

Camila Jessica says:


MsCordially says:

Loved this when i first heard it. GnR did a great cover of this song, in fact it’s brilliant. What a cover should be

Jesus Christ says:

Wait what?

Ólafur Austmann says:

Legends are meant to be Replaced Rihanna and the like yes no?,but i agree,,fuck this Wicked track…

nuna yo beesnis says:

this, this is what kids need. i am thirteen and the only girl that likes stuff like this is my girlfriend because i am the only other one besides her. we both sit there watching the arrogant douches stare thinking “this is not as good as one direction” me and her look at each other and think… they are missing out.

Tiniwa Morehu says:

man, speaka da english. You had no problem reading this

yoro1098 says:


yoro1098 says:

Easy Go, little high, little low

cjpinto7 says:

because im easy come

federico lencina says:

axl con las rasta que te hiciste te arruinaste antes te tumbabas todas las minas

poe tic says:

still pretty good shit, i lissen oldschool rap from 90s and i like this shiiit

UltimaInvoker117 says:

I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy

cjpinto7 says:

Open your eyes. Look up to the skies and see

France Outdoors says:

Show some humility.

Guitarists Men says:

*we are*french

Guitarists Men says:

and we are neither English nor American, and we are even less Spanish French

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