God’s Wrath on him in Heaven, Placebo – Howard Pittman (Heaven Testimony)

God’s Wrath on him in Heaven, Placebo –  Howard Pittman (Heaven Testimony)

Howard Pittman died in 1979 with internal hemorrhage. He said 2.5% of people go to the Kingdom of Heaven. He had God’s message of lukewarm Christian, hypocri…



jrskk59 says:

I love to prais the lord but i dnt k ow what is wrong with ne last few days
i feel like im not my self i can concentrate on prayer and my mind drifts
away how can i get this feeling and unwanted thoughts away from my mind i
wana be save

Henry Salem says:

If you’ve given Him EVERYTHING! Only His Holy Spirit can show you what this
means. I’m going through this right now and it’s a true crucification, and
death of self. Ask Him to reveal all your impure intention, and motives,
and ask Him to take away any veils keeping you from receiving Him 100%. It
all starts with prayer! Ask Him to teach you how, and what to pray!!!

irrelephant2LoT says:


irrelephant2LoT says:

Is there a correlation here, all smart people don’t believe in a God, all
idiots do?

tumbi97 says:

Lets pray that GOD cleanses us of all our selfish desires and make HIM

RonRay says:

. . . . . . . . . . . . nothing else to say.

TrueSpritWorship says:

@Allanlegacy43 As a human, it is hard but grace of God, it is easy to do
it. So you can surrender to Jesus every day. There is no more your desire
but God’s will be done in your life with fullness of love and glory. I pray
for you that power of God is completely occupies´╗┐ you so that you do His
work by His mighty power.

Xinthose says:

most importantly you need faith that you are saved (Jesus is the only Son
of God, and his physical body actually rose from Hell after 3 days);
second, follow his commandments: tithe, go soul-winning, do not be ashamed
to share the Gospel with others, be prepared to be attacked by others, go
to Church (if you can); most importantly don’t serve money or yourself
(constantly examine yourself: motives, actions, thoughts, etc. , all of the
time); good luck

sp2144221 says:

Thank you, brother! Please keep that faith!

WALKinZEAL says:

Rebuke those thoughts every single time they are entering into your mind!
But, truthly there is something you are doing, to allow them thoughts to
have power over you! I say this in LOve! Nothing in this world can have
power over you, unless you are giving your power away. You are spending
most likely too much time with the world, then the Word? Or maybe you are
feeding your flesh? Like a good Doc, examine your health in Christ, then
make small steps to change. By, WALKinZEAL.. My Friend…

sp2144221 says:

God bless you too!

TrueSpritWorship says:

@sp2144221 Yes, of course. There is still hope for you. It is time to
repent! It is time to surrender all to Jesus completely! God bless you!

mourinhothespecial says:

how to make Him Lord?

truthseeker1973 says:

ok just noticed I read the your reply wrong.

Paul Malboeuf says:

Many souls go to Hell because they choose their destination …….avoiding
accepting Jesus as Lord & Savior!

sp2144221 says:

I hear you. We have to study the Word daily. We have to DO the Word. If we
make a mistake: we ask God for forgiveness in the Name of Jesus. I think
this is what we have to do.

irrelephant2LoT says:

You’re brainwashed.

ronel priela says:

If you have any questions about Jesus message me!! Do it now Jesus is the
only way to heaven!

mourinhothespecial says:

i dont understand, how do i know that i serve HIM not me?I can preach
,pray,read the Word and i can still do it for me.How do i know i do it for

Pastor Cameron says:

@Allanlegacy43 He did in his word the Holy bible.

sp2144221 says:

The hope that I can still make it to heaven.

BenjaminRightHand says:

No one has certainty of salvation? Surely the Bible does not teach that.

sp2144221 says:

In my life I have said the most awful things about other people. Is there
still hope for me?

DXMediaTV says:

@TrueSpritWorship Howard Pittman is quite possibly on his way back to hell
for the misuse of scripture. For all his (and our) works are iniquity in
the sight of the LORD.

DXMediaTV says:

@Allanlegacy43 What path? Do you read your Bible… that’s what He wants of
you. Do you understand the writing of Paul? Go now and read again the book
of Ephesians. If you understand it then you’ll know there is NOTHING you
can do to gain salvation. Salvation and Faith are gifts by the grace of God
ALONE. Simply put… you’re either in the Book of Life written before the
foundations of the world or you’re NOT. You can’t write yourself into it.
No one has certainty of salvation.

irrelephant2LoT says:

Hope for what?

reyez juan says:

yes there is god will always forgive u but u have to accept him as ur lord
and savior… and he will wash all ur sins away …..

sp2144221 says:

Keep the faith, brother!

sp2144221 says:

Thank you TrueSpiritWorship! You are blessed!

Xinthose says:

probably less than that of people watching this video will go to heaven;
know a lukewarm Christian? I do too

Sadiya says:

@Ireadthebible18 .Command satan to leave you in the name of jesus and ask
jesus to come into your heart

sp2144221 says:


reyez juan says:

i wasted so many years without my jesus in me because my actions because
hes always there with so much love … but now im never leaving him
……cant wait for the kings rreturn….. god bless u brother god is good

legendariosoul says:

@mourinhothespecial Pray to Our Beautiful Father in the Heavens, in the
name of Jesus Christ, to baptize you with the Beloved HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD.
Praying for others in the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD is always a good thing and GOD
likes that. GOD bless you !

Amazingstep Julie says:

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