Girl dies for 23 hours – Angelica Zambrano (Heaven and Hell Testimony)

Girl dies for 23 hours – Angelica Zambrano (Heaven and Hell Testimony)

This is a testimony of Angelica Zambrano. A young Ecuadorian girl, Angelica Zambrano the girl who died for 23 hours saw hell and heaven. She had a vision of …



Alix Conte says:

I dono about the pants thing, thats kinda crazy, but i 100% believe that Jewelery could lead you to hell. Its not that its specifically a sin but it is idolatry if you take it too far. Anything can lead us away from God. even good things if we get to caught up in them. Our first love must always be for God and Jesus and nothing else.

djserer says:

So god can’t forgive people who won’t forgive. So shouldn’t god go to hell because he can’t forgive.

Shinobi11San says:

it’s a translator

SomeGuy13131313 says:

Because English is not her first language

Niko N says:

An 8 year old kid is too young to be judged i think but then again what do i know. If anyone can enlighten me.

mrsakua693 says:

He has done a lot for me..he saved me from death soo many times…God i need u in my life more than ever

Lucille Pinnock says:

A blessed chosen one of Jesus. Amen to give us his truth Amen x He told me not to be afraid of the darkness.. It was like this for me too Dark things with arrows. Heaven has flowers with nectar he gave me. You can also drink for healing. Angles took me showed me humans screaming demons. Angles singing like you said a book of life for Everyone.. U Touch my soul.. I wish i heard you before. Love Mercy Forgiveness to all..I did evil things what I poured out I have to swallow. Heaven and hell real.

crimsoneternity says:

Why does her voice sound like that?

maCBOYization says:

I have hurd heaven n hell testimonies that ppl claim God told them wearing jewelries can take you to hell cuz they are idols, and also women who wear pants will go to hell too cuz pants is a woman garment n also they claim wearin makeup is wrong also n those thing alone can take you to hell. so all you Christians dat believe this testimony are going to hell cuz im shore all ya put makeup on and wear pants

maCBOYization says:

man if all these heaven n hell testimonies are true den we are doomed , even all you Christians  that are criticizing people who dont believe this.

surinaakaina says:

you wont be saying that when you burn in hell-_- smh

Cecilia Turner says:

You are so full of krap, you are a lier, boaster! May the curse of PALMS 109!

MsSarahJoseph says:

Jesus can come today, tomorrow, next week, we just don’t know. It is not most important that you know because you can die also at any second. Live in holiness and kindness and love. Do not sin or you will not make it. It’s very sad how much help I need.

Taylor W says:

My mom told me years ago that she dreamed of heaven, and she mentioned the flowers worshiping and singing.

8302718 says:

This girl is crazy! No what you say is false your church has been deceiving you the Catholic church Is the church Jesus left the world Mary is the greatest saint of all and just like the rest of the saints we pray for their intercession but we don’t worship them. All these other churches now a days follow the king james version of the bible a man made bible, not form god. do your home work Catholics are the first Christians.

xSleepingForestx1 says:

jesus please forgive me and wash me with your clean purified blood. please forgive me amen

TheCrustyFry says:


SuperCaptainEO says:

They’re all just a bunch of con men and charlatans, just like Jesus Chris

amazed1066 says:

Jesus does not refer to himself as Jehovah!

TheCrustyFry says:

Tell me have you ever read any messages from modern day visionaries or prophets?

atube4view says:

Nothing but a church trap!

SuperCaptainEO says:

2000 year old book of errors tell you so?

TheCrustyFry says:

You’ll see proof very soon.

8302718 says:

I’ll tell you what lenciepap the devil will attack what is good and he causes division. The devil hates to see Jesus on that cross because when Jesus died satan was defeated.We all know the sad truth of our Lord Jesus needed to die on the cross to give everyone hope of salvation.

lenciepap says:

first thing 8302718 let me say this paul and peter are jews. catholic still have the image of a dead man on a cross that they always walk around wit y is that if we all kno that christ is alive.second ms sarah joseph jesus never said he was comeing back as a human and he never said him comeing back would be something good. and excepting chirst doesnt mean to say jesus i except u, then your save nope.look we all need to study our bible and do what it tells us thats whats being save.

MsSarahJoseph says:

Why do people still believe that there is no God? Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior does exists, and he is coming back to Earth. And it is sad if you hear this story but still aren’t listening. May Jesus bless all of you.

8302718 says:

Angelica what kind of show are you putting on here? Either you are a satan worshiper or you are part of one of those radicals who call themselves Christians who probably follow the king james version of the bible, by the way you do know it is a man made bible don’t you. First of all In Matthew 16:18, Jesus said to Peter, “And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the powers of death shall not prevail against it.”

8302718 says:

Jesus handed the authority to guide the Church in His name to Peter and the apostles, to be passed down through the centuries. That!! angelica is called the Catholic Church do you really think Jesus came preached died Resurrected then ascended into Heaven ordered Peter and Paul to make his church which by the way is the Catholic church then 2000 years later the Baptist church comes out and they say its the true church. Do you really believe that.

8302718 says:

Matthew 7:15 Be on your guard against false prophets; they come to you looking like sheep on the outside, but on the inside they are really like wild wolves.Angelica what kind of show are you putting on here?

krakusdomm says:

Lucifains (Freemasons) are hidden in many protestant churchs (alone in America there are almost 25,000 Protestants Churches and not all are serving our Lord and God and all have varying degrees of differing King James bibles and versions thereof). Mayhem, convoluted messages, money and debt collections, self pride and equality with God are claimed in these and other nefarious churches. Be cautious and pray, it will come clear.Remain blessed for the Lord will reveal that answer in truth & Love.

krakusdomm says:

Have you seen the, The Miracle of Damascus 1. The difference between that message and this is the call for unity. Though she represents a different church the proofs are there. So, I must ask as our Christain faith demands of us. If you claim knowledge of Jesus and discipleship (your cross) where is your proof. Satanist believe is practicallity, convience and comfort. They believe in act and show but have no proof. Jesus said beware of the unleaven bread of the would be followers. Your Proof! 

kftddy says:

I believe in a higher power but I think she is making up majority of this story. Her story seems so predictable. I think we don’t know the truth is.

SuperCaptainEO says:

Lost in clarity.

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