Ghost Tapes: A Documentary on the Paranormal

Ghost Tapes: A Documentary on the Paranormal

Armed with video cameras, two men delve into some of the most haunted locations Chicago, Illinois has to offer them. With the sole intent on capturing parano…



Jeremiah Billiter says:

hey Luke, great work man. i’m a huge skeptic, but i’m also incredibly
interested as well as curious in ghosts/paranormal. always have been. i was
wondering though.. how much (ball park figure) would it cost to acquire the
necessary equipment needed to perform these sort of investigations(?)

Tobirulezs says:

5 minutes in I smell bullshit 

Valkyrie Missile says:

I don’t understand people who say photographs, video footage or personal
experience is not “evidence”. The exact shape of a human figure cannot be a
lighting or camera error, a demonic voice with distinguishable words on an
EVP cannot be background noise, entities seen by multiple people cannot
just be a figment of the imagination. How arrogant to think that if
something cannot be explained by human science it cannot be real. Nice
documentary! Stay safe.

Mike Clarke says:

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Also, why is it everyone
relates ghosts to religion? I dont believe in God, yet I believe ghosts is
a real thing, but apart of something else.. Not sure what, but not the God
we have been told about, not jesus, none of that.. Maybe ghosts has to do
with other dimensions which scientist are now discovering.. WHO KNOWS. but
at least have open minds to OTHER possibilities.

Jason Mott says:

I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Having been a paranormal investigator in
the past, I found it quite refreshing to see the level of humility and
respect that you two approach this subject with (the scene at Bachelor’s
Grove, where you placed coins on each grave, was especially touching).
I’m off to view Ghost Tapes 2.

Matt Maciejewski says:

What I liked was that you took this from a skeptical P.O.V. which I truly
feel that is the best way to go about it. You made a point to try and
figure out what it wasn’t; which you don’t see that most of the time. thank
you for this!!

Shelley Marie says:

After watching this, my husband and I had a deep discussion about the
paranormal. I’ve always been a believer in the spirit world and we both
have been religious our whole lives, but for some reason he finds it much
harder to talk about ghosts, spirits, demons, etc. than I do. I definitely
believe some people are more sensitive to the paranormal than others. I’ve
had two personal paranormal experiences, my dad has had multiple, and my
aunt has had an experience. I suppose it’s something everyone will always
have different opinions on depending on their backgrounds, beliefs, and
personal experiences.
This documentary was so honest and wonderful. Good job guys and thanks for
putting such hard work in. 

yeroroo says:

I love this ^.^ <3 Thank you for making it best 1 hour and a half for me!

000simon000 says:

Approx 56:54 is that a camera flash ? The camera is looking at the lazer

GuitarKid218 says:

Who else checked their house on google maps?

evpinvestigations says:

static electricity attracts dust aka orbs.

Sho Kiryu says:

Very interesting documentary. As a big fan of Ghost Adventures this was
right up my alleyway, well executed and gripping stuff. Next stop, to watch
the sequel! *flies away*

Joelle Kajtar says:

Hey there, I am a huge paranormal fan because I’ve had so many experiences
throughout my life! Especially living in my old Australian home haha. But
anyway, I find it so hard to find something so chilling and real to watch,
something so similar to what I’ve seen and felt. Excellent job my man! 🙂
Feel good having experiences under your belt now?

Israphel _ TheCult says:

Hey dude, Like the Ghost adventures crew said the more you get fear the
more the ghost get stronger…

Athenathe SheWolf says:

Wait didn’t he contradict himself? In the beginning he was like, “I don’t
know if they exist so this is why I’m making this film” but then when the
Abyss Barn guy asks him about he project he says he’s doing it to disprove

troubledturtle2332 says:

couldn’t the act of leaving an object at a grave possibly be taken as an

elliehair says:

hey luke youre majorly cute, now thats out of the way, my house in Malta is
haunted, firstly by a dog we used to own, as we’ll hear her as if she’s
near but you’ll turn to look and nothings there, but our kitchen seems to
be a hub of noise at night, my brother whose bedroom is just across from
the kitchen has seen a figure walking the corridor into the sitting room

Monika7897 says:

Thank you! Keep investigating and uploading, great work.

krista jensen says:

1:06:35 – 1:08:58
“I believe he was going through something that can’t be fully explained”
lulz eye floaters dude, it’s a thing.

ren winters says:

what kind of heartless monster stills from a baby’s grave , that is the
lowest thing i have ever heard of , really like that pine and pencil was
really that rare to find in this world did any one really need to take it
from the poor baby ,who ever you are that thought it was such a great idea
to do so ,you will get yours in the end trust me if that baby wont get
you then some then much wores will !!!!!!!

Zophim314 says:

That EVP at 37:00 min sure sounded more like ‘that was me’ than ‘not me’…
but that’s just me. [no pun intended] Oh, and i love “mr science know it
all” sheesh. Looks like you’re having fun though, and may actually know
what you are doing, instead of others i see. These spirits can mimic both
sound and form, so seeing or hearing is not always believing, so heads up
on that one.

Kaelo Skral says:

You mixed up your definitions of “theory” and “hypothesis”

Brandon Roberts says:

Absolutely LOVE these videos!!

BobbyRice2 says:

The biggest annoyance that I find with people like yourself is the amount
of hypocrisy you show and therefore invalidating all real credibility. You
said at the barn that you are sick of people claiming they ‘KNOW EVERYTHING
SO NURR!’ and then throughout the ‘documentary’ you say things which are
literally your opinion with zero evidence, such as at the grave yard when
you mention ‘not taking things from the grave because it invites ghoulies
into your home, maybe you should even offer them something!’ That is
literally the opposite of searching for evidence, it is literally forcing
your opinion from absolutely nothing down as fact. The reason you don’t
take from graves is because it will upset the living people that placed the
items there out of love for their passed ones and their memory. That’s it.
You also keep referring to things as ‘unexplained’ or ‘anomalies’ but that
isn’t what you refer to them as, you refer to them as ghosts… The rest of
us refer to them as the prior.

Jorendo says:

The human mind is a funny thing. We can see things that are not there. We
can even see it as a group and all believe it is there even though its not.
Sometimes its fear that makes a group seeing the exact same thing as we
trigger each others fear. Other times its just because we really want to
see those things.

Do i believe in ghosts or not? I really don’t know. There are thing i can’t
explain, and i feel uneasy in old locations when its dark, or even the
cemetery for that matter.
The problem with ghost stories on tv is that a lot of it is fake put in
scene stuff. So it gets really hard to filter out what is real and what
not. It might be real but it might also be fake. So i still don’t know if
there are ghosts.
Part of me wants to believe there are ghosts as it means there is a after
life after all. Another part of me doesn’t want to believe ghosts are real
as its a scary thought i suppose.

Greyfort says:

This is really interesting, dudes. Great job. I’m a skeptic myself and
identify myself as an atheist, albeit one who is uncomfortable with that
label. I seek out evidence wherever I can. I enjoyed your documentary.
It’s really interesting how some people start out as skeptics, but after
investigating the paranormal, they become believers. Yet others, some
well-known like Susan Blackmore, or Chris French, begin as paranormal
investigators and strong believers, but after many years of research have
decided that it’s all about how our brains can fool us.

Karrie pink says:

Just watched this and the sequel. Brilliantly done so well balanced. More
please :)

F Remus says:

i was a homeles man…i lived in the city cimitery…that was my home for 7
long years…i was sleeaping in a family crypt…never ever experiance
gosts paranormal activity or any of these thing….this is just human

Darren Huseyin says:


Ok we get it; you’ve never seen it do that haha

Luke Millett says:

Ghost Tapes! Just in time for Halloween!

uctqmpe says:

Luke Millett – My Hero!

angel 959 says:

really enjoyed this

Jarda Dantes says:

An hour and a half, that’s a pretty good attempt and search for the truth
to be hard work. Are you using the device to hear the speech of spirits.
While I’m different, I’m deaf, and the story is that my disbelief
storyline. With my friend, who is also deaf, we were in a cottage in the
mountains and for a while I sat in the soil, because there we slept. When
we were arguing with a friend and I went into the ground to calm my nerves
and in the woman’s voice echoed in my name. In a few days I ran away from
the cottage home alone because the friend was not the right person. Since
then I believe the Paranormality, but am not try, because for me it is not
Or when I go to sleep and sometimes I hear the quarrels, but I am deaf. Can
someone explain this? Thanks

zenoist2 says:

Could be a shift in space and time aka timewarp. If you know Einstein
you’ll know that neither of them are absolute.
The bermuda triangle would account for a lot of these total vanishes.
It would have to be localised though to a very specific area.
The idea that future people can come back to here and now by time
travelling raises a lot of possibilities.
Its probably all total guff of course but theres nothing impossible.

Mushfiq Chowdhury says:

Dang…I guess ghost only attack white people. Freaking attention
whores…there is no such thing as ghost or djinn or god, allah bhaghwaan.
.or jesus or anything. ..all these are simply bullshit. Religion was
created to commit annual robbery from the middle and lower class citizens.
Wake up people before you loose everything. And one more thing lucifer
don’t exist. 

sten beetlex Darma says:

is this fake…..if its real…u’d be dead…wouldnt u?

divljacina1 says:

how idiotic is this……for gods sake….

Dustin Cole says:

1:12:43 kind of looks like there’s a face on the end of the shelf.. o.o

NedAndLangusGames says:

wtf is up with the dolls in the barn!

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