FULL: Hell is Real, I went there! Story of Jennifer Perez

FULL: Hell is Real, I went there! Story of Jennifer Perez

This precious testimony is of a 15 year old girl who was raised in a Christian home. She later backslid in her walk, found herself overdosing on drugs, dying…



tobysoter says:

In my opinion, wrong, because of my faith. Stating what I have written is not true, doesn’t make it untrue. Believing in something greater then yourself doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your crucial thinking skills. Heaven and Hell doesn’t make sense to a lot of people because it doesn’t apply to your senses. Peace.

85topdollar says:

blablabla … sure lol

rAinBowSaviour says:

In your opinion, right?
Perhaps you could say that your comment is your opinion, in future.
Of course, nothing that you have written is true, in my opinion. I was not raised by religious folk early; my parents became religious when I was a 9yo. Fortunately, none of the church’s psychological terrors were ever hardwired into my brain before I could think critically. I am very fortunate.
It is difficult for anyone subjected to terror at an early age to be free from it in their adulthood.

rAinBowSaviour says:

You may believe what you like.
However, the evidence she gave is that she was raised by Christians. Notably, Christians practice psychological terrorism on their children and hell is a fundamental doctrine that even babies suffer hearing in Christian churches.
The imagination creates frightful and-or blissful scenarios as the child grows and learns more about the imaginary places, hell and-or heaven. To understand this is as easy as remembering the last time you awakened from a vivid dream.

rAinBowSaviour says:

I have noted that every testimony I’ve seen, so far, about hell was about people raised by Christians. Reflect on the testimonies you’ve observed.
Christians are known for using psychological terrorism on children more than any other cult. Combining the psychological terror with the fact that children have more fertile imaginations than adults, it is clear that most of these NDE videoes are portrayals of mental anguish arising from fears the victim developed in childhood.
Cult movies! lol

tobysoter says:

Most people will go to hell, not because of what that have done, but what they refuse to do. Accept Jesus as your lord and savior and live as all true Christians should. Repent daily, even if you succumb to your formal sins.

Evangelist Iyke Matthew says:

i believe you, hell is real. all we need to do is to give our life to jesus christ.. 2morrow is too late…

Recosha Mcclellan says:

GOD BLESS YOU!! Please pray for me!

85topdollar says:

you will feel if it’s truth or bullshit after a while if u read and watch many different testimonies. because when u hear many testimonies and they are almost the same it’s more truthfull, but when a testimony comes that “stand out” and is different it’s huger chance it’s bullshit. i think that anyway. but about this video: i believe this because i have heard similiar

85topdollar says:

a queston – will all drug addicts go to hell?

vsoon39 says:

Joel 2: 28


Jess Faught says:

How am I supposed to take this serious when you edit in the dramatic music and use a weird picture for the video?

TheyCrawlOnWalls says:

Is Job 18:14 really referring to hell?

Worms feast on the flesh. What kind of question is that?

I’m not sure how you can interpret Matthew 25:41 that way. I always understood it to mean that the fire was prepared for them in the past (not that they are already there).

Demons tormenting individuals in hell is unscriptural nonsense. Ask yourself why demons are there? Only to torment others?

Notice that what you are saying contradicts verses such as Psalm 6:5, Revelation 20:10, etc.

Spiritlessons says:

Job 18:14 “(after death) He is … marched off to the king of terrors.”
Isaiah 14:11 “maggots are spread out beneath you and worms cover you.”
So you believe demons can torment people on Earth, but not in Hell. Worms can feast, but not demons, is Hell is better than Earth?
Matt 25:41 Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire PREPARED for the devil and his angels. (Notice Prepared is PAST TENSE, meaning they are already there.)
John 8:24 “you will indeed die IN your sins.”

TheyCrawlOnWalls says:

The Bible does not describe hell as a place where demons torment humans. That is unscriptural nonsense, and one of the ways you can tell if a “I went to hell” story has any credibility.

I’m not calling you a liar, I’m just letting yuo know.

Yarely Jimenez says:

@TheyCrawlOnWalls I don’t have enough space here to type n share my testimony. On March 19, 2012 after I had come back from morning prayer I fell back to sleep. And my soul was dragged down a black hole. The experience was long, but my greatest PAIN was that Gods presence was gone from me forever, I lost Him my first love, because of my sin.

Frostbite582 says:

We’re made in Gods Image alright then look at the whole fucking universe did God create those what about other species possibly living on those planets who probably don’t know who the fuck God is?

TheyCrawlOnWalls says:

I have a few questions.

– Doesn’t life immediately after death contradict what we know about the human brain?
– What is the purpose of the future “Day of Judgment” if the dead are already judged upon death?
– What need is there for the resurrection if we live forever, and only the body is dead?

TheyCrawlOnWalls says:

Doesn’t “eternally” mean without beginning or end? (Perhaps I’m just nitpicking).

We clearly have a beginning. I sincerely hope that you do not believe in the “immortal soul”.

TheyCrawlOnWalls says:

Kindly explain what your beliefs about hell are?

Darren Ball says:

FUCKING ELL. that spider scared the shit out of me -_-

Teresa Ward says:

the music is soooo distracting. Hard to sit through because of the music.

Tom Tito says:

We are made in Gods image meaning we will also live eternally, but one thing God gave to us is a Soul and the choice to make a decision to repent and ask Jesus into our Lives or ignore His warning Hell is created for non believer, time will run out soon God is truly coming for His people that have committed their life’s to Him, He said I will never leave you or forsake you. Many will perish soon this world is on the brink of ending alltime, all Love will be removed from Earth menwill killothers

Yarely Jimenez says:

Hell is real, so stop saying is nonsense, Hell is an eternity away from Gods presence, away from His covering and love. So repent!!

TheyCrawlOnWalls says:

Someone kindly explain when/how she saw Hell, and what it was like? Most (if not all?) of the time, these stories are unscriptural nonsense.

Qorqeouslinda says:

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