FJ’s Testimony?…Hell no, I have a testimonial!

FJ’s Testimony?…Hell no, I have a testimonial!


FatherJ13 says:

Happy Saturday People

DJolympusMons says:

I like this guy

Georgebushpimps says:

Thats about as real as it fuckin gets
Happy fuckin Saturday J

Steve Smith says:

sounds like your truce is over

Lusty McButt says:

That little white teddy bear has been reincarnated many times over the past
10 years. Or, maybe it’s a time-traveling stuffed white teddy bear?

TheSweetOldMan says:

Can I get an amen? AFUCKINMEN! I am still waiting for the paperwork for the
lulzsuit that he is posting on me for making fun of him. I also have not
been arrested for being a terrorist yet. He lucked into Andrea and then
took her for granted and ignored her. Yet it is somehow our fault she left
him. Now that she has had sex with a man with teeth he stands zero chance
of getting her back. Now he is faced with punishing his own penis for the
rest of his life. lol

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