Eyewitness Testimony of Hell – by Mary K Baxter

Eyewitness Testimony of Hell – by Mary K Baxter

Hear the eyewitness testimony on the True Existence of Hell. Mary Katherine Baxter was chosen by God to let the world know of the REALITY of Hell. Jesus Chri…



tihanimb says:

I mean i love Jesus

tihanimb says:

I read the book and I totally believe it (: I 3 Jesus

jdmisfit says:

Or what Mobi…. Baxter’s boogy man is going to get Ansia? I doubt Satan works as an agent-force, although scourned and defensive zealots tend to make those childish remarks when pushed hard enough.

jdmisfit says:

So let me try this “Baxter-formula”. Jesus came to me last night and told me to be a complete drunk. Thats right, and you can’t say I am a liar, b/c Baxter claimed divine presence. Better yet, my close encounter with the big guy is backed up by..scripture. Jeremiah 25:27 “Drink ye, and be drunken, and spew…”
You see? You fucking moron… quote mining and taking scripture out of context is all too easy.
Better yet,Baxter could easily read scripture than make a work of fiction around it…

jdmisfit says:

Hear what, a complete phoney butchering holy scripture? Your right, people don’t want to hear this. Baxter’s poorly written, camp fire, ghost story is a 3rd rate rip off of Paradise Lost and Dante’s Inferno. Denouncing this bag of wind is NOT denying Christ. Hell, if anything it shows allegiance to the scriptures.

jdmisfit says:

I read the book and it is complete horse shit! She pulls, poorly, from Milton and Dante. She makes ancient claims to be true; claims that the church has argued against since the 4th century via St Augustine’s principle of accomodation.
Moreover, what is so damn “revealing” about this proclaimed “revelation” ??? Prior to this obese , self-important con artist jotting down her day dreams and selling them as equally potent as the synoptic gospels… did Christians NOT know about Hell, Sin, etc?

mikertones says:

im gonna get my hair like the black guy in the green shirt,im mexicann but im gonna try it anyways

GamerBritg89 says:

Christians repent of christmas and easter they come from mithras and asherim, not Messiah.

jessica madsen says:

Are you sure that you people that posted on this video really read the book. You say she preaches about works and not faith. Huh. Well I did read the book and shared it with others. She is trying to tell you if you don’t repent of All your sins and release yourself and give your whole self to the Lord you will be condemned. You say its not from the Scriptures? Did you not read the many many Scriptures she has in the book?

Aris John says:

Jesus was call a liar. they said that He was control by the king of Demons and they didn’t believe him.but the lord kept on fighting for you.the devil doesn’t use the word of God He uses his word . if this lady was evil she she could not have talked bad about Satan.the bible say in Matthew chapter 12 verse 26.SO IF SATAN FIGHTS AGAINST HIMSELF,HOW CAN HIS KINGDOM LAST? so don’t use your wisdom, the but the knowledge of GOD.Don’t make the same mistake like those teacher of laws of moses

Emeraldsea100 says:

This a big lie Big Hoax!. I did not know that Jesus Christ is a Tour guide? He gave tour to Marry Baxter in Hell and Heaven to show to her??? Come on!..Read the Bible and be smart once you understand about the Bibile. This people cannot fool you. Because who believe to this Person? those people are Naive and very easy to fool. Now Marry Baxter is a lady preacher now in the Bible It should be the Man. The God create the man first and second is the female. Think first.

dj Gavin says:

Cont…I believe People have been taken up in the spirit and have been shown heaven and hell I truly believe it has and does happen but her specificly, I don’t know. I know the teaching in her book is unscriptual, but I wanted to state that its not the vision that I think can’t happen its just her storys about what Jesus said and why certain saved believers were in hell, it was just wrong,works doesnt save or damn you, believeing Jesus is you savior and walking in love AND forgiveness.

dj Gavin says:

Sorry spelling:hell not help. But she preaches works not faith in the blood and everlasting grace of Jesus

dj Gavin says:

I read this book a lot doesn’t line up with scripture, it implies you are saved by works. If you are saved and lie to someone then die you go to help. This is imagination not biblical,(a lot anyway,works doesn’t save faith in the sacrifice of Jesus. But her story’s lead other wise.I believe she is a christian but is just deceived,pray for her..

Floyd Rodriguez says:

Many do not want the hear this, you try and communicate with people and they don’t want to acknowledge Jesus Christ.

K. Ansia says:


Mobi Mob says:

you should watch what you say especially if you don’t understand what is talked about, it’s wise thing to do

K. Ansia says:

If anyone, ever, has been completely full of shit, it’s this dumptruck right here.

jonathan simon says:

I heard he speak before, about Hell, she is telling the truth, cause she backs it up, with scripture.

TrueAndFalseNDEs says:

True witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ thru a death experience: George Ritchie, Betty Eadie, Howard Storm, Angie Fenimore, Dean Braxton.
True witnesses of Heaven thru a death experience: Betty Eadie, Don Piper, Dean Braxton, Eben Alexander.
True witness of Heaven and Jesus thru visions: Akiane Kramarik.
Charlatans: Mary K. Baxter, Jesse Duplantis, Choo Thomas, Kat Kerr.

orbit639 says:

does slavery go on in heaven or does god ok it just for here on earth? what about stoning unruly children? if some brat cries during titanic (because heaven to me is an eternity of listening to celine dion sing that wonderful song) do i get to stone him to death at the edge of town? if i rape a girl do i still get to marry her so her family gets to keep its honor? what if i get into a scuffle in a bar and kill someone? do i have to go to hell or do i get to stay since im already in heaven?

Teresa Williams says:

Got proof?

Teresa Williams says:

Everyone is a looney these days if we dont like what they have to say

valorez27 says:

this old lady is a liar

414MrMilwaukee says:

I Recently Had A Dream About The End Of The World. Certain Events On Earth & In Heaven I Witnessed.
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