Evidence of Reincarnation

Evidence of Reincarnation

In this documentary, Jim Tucker, MD and Walter Semkiw, MD, discuss the pioneering reincarnation research of Ian Stevenson, MD of the University of Virginia, …



Greyness31 says:

Believe whatever the fuck you want, that’s entirely on you. However, when you try to convince someone of your beliefs be sure to bring along some good reasons.

I wonder how many of these incidents stand up to close scrutiny. A 10 minute video recounting the testimony of some people is not enough to convince the skeptic. I have watched 2 hour long video reels of hundreds of people (some in tears) claim they were abducted by extraterrestrial creatures and sexually molested.

2150dalek says:

I think Reincarnation is an invention of self centered people:
1.those who think they are so important in the Universe that they transcend death.
2.those who are afraid of death.

Raj Arangamany says:

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I have forced myself to begin writing when I’ve been utterly exhausted, when I’ve felt my soul as thin as a playing card, when nothing has seemed worth enduring for another five minutes..

epiczx3 says:

people think I look like anne frank lol

Ieatbabyseals says:

Exactly, we are aware, we can say “Here I am.” That is enough evidence for something.

fábio santos says:

Eu como espírita Kardecista acredito em reencarnação e tenho convicção de que é um fato inerente a existência humana.

loung tran says:

Right…. And ants reincarnated tio

Arbiter622 says:

i watch porn to masturbate.

felu lufe says:

if some one who not believe about this reincarnation..than what are these stories? think!!!

felu lufe says:

we all have previous lives ,,the thing is 95% don’t remember when they born again ,but the other few 5 % remember ,,that’s what we call reincarnation.this is true,,in loard buddas way he explain very well about this.i am a roman catholic,but i believe and follow The buddha..

TheSalamanderAnder says:

“Maybe the reason that souls come back is because the afterlife is such a drag.
Reincarnation is like spiritual condensation.
Souls collect in the clouds and then they drip back down
after a thousand years or so spent in the ground.
We will meet again and we will go back around.”

LoganEricSmith13 says:

I believe in reincarnation.

ali xena says:


tony thomas says:

We are form of energy. Energy cannot be destroyed or created

Vibes FiftyOne says:

what if its spirits?

garydeanbaker says:

FINALLY!! a narrator thats isn’t British…

BlankSabbath0410 says:

I sleep with my eyes closed

Manas Roy says:

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اه لو يعرف الانسان ما تُخبئ له الايام ، لاستطاع ان يتحكم بذهوله على الأقل ، ولا يتفاجأ إلا في الزوايا الميته

Rowina Kagoo says:

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اه لو يعرف الانسان ما تُخبئ له الايام ، لاستطاع ان يتحكم بذهوله على الأقل ، ولا يتفاجأ إلا في الزوايا الميته

Ieatbabyseals says:

Testimonials have no value if you can’t read someone’s mind?

ragnor56 says:

I take the veiw that to find any evidence a person would have to die to find out the truth about the other side if it exsts?.. as for the documented evidence I think that as no human being in the history of civilisation has had the Gift? to read anothers mind then I am afraid that I dont beleive that humans have any type of experience of a past life my true beleif is one huaman has one life & one death ..nothing has ever been shown or proved to the world that anything has ever been reincarnated

JayDeeExOh ExOh says:

I eat for well-being.

DeadManInc3011 says:

people always trying to act special…..

Ieatbabyseals says:

Just saying that there have been some pretty accurate accounts of past lives. There has been a lot of cases documented. Thousands upon thousands. You can live in a world where you assume that you are just the amalgamation of machinations and that the experience ends here. That you have been trapped in this sphere of existence and ultimately there is no point, no continuation, you’re here, you live, you die, and you go on to something that isn’t nothing.. Because, after all, nothing is something.

ragnor56 says:

If you say so.. I prefer the reallity of human life rather than the mind readers & the ghost hunters & all the other life experts who see the other world? & every other type of inhuman happenings which according to the chosen few are in everyday life its just a shame there is no real proof to show the world ! I would have thought a doctor would not get involved in the so called afterlife seeing as they cannot bring the dead back to life !

School of Propaganda says:

You are very right in what you are saying, I am sorry that they have flagged your very good & valid comment Vanity Kin.

School of Propaganda says:

Incorrect Blaise21, the ballpoint pen is a huge problem and proved, in court, the actual diary to be a forgery. One doesnt need to be a holohoax denier to understand the inconsistencies in young Franks claims.

Lesbia Lausell says:

this is not recarnation is demon. the demon adivination the live of the person talk

Yoni Darshan says:

Familiar spirits or demons lady…which inspires you…you are not born second time..strong doubt is your connections.

Yoni Darshan says:

I always felt attachments to cultures and far far from my home town, like them, like their lifestyle as my own, ..felt so connected to them, It might be my empathetic nature and the universal mind probably connect me to the far away places and people who are altogether different race and have no physical chance of visiting them. There are fe other reasons for the familiar spirits walk around us also speak or inspire to feel differently.

Ieatbabyseals says:

We’d never know the manipulations because the manipulations would just be history. It would just create a separate universe in which that new event had happened.

Ieatbabyseals says:

“I’m a big strong guy because I face facts, and life is just a bunch of automatic junk. And I’m going to impose my will on it and turn it into something else.”

Arnoud1987000 says:


lolpolowned says:

Time travelling wouldn’t be possible… if it would… we’d have seen results by now.
i’m sure some crazy ass drunk motherfuckers would come beat the shit out of every person that fucked up in history.

lolpolowned says:

nobody said anything about… howmany jews were killed…
he just said that official studies showed that Anne Frank her DIARY is not a forgery.

btw… does it really fucking matter howmany jews died?
and the total number of deaths during the war with hitler was WAY WAY more then 6 million.


Possibilities are like time itself-known and unknown so if there is physical why cant there be spiritual?
Yes just as energy may transform from one property to another so can our energy transform to another. Why not?

ragnor56 says:

No proof & never has been any & there never will be !

edmundstoiberderdepp says:

hitler reincarnated as mother teresa

AmonReNas says:

She’s undermined control to this guy here @lipssealed . He’s is the real “satan”bka yah/jesus/muhammad . He has stolen the Egyptian scrolls of God Son Amon. know the truth, some if these folks been against Gods Son Amon. It’s all real and the end of the world is near, ya/jesus is the enemy. Amon

Miya Yakine says:

I believe in reincarnation but….if i am a reincarnation of idk then who dafuq is my real self!? who dafuq am i…wat on earth! i’m a reincarnation of who!!??If i am only a reincarnation of who then i am just a copy of her face…then what the fudge does my real face looks like!? LOL XD

Euan Ferguson says:

my friend when he was 2 he was talking about sir Ralph Wedgwood the locomotive which was in a station which got bombed in ww2 !

SkyfalconTin says:

Probably true, we live and breath because there are energy flow inside us help us functioning, as we already know energy can not be destroy or create, but can transfer and transform. Based on this law, I think this energy is also carry knowledge or memories, and is transfer from one person to another, meaning after you die your energy is transfer into another body or any living things

Ieatbabyseals says:

Isn’t god in every living thing? You’re a piece of him.

MrCooldude10149 says:

Pretty sure I didn’t create life for everyone.

Ieatbabyseals says:

Jeff Mangum would like to meet that lady.

Ieatbabyseals says:

You and the creator are one in the same. The imagination of ourselves.

Virtualgameover says:

Does it hurt a lot when ur trying to use ur brain to come up with witty responses?

Btw, whining about spelling when u left out capital letter in the beginning of a sentence and a punctuation at the end of it.. U crack me up kid.. “-twelve-year olds…” *Rolling eyes*

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