Elvis Presley – If We Never Meet Again

Elvis Presley  –  If  We Never Meet Again

If We Never Meet Again – Lyrics : Soon we’ll come to the end of life’s journey And perhaps never meet anymore Till we gather in heaven’s bright city Far away…



fats domino says:

my condolence for you and family.
God bless ya’ll

Alma House says:

The best gospel ever, he should have had many, many more awards, for these and all his music,a true “one of a kind”

Cristi Agafitei says:

simply… the greatest!!!

Helge Valama says:

Thoose wondeful words and Elvis! This is it!

brian ware says:

Takes me back to my childhood, gathering round the piano every Friday singing gospels songs, mother on piano,God Bless her soul, and dad getting rather annoyed if you sang a wrong note, God bless him also. times were hard but they did their best for us, miss them both


I love this song Maria I’ve just recorded it I hope you like……….
Kelvyn x


There is no shame in The Lord’s love. Won’t you sup with him before it’s too late? Jesus wants to save you and he says “come as you are”. He wants to save you because he is not willing that any should perish, but the choice between eternity in hell or Heaven is yours to make. Praying for you my friend.
John 14:6 KJV


Make sure of your salvation so we can witness each other’s reunion with our loved ones in Heaven.

John 3:16 KJV

0010Kev says:

In 1977 I was in the process of discovering Elvis’ music when, 3 months after his death, an aunt who I loved very much lost her battle with cancer. When I first heard this song shortly afterwards, it completely tore me up. Even now, 36 years later, it still brings a tear to my eye. I am so looking forward to seeing her again some day…as well as other people I love who have gone too.
Elvis could capture these feelings with his music like no one else before or since.

MarleneSB says:

We had this for our mother’s funeral last Friday as the reflection song while the net curtain closed gently round our mum, it was so touching. So perfect too.

Arlene Forget says:

I had never heard this before !  I LOVE it (of course) ! THIS is ELVIS !!!

John King says:

Thank you my friend. If you are a soldier I wish you a safe return. Sadly it is the enemy within our respective countries that make your role so much harder.

HERITAGE684 says:

dont be ashamed bro, be happy knowing god loves you

John King says:

This makes me feel ashamed of being Agnostic. Only

salvador freitas says:

beutifull gospel song from the king !!;)

TONY Palombella says:

Thank You. I Have recorded this song for my private recording. I was 10feet away from him in the nessau coliseum. Love your work in You Tube.

ayo de says:

Good sound. i love this

twonmakermama mamabear says:

and what a great “song” to be addicted to… hang in there hypochondriac!!!! I grew up singing these true “old gospel songs” about every Sunday! It’s a shame folks seems to flee the very songs which are such a HUGE part of AMERICA’S very FIBER and FABRIC…. these are tunes which helped America rise, and now folks are turning to “jerk” sound…. they call it progress, I call it “SHAMEFUL!”

Hypochondriac1997 says:

Thanks to your video, I’m ADDICTED to this song! 😀

Joyce archa says:

if I see that advertisement where that filthy woman lets that ass licking dog lick her in the mouth I will never watch another shittin video—–why did they ruin Elvis`s video—that makes me very ill—-yal are sick that put that on here————————————————-

jbt3618 says:

MegaPresleyfan, I am so sorry about your auntie jess. She is in heaven singing with Elvis now. I love him to. God Bless

jbt3618 says:

This is so beautiful and I love Elvis and he could really sing gospel like no one else. I wish that I could get this on a CD. Thanks for posting.

Ned Soccio says:

Nobody could sing Gospel Like E

Simone Presley Brasil says:

Beautiful *–*

Pastor Ron Aldridge says:

Danny, you might want to take your own advice! I LOVED Elvis; hope you’re right. Just wanted to know what you based that on, except your obvious love for him also.

MyDakota24 says:

Elvis will be in Heaven

sharon beckett says:

elvis will be in heaven…imo

sharon beckett says:

god looks at the heart

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