Economic Collapse Is HERE IN AMERICA NOW. By Gregory Mannarino

Economic Collapse Is HERE IN AMERICA NOW. By Gregory Mannarino

Government assistance is U.S. : *Greg Hunter wrap-up:…



Antiks72 says:

Nobody cares. 

scott12ify says:

Scripture internalization; I do what I do not because of feared punishment but because I love God. And I don’t do it to enrich the church, I do it because it is the only thing that works. Our society is on the brink and we need something very powerful to reverse things before we collapse. I’m not here to promote a church denomination, I’m here to change the way people think because its the way people think that has got us into this mess we are in!

JesusPaid4You2 says:

The free way to Heaven: We are sinners, but God loves us and sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins. Jesus was buried and rose again. Believe on Jesus Christ for eternal life in Heaven. John 3:16. John 5:24.

Davros Dalek says:

Too bad you (we) didn’t start sooner in life.
The average person is often not educated in these matters until it’s way too late, but most elites are educated from a young age and that’s the difference.

Davros Dalek says:

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz too many zzzzzzzzzzzzz’s

Davros Dalek says:

All grocery stores will go empty and the masses of people will begin to starve to death.
We have too many people on this planet as it is, but to starve to depop is not good. But people do need to STOP breeding.

Btw, the elites et al will have plenty of food in their homes, so people please go there to find food etc.

Davros Dalek says:

People like you make me laugh! You blame immigrants for the US’s problems and how much money they ‘apparently’ leach of the tax payers + assistance from the Gvt.
Well I suggest you check out ‘ifamericansknewdot org’

You will find out just how much Israel gets EVERYDAY + military arms. There’s a big chunk of Israeli Jews don’t work AT ALL! All this is free to them so you’re blaming the WRONG people for the country’s problems. At least most immigrants, who come here, come here for work.

almetcalf says:

To keep people from panicking and rebelling and pulling them out of their offices and cutting their heads off!

randclan4 says:

David Alexander, markets are up only because of QE.  Wake up.

Chris Willis says:

Is it true that we have opened our borders, allowing thousands of illegals to come in and receive govt assistance? Our govt spends lavishly and recklessly–even though we are sinking fast. Why do you suppose?

Grim Reaper says:

You believe what mainstream media tells you? They are paid liars. You have got to be kidding right? Hopefully this is a joke. How could things be getting better when the FED keeps printing an endless amount of dollars and piling on debt by the trillions that will never be paid back? Eventually the music stops and people who trusted the media, Fox, CNN, msnbc Ect. will be left without a chair. Bet on it. Its coming.

cecils90 says:

I believe bubbles are being formed due to quantitative easing and artificially low interest rates forcing people to speculate in the markets, stocks being one of them. I don’t think it is sustainable because the rising prices are not due to improving fundamentals in the economy, but rather are due primarily to false demand that otherwise wouldn’t be there without these policies.

jwthen says:

Exactly !!

tiffsaver says:

The mainstream media told us that “There are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq,” that UFO’s are really weather balloons,” that “The housing market is getting better,” that “Obama will be better than Bush and actually protect our civil liberties,” that “The unemployment rate is now at 8.5% and will continue to fall,” that “The debt crisis in Europe has stabilized and the Euro is going to be just fine,” yet you continue to believe them. This is commonly referred to as, “Insanity.”

Kasey Brown says:

I’m totally serious. I hear the radio every day before work. All the major mainstream news outlets are saying the same thing. The economy is in recovery. I mean, I don’t see any recovery, but then what do I know? I’m not an economist and don’t work directly with these things.

I’d really like to know why this is said if it’s entirely untrue.

tiffsaver says:

Are you being serious, or is this a trick question?

Kasey Brown says:

Ok, here’s your chance to score some credibility, at least with me right now.

If there’s *no* recovery at all, why do we keep hearing that on the news?

Tell me.

Robert Olson says:

food prices are going up. autos prices are going up. gas and oil are going up. water is going up. tax is going up.

Robert Olson says:

its called inflation. you aren’t making profit. they are artificially holding the dollar up by making it fall as fast as others. what happens when japan can’t go any lower? what happens when Europe can’t go any lower? don’t be stupid. if the dollar goes and YOU DON’t OWN PHYSICAL OBJECTS then you don’t have anything..

Yrhp8268 says:

Good video, Greg. Thumbs up!

The coming economic collapse is all by design. The New World Order wrote in their own publications (literally decades ago) that in order to usher in their totalitarian one-world government, they would need to merge the global money system. They can only do that by collapsing the “old” system.

If you truly want to understand what’s going on in the world right now, and why, I would STRONGLY encourage you to visit my profile and click on the 2nd link to the right.

jim crow says:

up is down black is white

Jack Sprat says:

People say a lot of things. All may be true. I know one thing. In 1999 I was sinking 2 weeks of pay into 1 gold ounce. I was making minimum wage. Now, at double what I was making before, it takes me 4-5 weeks pay. This is a fact. People told me then that I was dumb for buying gold and silver. I’m not the selling type. I like shiny things and I like the idea of a return saving my money in metal form gives. It blows the doors off the banks and their measly, paltry, pittance.

tiffsaver says:

I don’t care if this guy wrote a blackjack book or anything else. Either his numbers are correct, or they’re not. I believe they are. Just look at the numbers of Gloom and Doom
posts you see on You Tube right now. NO ONE here is predicting any sort of dramatic financial recovery anytime soon. With Wall Street bankers stacking the deck they way they are now and will continue to do, perhaps this young man’s gambling instincts may be the best indicator of future events of this country.

Goldenchild795 says:

Of course the mainstream media wants everyone to believe that we`re in a recovery because if they told the truth everyone would panic and stop spending money and the collapse would only happen that much sooner.. And I like the way the media tries to sugarcoat everything as if bad news is good news somehow, They always find a way to see the glass half full instead of half empty when it comes to bad economic reports

Johann Goethe says:

Obama lies are being reiterated by the liberal media!

775spider says:

Get ready peoples, the ameriKKKa is Done Dead Done Son, yes tha Klann way of life is Finnished, dust to dust, ashes to ashes, praise Yaeshua, praise Jusus

BSmenot says:

Dude you got personal problems far and beyond the inaccuracies of your evaluations of Greg Mannarino. Or should I say judgements. Your words express a frustrated individual. A real hater. Dude I bet you are broke and got holes in your socks. Haha.

BSmenot says:

Well my evaluation of the troll smack is this. Greg wrote a blackjack book. Gambling, playing oods, intelligent complicated slick gambling to win. Seems that’s the perfect skill to aid in success in the stock market. Greg writes books. All moguls, and intellectuals that make a difference write books. People that don’t read books are degrading their brain cells with diminishing intelligence. So with a gambling background, a love for people because he is medical PA. All in all Greg proved he is

BSmenot says:

genuinely cares about the common man. Gregs books are informative and relevant for economic self survival. So it would only be a mental midget to knock a person who puts themselves out to warn people of privey knowledge that us common men don’t have much access to. So I endorse Greg Mannarino and stand by his credibility. We need guys like him. We don’t need stone thowers, and stick pokers.

FortuneSeek3rz says:

Could it be that people don’t want a recovery? Could it be that food stamps, disability payments and subsidized housing is actually more convenient than getting up and going to work every day?

G.M. P. says:

I have to agree w/you. what a shame to have let ourselves get to where we are today. It drives me crazy not being able to understand how so many people still have no idea whats going on.315 million americans can change things if they just WAKE UP

Peter Chander says:

I wonder if the 1999 and 2007 bull markets were forward looking indicators for the 2000 and 2008 collapse…!

Skibum Willy says:

Revolution! The only problems in the world today are manmade! The only hell we go thru is because of made – up rules, so let’s change them. Watch “ManKINDer” on youtube for a simple rule tweak on inheritance that realigns us with our purpose, and the acts we reward!

sa2audio says:

A forward looking indicator just like it was back in January of 2000 or July of 2007 or June of 1929? Please explain.

MonadTransformer says:

While reality, of course, is a rose garden with bunnies, and angels singing in the trees.
True, Greg probably sounds the least convincing of all of the doom prophets. He’s mostly considering it from a trader’s perspective, without going too much into the underlying mechanics. Peter Schiff explains it better.

violeman says:

Greg is right !!
Anybody who Denise what is going on, needs to wake up or they will be in for a big surprise soon but it will be too late ..
Thanks !!

Jerry LaBrue says:

I can’t believe the idiots on this site. Pay attention morons. The stock market was hitting all time highs creating large amounts of wealth as people ran to invest their money in it, right before the crash in 1929. Greg is not the only one saying we are in a Bull SH___ market. There are many others.

Skip Licht says:

A great video. Serenity Gardens EcoVillage in Costa Rica can serve as your PLAN B when the collapse hits….a new life in Costa Rica…

trader1up says:

bullshit…look at all his videos..they’re all gloom and doom..

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