Doctor claims he has evidence of the afterlife – Dr. Jeffrey Long on the Today Show

Doctor claims he has evidence of the afterlife – Dr. Jeffrey Long on the Today Show

Dr. Jeffrey Long on the Today Show – 1/20/2010 This is an older appearance from earlier in the year, but I want to continue posting NDE-related videos as I c…



xxHighflygamerxx says:

Afterlife is 100% real.Some say the brain takes place.If it does why does
evrybody’s brain take place in the afterlife? Dosen’t evrybody have
diffrend mind?Here’s one more proof of afterlife.

Kimberly Fraizer says:

I truly believe in NDE. But not everyone is fortunate enough to believe in
such a thing. 

Kamelion says:

NDE are not real. It’s a natural chemical reaction in the brain that takes
place after the body is put under a extreme physical trauma. This has been
proven by many doctors and scientists worldwide. 

Flavio Sousa says:

Heaven and Jesus are real and you don’t need scientific evidence to know
it. Just go to Sunday mass and look at the joy and happiness on people’s

Renata Jones says:

Heaven and hell is real. This is true. Don’t leave this planet being a
nonbeliever.Please allow Jesus to show you. 

xiSnipeViPeRzZ says:

He won’t take you if your a none believer he will only take the people who
love Jesus witch I do because I have a NDE before and it’s amazing there
and the one thing he said was you need to go back you haven’t finished and
I said I want to stay but he kept saying no you can not stay so I said well
I am staying and he said you need to go I’m sorry and while I put you back
into the world don’t kill yourself because you will go to hell so people
who try to kill them selfs don’t Evan try because it will end horribly for

TrainHard FightEasy says:

They just do this for money & fame.
I’m a Christian.

daniela eva says:

lies lies to sell more books
stupid people buy and believe in lies
There is no life after death!

ReadAboutJesus InQuran says:

If there is a one thing that a Muslim want to help a non-Muslim with it
would be to educate them on the fact that there is an after-life and the
details of that are discussed both in the Quran and in the teaching of the
prophet PBUH in the (Hadith). You really can’t afford to simply deny the
after-life since once you get there it is already too late. So, I do
suggest that you believe in God, and his messengers and know what actually
happens in the life-after by reading about Islam.
Life is not for us to live and die and that is it. If so it won’t make
sense. Just like you came to this life without your will you will leave it
without your will and what life takes place afterwards is also without your
will. But, you have the will to worship Allah through out your life, do
your prayers, believe that God is one, and Mohammad is his messenger,
believe in all prophets and angels, do good deeds and that would be a good
recipe to having Paradise your residence. But, again, it doesn’t help you
at all to simply be in denial of the after-life.
Adam, Noah,……etc, Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad were sent by
Allah (God) and I don’t care what your mind is that is history and you
can’t neglect them. So, believing in the prophets is a must. Each Messenger
came with a message. The final messenger was Mohammad (PBUH). All prophets
don’t contradict each other they all came at different times with different
miracles and distinct messages to their people. They all love each other. I
am a Muslim for example and I love Jesus. However, Mohammed’s (PBUH)
message was for all walks of life and it is the seal of Prophecy.

Bruno Sa Marques says:

DMT! read the book DMT the spirit molecule by Rick Strassman it explains
very well this kind of experiences.

Victoria Harville says:

An older account by a doctor, who was a pediatrician Dr. Melvin Morse, book
named “closer to the light”. The Mind and the Brain are two different
things. The Mind is also called Soul. The brain does the mind’s physical

Francy Tree says:

The death does not exist,in this short life on earth we are only passing.

NDE “near-death experiences”,of Million
cases in the history of humanity that testify to the existence of
God and the existence of Hell disturbing and Heaven never end,
characterized by a great joy and happiness ‘for Eternity.’

All these phenomena that testify to the existence of God is studied by
doctors and scientists around the world,agree with the Jesus gospel.These
things and divine justice interest ALL MEN in the earth and all
nations,cultures and religions of the world.
Read up on the internet and you tube: “NDE” or “Near Death Experience”.

Doctor claims he has evidence of the afterlife – Dr. Jeffrey Long on the
Today Show 

JVCcam96 says:

No one really needs to be religious to know God. I believe we should find
him in our own way. I don’t think we need religion to be good and worthy of
a positive afterlife.

Acsfive Pall says:

As usual, a liberal propagandist interviewer stating opinion with no basis.
“It’s a pretty controversial book”… what’s so controversial about it?

Dan Halen says:

I truly believe in NDE. But not everyone is fortunate enough to believe in
such a thing. 

Ahmad Hesam says:

Doctor claims he has evidence of the afterlife – Dr. Jeffrey Long on the
Today Show

ilililhy1 says:

Jesus loves You and the Devil is a liar.where will you spend Eternity?
Heaven or Hell?Salvation is a free gift from God,Jesus Paid our sin debt on
The Cross of Calvary.

Ms K. Johnson says:

I might get this book for my son on his birthday. He is in his middle 20’s
and struggling on beliefs. I brought him up to believe in something higher
then us.. I disagree with organized religion due to them trying to tell you
what u should wear,who you should associate with,how much money you should
give them and the latest one was this young girl couldn’t cut her hair. Not
even to cut the dead ends off. What happen to just preaching about being a
good person.

in Dogs We Trust says:

Believe It Or Not We All End Up In Cemetery Eaten By Smalls
Animals………. Nature Recycle…………. 1 Day After You’re Dead
Your Brain is Rotten……….

CombatOZ says:

This = lol

in Dogs We Trust says:

Reels Doctors Don’t Believe Those Stupid Stories……………. Some
People Recover By Themselves No Gods Needed For That………….. Living
Creatures Are Capable To Heal Themselves………… 

in Dogs We Trust says:

Near -Death Is No Dead, Gods Believers Are The Biggest

RagaDagga says:

“You can show we have a transcendent spirit how?” This is a pointless
argument. You are basically asking, “prove that there is something
invisible and completely undetectable by all physical apparatus.” The very
nature of the request is self defeating. It’s kind of like the theory of
quantum physics that posits that the universe has ten dimensions, only we
can’t perceive the other six. How can you prove that something that you can
not perceive, exists?

Swaps Em says:

Jews don’t believe in an afterlife. They don’t care to. They won’t believe
in it. Today Show as well as the mass media is run by jews. Keep this in
mind as you reflect back over this video.


And maybe what you should have said is, “it’s all an illusion” because
that’s all this reality is and there are many people who are delusional in
that illusion.

trueblue374 says:

What I find hilarious is this woman who claimed to have had a near death
experience was in a room with God but she fails to describe the room. The
only word she uses is “beautiful” she doesn`t say in what way the room was
beautiful. Don`t give me all that crap “she was searching for the right
word to describe something that is beyond words”. She paused because she is
lying and was afraid she might say the wrong thing and expose herself as a

StuTheBru me says:

Ok id heard people see ther life flashing before them ye,i hit a wall at
70mph anyway,what i saw was like a framed picture of my life,but instead of
showing it to me like a film,like others say,it was all 1 mass of colour
and something told me “this is what your life amounts was as if
someone had thrown paint at a wall (it was about small”box” bedroom wall
sized)but in ther was 3 or 4 like dimonds shinny out,and the voice said
these are your real achievments and why you came to this life

ryukishifan0396 says:

awwwwww how cute! Jesus wants to save me from what he will do to me if I
don’t worship him :3 Oh and what of disease and genetic mutations? Doesn’t
seem very “intelligent” or “loving” to me.

pinkhippie135 says:

Are you on that?

hawklord2001 says:

“”God is Love,”” How do you know? Seriously how do you know?

Tony Rodrigues says:

Left-bad Right-good eye movement are a myth according to recent scientific
studies. Eye movement does not correlate to truth.

HeavyTrippin says:

Near death experience are sad evidence of an afterlife if that’s all we
have. When dying, your brain releases a bunch of chemicals, and you trip
balls. Give people LSD, and they see similar hallucinations, give them
mushrooms, they’ll see similar hallucinations… DMT, same thing. So people
seeing/experiencing similar things during a NDE doesn’t mean shit.

canada ontario says:

FUK U U Chinese small-dick noodle

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