Do U Know For Sure If U Died Today,That U Would Go 2 Heaven?

Do U Know For Sure If U Died Today,That U Would Go 2 Heaven?

Do You Know For Sure If You Died Today, That You Would Go To Heaven? GOD LOVES YOU John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,…



M. Herbert says:

“The Repent” part before receiving Jesus Christ as saviour negates the
whole message of this video. “Repent” confuses a lot of people and think
that it is some sort of work they have to do before believing on Jesus
Christ. I don’t thumbs up any salvation message on YT that includes it.

Imaginefree69 says:

” just because an all knowing God knows the choice..” You are side-stepping
the scriptures I quoted. Not one of them says anything about foreknowledge.
They say that God makes the choice.

Mark Levack says:

What a bunch of superstitious hokum. No one will be going to heaven or
hell. There is no evidence beyond your fairy tales that either place
exists. When you die, your brain will stop functioning and “you” as you
perceive your individuality will simply cease to exist. It will just like
it was before you were born…remember what that was like?

aldrin051088 says:

Glad to hear it sister Carol 🙂 I thank God because there are Christian
like you who shares about faith, testimony, and Jesus. Keep on shining…
🙂 God Bless you always, Aldrin

Alex Tsvor says:

nice vidio …i lovved it =) god blessssss=)))))))

Imaginefree69 says:

“He became loser because we made him loser” My point exactly. And you are
basing your life on the promises of this loser? That’s not very rational….

Imaginefree69 says:

“The bible says Adam was made from dirt!” Yes, I’m the one who first posted
this. It’s not true, but that’s what the Bible says. “You fear what you
dont understand.” That’s why the primitive bronze-age desert-dwellers
invented god, they were afraid of the dark, of storms, of thunder, of
eclipses… “There are no contradictions in the bible” Genesis 1
contradicts Genesis 2, no matter what acrobatics you perform.

chsXxX1 says:

but i have been told by like alot of ppl and came to my own conclusion…kk
sri about the spelling but w.e ok so every1 says either yur going to hell
or your not y would he have made you like that if you doomed to hell or if
you ask for forgivness although what i came 2 was the only unforgivable sin
is turning your back on the lord (it says it somewhere in the bible)so that
means all other sins r forgivable but when you ask 4 forgivness

chsXxX1 says:

so i can still go to hevon evin if im bisexual?

Taurusrivers says:

John 3:16 is not what can save us. That is written to people that are
already saved by experiencing what it says to do and receive in ACTS 2:38.
Read it. Do it. Love it.

chsXxX1 says:

wats moral?

Imaginefree69 says:

“He gives us many chances to come to Him” That’s not what the Bible says.
That’s what your pastor says. 4:21 but I WILL HARDEN HIS HEART, that he
shall not let the people go. 7:3 And I will harden Pharaoh’s heart 7:13 And
he hardened Pharaoh’s heart …as the LORD had said. 9:13 And he hardened
Pharaoh’s heart 10:20 But the LORD hardened Pharaoh’s heart 10:27 But the
LORD hardened Pharaoh’s heart 11:10 and the LORD hardened Pharaoh’s heart

dickbob49 says:

athiest are gay

tobi63583886 says:

ur always in my heart god i will always remember u.

ilactore says:

Right. To be saved is to accept Jesus. How: Hearing Ro 10:17, Believing Jn
3:16, Confessing 1Jn 1:9, Repenting Lk 13:3, Being Baptized Mk 16:16 and
Obeying 1Jn 5:3 No IF’S, AND’S or BUT’s. This is what we should live by
because God Almighty has commanded we do so. God does not lie. It is
impossible for him to do so. Heb 6:18 Anything else is a man made creed and
those along with that creed while be cast into the lake of fire for
enternity. This is sin and goes against God. Ro 6:23

JB Clark says:

Read it…studied it…preached it….but what you are saying falls under
the heading of “BELIEF” and I asked “How do you KNOW the Bibleis the
truth?” not what you believe.!

dickbob49 says:

athiest have no hope in life its sad depressing they dont belive in
afterlife so whats the point of living then

chsXxX1 says:

you have to do it with a truly sorry heart but if im bi that who i am i
cant change it i cant controll it y would i feel bad about it isnt it god
that made me this way?btw correctmty on everything im wrong on……and plz
if i dont know y i should be sri exactly explain it 2 me ? plz read both
comments 2…… sri the one that starts with but i have is the 1rst

Imaginefree69 says:

“Do a little research on your own” I did. You refuse to address it. “The
bible is all true not one contradiction” Well that’s the question we are
considering, isn’t it? So far you’ve tried to turn the focus from the Bible
to me, you’ve made statements about the Bible that I have refuted by
quoting the Bible, and you have not successfully refuted a single one of my
assertions. And this is a critical issue for you, because if the Bible is
not reliable (and it is not), your god does not exist.

aldrin051088 says:

I’m glad that you have been bless Sir Dan. Take Care Always and Remain

Imaginefree69 says:

“Why cant you poor people see the bible for the TRUTH that it is!” Why do
you carefully avoid reading the inconvenient bits? Exodus 8:15 says Pharaoh
hardened his heart. Long before that, as I have posted, we read this: 4:21
but I WILL HARDEN HIS HEART, that he shall not let the people go. 7:3 And I
will harden Pharaoh’s heart 7:13 And he hardened Pharaoh’s heart …as the
LORD had said. Why can’t you be honest enough to read it ALL?

opticpr3d254 says:

John 3:13 And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from
heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven. That tells you that you
don’t go to heaven when you die there’s the proof go look for your self,
but I do believe that when Christ returns we all will be in heaven.

JesusIsTheSunOfGod says:

Jesus is a Sun-God

SimonsGal123 says:

so it means if u believe in god and pray to him and have faith in him and
that he will protect u and u accept that you have sinned and are willing to
pay the price you will be saved and go to heaven?? if so than Ok im doing
just fine

Imaginefree69 says:

What Christianity is REALLY saying, kids: “Dear Child, You are my
offspring. Nothing will ever separate you from my love. I will always
comfort you. Unless you don’t believe me, in which case I will torture you
for ever and ever in the torture chamber I made. You know I’ll do it, too.
I already tortured and mutilated and killed and abandoned my only REAL son.
Trust me.”

romoboxer05 says:

please show me where in the bible it says that if u ask jesus to come in
your heart he will ??? in revelation its talking about the church and how
jesus is knocking on the door not a sinners heart…

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