David Herzog – The Ancient Portals of Heaven (Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural)

David Herzog – The Ancient Portals of Heaven (Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural)

This video was broadcasted on January 5-11, 2009. David Herzog has found that there are portals in the earth today where we can tap into the heavenly realm. …



Tony Divine says:

Hey Anthony why is that? I recommend you type his name into youtube and watch his actual teachings(2 or more) and get an idea where he is coming from.
From my point of view he teaches very advanced stuff and his results talk for themselves.

AnthonyTaylor1988 says:

I’m having a hard time believing this guy…

MsPrecious918 says:

Why can’t God be fantastic! That supernatural things only happen in the unholy realm? Isn’t God Greater than that stupid devil? Why do people question or deny supernatural things of God!

mambochief says:

…and your point is? How is the kingdom not being of this world related to this?

mambochief says:

..and of course you would know…being a genius and all.

mambochief says:

all the apostles and early disciples were Jews dumb, dumb….The 120 in the upper room when the Church was born….all Jews. It was the Italian(Roman) take over of what was a jewish movement that corrupted it. Know your history smart ass.

mambochief says:

and you are the bright light leading us to truth?? You take yourself waay too seriously dear….and you don’t know nearly as much as you think you do.

Golden Glory says:

Guys give your life to Jesus Christ because He came to take the punishment for our sins which we deserve but He bore it on the cross. He loves you and if you want to be saved from eternal punishment in hell then pray ‘Jesus forgive me for my sins, please save me from hell and fill me up with your Holy Spirit. I now accept you as my Lord And Savior. amen.’ Now seek Him through prayer and reading the Bible starting from the gospel of mathew to revelation. God bless you my friend.

theIlluminous1 says:

kknavids trash wjore kerli is not famous or talented.you embarrassed your stupid selves and kerli dies.SIGNED MORNING STAR

ChariotOfFaith says:

Not really. Depends what he means by ‘Real’ Buddha.

nathan white says:

@katrina B david herzog aint a new age person at all

Katrina B says:

Jesus said ” My kingdom is not of this world”

Katrina B says:

hes as bad as creflo ‘dollar’

Katrina B says:

also notice how little he reads the word of God, he barely quotes the scriptures …he is a new age teacher infiltrated into the Christian people’s lives and leading them astray

FS Greenhalgh says:

I need your prayers for the double anointing of the Holy Spirit to serve the Lord in power and in His glory for these end times David. I ask your prayers for financial blessings; for complete physical and spiritual wholeness as I walk in the Spirit of the Lord and so honor His name in the glory He has promised in His Word. Currently I need cash to pay all my bills and a good strong vehicle.

Thank you for your prayers, David!

May the Lord richly bless you. Ferly (ferlygreenhalgh@yahoo.com)

txhypnotist says:

Why would Sid Roth say….Anything has been stolen from the Jewish people related to healing?

Didn’t the jews help kill Jesus? I’m sure they turned there back on Jesus, it’s been written.

Joseph Skinner says:

This is FAKE!

Joseph Skinner says:

Did you hear what he said? He told her that they were not the real buddha. So he is still promoting the strong delusion of miracles that Paul said would come.

Kaj Avila says:

On more than one occasions, he is caught giving the a-okay sign, which is code for 666.

Kaj Avila says:

-What a fraud and a false teacher…dont fall for these experience junkies – We are NOT allowed to search for portals – these are portals for fallen angels to decieve people…”Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.” 2 Thess. 2:9,10

Aaron Dominguez says:

Christians can no longer be deceived by the government! Learn how to quit the SSA, IRS, DMV and other fraud perpetrated against all Americans. Watch the Freedom videos on youtube channel: sedmorg. You will learn your legal rights and what kinds of different laws there are in the USA and how to stop the government from frauding you. End the oppression of the government against all Americans!

Rev Stan Schell says:

its done,in jesus name,,

Eric Jones says:

The Realms of God’s glory and all of the promises, blessings, riches, anointings, impartations, gifts and divine callings of God are irrevocable!….they the spiritual Land of Promise is our Inheritance in Jesus Christ!….TAKE THE LAND AND WIPE OUT THE INHABITANTS!!!!

Ihinosen Edwards Patrick says:

I need divine direction and relocation.

Ihinosen Edwards Patrick says:

I am so encouraged watching and listening since i found this page.I need your prayers i have spent 44yrs so far on earth running around in circles;failed in marriage,failed in business.As i speak i am stock in transit left `africa 6yrs ago destination Canada but here i am stranded somewhere in europe.Can’t go back home empty handed and unable to move further.I have been prophetically told i have the call of God.I have personally had dreams pointing in at same but my life is everything short

Eke Amanda says:

Pls help me and my family.our financies r bad

4GodSoLoves says:

It’s time to accept Jesus as LORD. Many have accepted Him as their SAVIOR, but still they do not obey Him. If Jesus is our Savior, He must also be our Lord. A lord is one who rules over us, one that we must obey. Obey Him, with conscious effort and the Spirit will move. Pray always for His guidance and power to overcome sin in our lives, to lead us not into temptation but to deliver us from evil. We must humble ourselves and pray and turn from wicked ways. He will heal our lands for His sake.

frenchis19 says:


frenchis19 says:

what this man is saying about portals and says bethal and times or seasons : it is a lie because jesus to the woman at the well” the day shall come and NOW IS THAT HE WHO SHALL WORSHIP GOD SHALL NOT GO TO JERUSALEM NOR THE TEMPLE BUT SHALL WORSHIP HIM IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH!!! AND HE USES THE OLD LAW OF DAYS TO SAY GOD IS STRONGER THERE!!! DEMONIC TOTALLY!!!

esther hija de Dios says:

please heaven visit please remove this comment that i put please

esther hija de Dios says:

please heaven visit please remove this comment that i put please

esther hija de Dios says:

please heaven visit please remove this comment that i put please

Adanma Enere says:

Our Lord Jesus never fail us

kimberlyallstun says:

please pray for me too!

OKandNOWwhat says:

Friend, you don’t know what you’re talking about.
“Do not be deceived, my beloved brethren. EVERY good gift and EVERY perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.”
(James 1:16-17)
God blesses His people. (Galatians 3:13-14, 29; Genesis 12:1-3)
“And Abram was very rich in cattle, in silver, and in gold.” (Genesis 13:2)
“The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.” (Proverbs 10:22)
Bless U

Punisher4bmw says:

God can give anything as long as you give the glory to him he will sustain you give even material thing just love the giver not the gift

zebb1111 says:

there is no greater “portal” then the fact that the Glory of God resides in the Christian as the Holy Ghost.
the shekinah Glory of the temple now inhabits us….the temple of God.
you dont need to go anywhere or pray on a certain day. this is nonesense and anti-Christian infiltration in the church. accept Gods will in your lives. period.

peirced2hell says:

God doesn’t give material things ? Than where do children come from ?

krankie3 says:

God dosent give material things, Satan does.. this video is abit dodgy to me.

HeavenVisit says:

Of course, I pray for you! Not only that, I bless you in the mighty name of Jesus that your life will be totally occupied by Holy Spirit so that you will succeed eveyday’s your life with power of God. It is time to advance! It is time to surrender totally to Jesus! There is no longer you but Christ Jesus lives in you!

Ann Prine says:

I ask your prayers for me, I was saved @ around 12 yrs of age and was baptised and knew God had saved me by Grace through Jesus. I continued to seek His will but later in my life as an adult mother/ provider for 5 children I backslid into the world. I read in God’s word that this means I am worse off than before but have prayed much for His forgiveness for fallingaway and seek His will for my life and study His word and seek His face always My heart breaks for His suffering 4 me, God bless you

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