Cross-Correspondences: Evidence of the Afterlife? (Totally Awesome History)

Cross-Correspondences: Evidence of the Afterlife? (Totally Awesome History)

In this episode of Totally Awesome History we look at the Cross-Correspondences. These were messages purportedly sent to mediums from Frederic W.H. Myers aft…



Robert Berge says:

A very kind thank you sir! 🙂

Bizzra says:

When I die I’m gonna send messages to people telling them to go to you
house for a party

S. Alexander Hardison says:

This is a pretty good summary of the cross correspondences (in my mind, I
consider them some of the best evidence for human survival after death; the
Palm Sunday Case amazes me, for example). The comic side of the
presentation was a bit aggravating at some points (because of the serious
subject matter being addressed), but over all I think you did a good job
with this. You got the information across -because of that, I’ll be sharing
the link on Facebook and liking the video. Good work.

144Donn says:

VERY nice job! All my kudos to you sir! Excellent research, nice sense of
humor and the English on! Your final point of these super
sensory crazy wild ideas becoming natural and already taking
place. And, you are correct, it is Totally Awesome!

MrAlienmagnet says:

Further reading: The Proceedings Of The Society Fro Psychical Research
Volumes 22 and 28

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