Gwen Jennings says:

Romans 16:16 “The Churches of Christ salute you”. Find the Lord’s church in
your community. There is no such thing as a “sinners” prayer in the bible.
You cannot be saved unless you’re baptized to have all your sins washed
away, and then you receive the “gift” of the holy spirit given to you upon
obedience of the word. Find the “Church of Christ” and be taught the truth
about the “Church” that’s in the bible and the one that Christ will be
coming back to get which is his “bride”.

infadel13 says:

too many FOOLS will deny Jesus even after seeing stuff like this

HoodMinister says:

Wow! I just tapped onto this video and immediately recognized your face and
voice from when you gave your Testimony on either the 700 Club or P.T.L.
Can’t recall which one it was. You got in a car accident, lost your arm and
had a hell of a visit way down under. Your’s is a powerful Testimony and as
a Christian, I rejoice in the fact that God has not only saved you out of
hell through and by Jesus Christ but also your soul when you called on the
Name of Jesus, placing your faith in Him! Praise God! I’m glad to see you
out here in “YouTube Land” reaching the masses with your Testimony! God is
GOOD and will use your Testimony and your grace and Holy Spirit filled
life, to draw many to faith in Jesus Christ! What an Encouragement! God

iwantyourcookiesnow says:

All I can say is: WOW

CaminandoconMaria N says:
Sonny Lujan says:

Hello my friend in God… I am from Sacramento, CA. As well….I live in
natomas and am recovering from a twelve year heroin addiction in which I
now have 4 months clean… I am wanting to get back into going to church.
But I don’t have set place to go… I am a Christian by faith and even
though I strayed for so long from the Lord i never lost my faith
completely…I love God and want to honor and live for him and his word. I
don’t have any friends as I have distanced myself from everyone I use to
know… I am 40 years of age and I was wondering if you could talk to me
about god.. I have. No friends like I said but I am very nice and want to
help bring drug addicts to Christ…..I want to save them from the snares
of the devil….open their eyes and hearts to God’s love… I hop you read
this I could use a friend in God so badly …thank you for your time 

JohnFive Eagles Szuros says:

Brother thank you for your testimony. I was in an accident 4.5 years ago
and i lost my leg and I was in a coma for 12 days. I kept experiencing a
weird state that I know today was hell. Man alive that was the scariest
time of my life and it kept on going and going and it was painful. There
were demons who belted me down on a stretcher and brought in a machine that
gave me cancer. And it was so painful down there. Matthew 5. If your leg
sins then it is better to lose that leg than to goto hell. I was so
grateful when i woke up and it was a painful experience without a leg. And
here 4 years later i ride a bike and I play guitar and I am a jazz drummer.
God is good. Thanks Tyrone. I will write it down to tell others about it. I
could feel every little thing and they were very painful.These Nazi German
doctors were experimenting on me and I could see my body decaying.

Shawna Taylor says:

Please don’t listen to rap music its not of God

Katherine Williams says:

I believe him. my death experience took me the other way. he’s serious —

JohnFive Eagles Szuros says:

I lost my leg due to an accident I had. I was saved and i am now going to
heaven- I lost something and gained my life and gained it forever. I will
give my testimony soon and I thank you sir as I knew there was a reason I
found this.

Jeil Reed says:

God Bless you for telling your story
May God continue to bless you and your family. Your friend in Christ. 

Yvonne Steiner says:

Thank you for your testimony!

Terri Skerrett says:


Joel Soboul says:

I have watched his testimony before both online and on television and I
must say that he seems to be completely genuine. The peace, confidence and
assurance in Christ is so totally obvious from Brother Tyrone that his
story gives me a great deal of encouragement to keep on keepin’ on,
continuing to fight the good fight and spread The Good News to a lost and
dying World of Salvation and Eternal Life in Christ Jesus

AmbassadorsForYeshua Yvonne says:

Amen and AMEN!

CLONE168 says:

if christians know that they’re going to heaven then why do they care about
anyone else your use the normal moral code that man made

sofiadorci says:

What an inspiring testimony young man. All glory to our Father through our
Lord Jesus Christ, and we thank the Holy Spirit for convicting you to

lulu boo says:


thomasina lyn says:

Amen Amen Amen I am a recovering addict. JESUS rescued me as well from the
pit of hell.He whos forgiven much loves much.

Monica Amaugwu says:

God want you to work for Him it does not matter the negative messages
people sent to you. Those ones that have sold their souls to Satan are the
ones trying to discouraged you. May God have mercy on them. Thanks for your
testimonies. May God help us to live for Him

Shannon Smith says:

Amen to you. Thank you for sharing.

Tyler Joseph says:

Rap is not of the lord! Please wake up if you do not believe me look deeper
in to Christianity 

O'Chian Clover says:

Obviously this man is telling what he experienced, even a fool could
perceive the truth in his voice and face. People should take heed, God has
spoken and He IS revealing spiritual truths to thousands of people
EVERYDAY. I myself have, by Grace, received a revelation of Christ’s
validity… In my experience Jesus showed me that YES, He IS God and He IS
real. We as an evil being NEED Him, He and ONLY He is the cure of Death.
Read about what He says… New Testament.

ammerhihi says:

Chills crawl all over my body when he speaks of Christ and what happenned.
God bless you all !

Charley Jr. Iriarte says:

Are you interested? Does the Father God appointed you? Listen, because you
will come to know that this video will appeal to your mind a lot. Pray.
Please pray so that you won’t be troubled but to have guidance from the
Holy Ghost. Can you hear more of what I will say? Please spread the message
or the video to others who are addicted to drugs or other things. Be
prayerful. And now, yes, love and praise Jesus. Go on now. Thank you. Be

Michael Groenendijk says:
Paula Thomas says:

Beautiful, thank you for sharing.

LivingFor Christ says:
mscommentry says:

Amen! Despite the OVERWHELMING efforts of Hollywood and the music industry
and hardly a mentionable Christian opposition to Satan’s hell bound
onslaught to snatch us for hell, the love of Jesus singularly stands on His
own feet to save and is more than able to restore us. Thank you Jesus!

shelly smith says:

very powerful testimony. Thank you for sharing. 

lloyd brown says:


skateboarderaddict says:

Awesome! what was the song in the intro called? 

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