Colours of Heaven Angel Look ✰ 천사 화장 (Collab w/ SyntheticcDoll)

Colours of Heaven Angel Look ✰ 천사 화장 (Collab w/ SyntheticcDoll)

Hey sweeties, Today’s holiday look was inspired by my musings of Heaven. What do you think Heaven will be like? My inspiration, full product list & behind-th…



BiiBiiBeauty says:

I agree on the reason why you did no voice over! The music is so lovely!
And of course so is this very pretty look! I loved it! xoxo

warming1up says:

So cute & Lovely! <3

timbetold says:

Thanks for the love, Jen! Merry Christmas!

OnleeAmore says:

Love it! Looks gorgeous! :)

Sarah Blmi says:

Very very beautiful look.

wecameaszade says:

Bold, creative, angelic! 🙂 

Mel says:

so pretty

Haneul says:

nawwws i think you put the angel wings upside down :’)

waitin2bfound says:

I knew this was Tim Be Told based on his voice. It really complimented your
look. It made it more of a joy to watch. I love the eyes!

jaejinmusic says:

Great job, Jen!!! =)

Stefanie Yong says:

very beautiful.

Twinkxann says:

I really like this look!~~ Very Pretty. I want to try this heheee <3

HoneyBB says:


Pinklips777 says:

Super pretty! I love how you put the glitter in your hair too, it was a
perfect touch. 

clairmseu says:

What did you do after doing this make up ?

Camilla Ngo says:

the song is really lovely and ur make up as well :)

aiyobeauty says:

Love this video!

Sue Sweet says:

I love the eyeliner. ^_^

Crispahh says:

Your skin is so pretty! My favorite thing was the snowflake! <3

herenishelen says:

think you got your blog website wrong in that annotation in the video darl

Irish Lepricon says:

wings up side down ahaha cute anyways

MiszzGeia18 says:

ahhh so gorgeous!!!!!! love your makeup!

yeojastyle says:

This is such a beautiful look!

Glitterz08 says:

so pretty! and your nails are super cute, did you do them?

TheWalkerJP says:

you are so beautiful.

DisIsMeYnnahPot says:

Pretty! 🙂 Merry Christmas! Greetings from Phils. -Jes

Bonnie Chen says:

OMG loved this look, you’re heapps pretty and i wish you a merry christmas
Jen mwaa :)

Mindy Vang says:

So beautiful

Musica0707 says:

Your videos are the best! Merry Christmas!

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