Churches Due to be closed ( Full testimony of sister Toun Praise ) p1

Churches Due to be closed ( Full testimony of sister Toun Praise ) p1


Ugo Max says:

thank you so much

Yemi ADEPOJU says:

This is really good. I wish Sister toun will speak a little slowly and
emphasise explicitly on those jewelries and even wedding ring, so that
people won’t have excuse. That side needs to be very clear.

joy eyesan says:

The road to heaven is not easy. May God give us grace to make heaven!

Alo Paul says:

Ninety nine percent of the churches are guilty of this message. For almost
ten to fifteen years now, I’ve not heard any general overseer (GO)
preaching about heaven and hell except holiness revival ministry, pastor
kumuyi and this pastor (mrs). Pastors, stop preaching for your pocket,
preach the whole truth to your members. Otherwise, their blood will be
required of you.

caroline olu says:

Father help me oooooooooooo I don’t want to miss heaven.

Angel Asemota says:

please tell us their names oooooooo so that the people worshiping there can
be save.

Daniel Patrick says:

may the LORD bless you sister!!!

Kj Tsiana says:

Oh Lord have mercy.There are some people who are still defending their

Claire Andoun Atongo says:
Promise James says:

i believe you sister Toun Praise

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