Christian Pastor who Converted from Islam got Attacked by Muslims – Brother Mulinde

Christian Pastor who Converted from Islam got Attacked by Muslims – Brother Mulinde

A Christian pastor who was converted from Islam got attacked from Muslims. He became a Christian after he dreamt about Muslims going to hell. This is reality. Heaven is the place going by only…



Handy Man says:

because of His name that you carry, you will be persecuted, were ever you
are, you are a target… JESUS warned all believers ahead of time. Matthew
5:11 “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely
say all kinds of evil against you because of me. John 5:23 He who hates Me
hates My Father also…

BUT YOU WON’T CHANGE MY MIND and I keep coming to you senior Muslim and
remind you to drink your camel urine booster so that you could have the
strength to ridicule me more torture me again and again and kill me more
until your worn out and i still hug you and massage your butt cheeks and
whisper in your ears that I am praying for you and your love ones that is
how much my Lord Jesus told us to love our enemies because He died for each
and everyone of them. Romans 5: 8 But God demonstrates his own love for us
in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us…….
the more you hate us the more we love you like Christ the ‘prince of
peace’… shalom 

jim marley says:

FAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE muslims are peaceful this would of never happend…

Walid Shabaab says:

Same old story. I had a dream of Jesus or angel. C’mon dude how much money
did they offer you to become Christian ?

Handy Man says:

a Coptic Christian delivering medicine to an elderly woman beaten to death
by of course who else MUSLIMS

#Egypt #Muslim Brotherhood #top headlines #Coptic Christians #martyrs
#Islamist militants
Muslim protesters in Egypt reportedly beat and murdered Mary Sameh George,
a Coptic Christian, in “retaliation” for recent rulings by an Egyptian
court. According to eyewitness reports, George was delivering medicine to
an elderly woman when the protestors noticed a small cross hanging on her
rearview mirror:

“Once they saw that she was a Christian [because of the cross hanging on
her rear view mirror], they jumped on top of the car, to the point that the
vehicle was no longer visible. The roof of the car collapsed in. When they
realized that she was starting to die, they pulled her out of the car and
started pounding on her and pulling her hair—to the point that portions of
her hair and scalp came off. They kept beating her, kicking her, stabbing
her with any object or weapon they could find….”

Vinny Berry says:

Amen brother. Your reward is waiting for you in heaven.

.SeekTruth. says:

True Soldier of God<3 God bless this man 

Kostas Spiliotopoulos says:

This is the face of religion …….Ultimate Paranoia.
If that happened to me or any of my love ones i would surreally hunt those
guys and kill them all.
They are cancer to humanity to begin with.

Handy Man says:

600 Islamist’s hurled bags filled with urine to Christian’s….

May 23 (CDN) — No arrests have been made since 600 Islamists hurled bags
filled with urine and ditchwater at about 100 members of a church last week
and threatened to kill its pastor. Police looked on as the mob attacked the
Philadelphia Batak Christian Protestant Church worshipping on the street in
Bekasi, near Jakarta in West Java Province, on Thursday (May 17)

Believer777 says:

wow THE PRICE he has paid for his love of Jesus. May God richly bless him
and his loved ones. He looked into the eyes of Satan and god chose to
preserve his life.

Handy Man says:

Seven-hour non-stop gang rape by 12 Afghan MUSLIMS to a 29 year old Swedish
women who has 2 children now confined to a wheelchair

Horrific gang rape of 29-year-old white mother of 12 Muslim asylum seekers
in Swedish refugee camp
Seven-hour non-stop gang rape by 12 Afghan MUSLIM refugees was the ‘most
gruesome rape marathon in Sweden’s history,’ say prosecutors. The rape was
oral, anal, and vaginal, with up to three rapists in her at the same time.
Only 7 of the 12 rapists were convicted.
The other Muslim onlookers were clapping and cheering and calling the woman
a “whore” and a “slut,” how Muslim men describe unveiled women. The victim
is now confined to a wheelchair, suffering severe mental distress. The
Swedish media concealed the ethnicity of the perpetrators and quickly
removed the story. Swedish socialists say it would be “racist” to deport
the rapists.

Zineb R says:

You should know that those guys who threw acid on you will have no reward
whatsoever with Allah. This is shameful! I apologize for you having being
attacked by those people who claim to be muslims. It’s forbidden for us to
take revenge individually, it’s forbidden to attack others because of their
beliefs or anything. I’m really sorry. I just hope you’ll find the right
way for your life. 

Rami I says:


Angie Spradling says:

YOU will never see Christian under a mask. In fact we are suppose to be
transparent an open book a light to all

Zineb R says:

At 4:33 you say: ‘If you say Islam is peaceful, look at me.” I know I can’t
imagine your pain. However, Islam doesn’t say “go hunt people who disbelief
with acid buckets”. Those guys who attacked you are real *******. Remember
this guys: don’t judge a cake by the recipe, judge it by the baker. Islam
is peaceful. Some muslims are highly uneducated about it. These guys are
terrorists and murderers, these guys assaulted you. Not Islam. Please,
remember that.

Lisa Ondon says:

islam mengelirukan

Babul Mahid says:


Z15TEENG says:

By the way the jews killed your god. 

24/7 mazari says:

Another lie haha

Z15TEENG says:

Prpaganda from Uganda. Ha ha 

Gibrilla Bwg says:

Islam in Islamic states persecutes those who do not believe…. Mohammad
himself raged wars… how can Islam be a peaceful religion? I believe it
has some peaceful followers, but it itself is not peaceful….

Laminee Ka says:

If Israel does not discriminate between race or colour, why are they
prosecuting Africans migrants in Israel..?

Zalahblue says:

Such hate in Islam is ungodly. The worship of a book and the NO PROPHECY
PROPHET mohammad is demon worshipping, enslaving and blackening souls. So
sad. #NoIslam 

aag oneeightnine says:

An Israel propaganda video. You can tell by the multiple mentions of Israel
in a positive light. And nothing about Jewish beliefs of Jesus being a
false prophet. In Islam they believe he is a prophet but Jewish people
believe Jesus was a conman. Look it up. The only reason I bring that up is
because these evangelical attack videos and the evangelical religion itself
originated as a way white wash the Jewish religion in the eyes of
Christians. Sadly because of the fragmentation of Christians today, the
attack on morals from Hollywood and the fact that Americans have no time to
go to church, the Evangelical religion was created by Hollywood as a way to
lead people away from the real Christian religion. These poor people
working 2 or more jobs just to make ends meet only have time to watch
religion on TV. 

Ziggy Ali says:

May you rot in hell inshallah 

Ziggy Ali says:

Mashallah thats what you get 

Serdar Calik says:

The birth of mothman look at him like shit

Kelly Pearson says:

All this over a fake story that you choose to say you follow. lmfao people
are fools, but I feel bad for this man and wish him well. 

gulrose khan says:

these verse some he said ..was it full?? Quran (2:191-193) – “And kill
them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned
you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief] is worse than killing

Sherly Massie says:

Greeting of peace I testify, on December 21, 2006, God revealed the truth
that image or statue liken Jesus is idol! This truth is the key to open
the prophecy of Act 17:29-31; now God commandeth all men everywhere to
repent.Then in the last of March 2009 through Act 17:29-31, God reveals His
secret wisdom that hidden since centuries in the Scripture (Isa 45:3), the
secret wisdom that therefore Christ died on the cross (1 Cor 2:7-8), an
Evidence (John 18:37). go to:

love car says:

that man translate the Quran by his mood

Jamaal Williams says:
Jamaal Williams says:

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