Charles Lawson – The Battle For Your Mind FULL SERMON

Charles Lawson – The Battle For Your Mind FULL SERMON

Pastor Lawson’s Church Ministry: The Battle for Your Mind Must Be Engaged Using the Sword of the Spirit, Even as Jesus Did When Satan Dared to Tempt Him! Are you sure…



Phylicia Profile says:

I Thank You LORD for this message given to me on the Sabbath Day…….

Jonathan Kuperberg says:

@26:00- yup Pastor Lawson is right some Baptist Fundamentalists are scared
to preach on self-examination, and spiritual warfare, like “NO thats some
Holiness Tabernacle thing”, “that’s Pentecostal stuff we dont do round
here”, Nonsense! It’s not a matter of one or the other- it’s all of the
above! Fundamental doctrine, sanctified living AND using God’s Truth
against the lies of powers of spiritual wickedness are (or should) all be
part of a believer’s life and part of the preaching ministry in ANY church
that exalts Scripture.

John Pyles says:

So VERY Important!

Robert Monette says:


NIMCOR3 says:

Thank you for posting!

Bobby Cox says:

thank you god in the name of jesus for the word this godly man sermon that
he told about satans evil ways they need to reviled and opened for every
beleaver. thank god n the name of jesus god bless please pray for god to
build and use me for his glory i ask pray for my son for god to free him
from the evil people of the world god bless thank you jesus i pray for all
my brothers and sisters in christ

candy tavares says:

very Good man of God A big Amen

william anderson says:

awesome! thank you!

thelordsfieldhand says:

Good edifying video.

alexc475 says:

I’m glad Pastor Lawson is fine. Thanks for the video brother. May the Lord
bless you.

brantgrimes1 says:

He has changed me, who is this man? Thank you Jesus.

Khun Horkhan says:

God Is Good All The Time, Amen!

Michael Mitchell says:

Thank you Lord for your Word

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