Charles Lawson – Grace… AWESOME FULL SERMON!!

Charles Lawson – Grace… AWESOME FULL SERMON!!

“Definition and Quotes and Scriptures–All About the Marvelous Grace of God, and About Graces from God–Which Have Everything To Do With Redemption and Salvation And All Our Living Besides…



Julie Cramer says:

SO true and comforting.

Michael Mitchell says:

Jesus lifted my load when I was sixteen. All praise be to Him the saviour
of all mankind 

Stu Maxi says:

I’m a low down stinking sinner that deserves to go to hell!
But by the grace of GOD through faith not of anything I have done but
through the blood of the LORD I have been saved!

Thank you LORD JESUS 

XQzix says:

At the 13:00 minute mark, he seemingly comes down on those who have
committed suicide. There are many people who have done this because they
simply cannot stand the pains of life anymore, i.e., combat veterans coming
home with PTSD, sexual abuse victims, and other trauma and abuse.

He needs to preach on grace for these people as well. He most certainly
must have never lost someone to suicide. I have, and it is a very painful
loss. The lady friend I lost to suicide was not proud. She was beaten
down by a hideously psychopathic world that is becoming more so every day.

Carl Norman says:

Amen so true glory to God.

ThyWillBeDone1985 says:

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