Car Crash – 5 Year old has a glimpse of heaven – NDE

Car Crash – 5 Year old has a glimpse of heaven – NDE

Car Crash – 5 Year old’s Near Death Experience ▻Website: ▻Facebook: ▻Google+: After …



NDEaccounts says:

#neardeathexperiences #spiritualexperience 

Marco Antonio Guerrero Jr. says:

After having a strange premonition about dying a mother has a head on
collision with a drunk driver killing herself and her baby leaving only her
5 year old alive but in serious condition.

The girl wakes up from her coma after two weeks and while her grandparents
watch she starts engaging in a conversations with someone towards the
ceiling. Her grandparents claim they heard her saying goodbye to her mother
and brother and said ” Do you see them, do you see the hole!?” as she
pointed up towards the ceiling.

Kim Gloria says:

incredible story – Yes, I believe God allowed her to see her mother and
brother and have that glimpse of heaven , not only for this sweet little
girl but for her grand parents too. 

John Mackie says:

She ‘Was’ so positive? Has she passed?

JVCcam96 says:

Not only is this channel a beautiful thing for human beings to come across,
the people in the comment sections of this channel are also very sweet and
understanding! The world needs more of this!

Tonithenightowl says:

It’s said 40% of all people who have an NDE have some kind of heavenly
experience.Neurologists claim it’s hallucination from a dying brain. My
uncle had one while very ill and died 2 wks later. He was lucid when he had
his. He didn’t see anything BUT he could breathe like when he was a kid for
a few minutes and thought he died.Then he felt my aunt holding his hand and
knew he was still here. The man died of black lung so I believe he was out
of body when this happened. Trust me, if it had not happened to him, he
would have NEVER believed it.

Aiyana Holand says:

Wow! What an amazing strory and what an amazing little girl. 

Casey Norris says:

Thank you for sharing

Keith Taylor says:

Lovely account. Thank u.

julianhidalgobeas says:



So beautiful…

SuperSailorSailing says:

So encouraging, thank you for sharing.

Scott Payne says:

Thanks for sharing…..Wonderful testimony!

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