Boy Visits Heaven Testimony/A Message from God – Retha McPherson/Sid Roth

Boy Visits Heaven Testimony/A Message from God – Retha McPherson/Sid Roth

I uploaded this video before. However, I uploaded again because previous video has poor quality. This is one of the powerful testimony of heaven testimonies….



kizee k says:

I love God

Noneya Noney says:

The shortest path to the heart of God does not require passing through the doors of any church or belief in any savior.

jim jones says:


Godpleaser77 says:

Even the Apostle Paul was not allowed to speak the things in heaven. 2 Corinthians 12:1- 4 (was caught up to paradise and heard inexpressible things, things that no one is permitted to tell). You people will listen to any of these pied pipers and follow these foolish False Profits! Just keep getting your ears itched 2 Timothy 4:3 . You don’t want Christ Jesus. You make up your own gods! So very sad!

whitenightf3 says:

Nope they hid the name of the teacher they the Roman church made it up. That is why the Jews have not bought into the lie they know and so do I. You can carry on worshipping a lie but not me.

newjerusalem newtestament says:

Jesus is in English, Yeshua is in Hebrew. In Spanish is Jesus but the J is pronounce as h in house.

nbnf21 says:

God is a masculine being. The son became man because men are masculine in flesh but the spirit masculine is different from the flesh masculine. There is no man or woman after the first resurrection the Bible says so we have to wait and find out.

mmarich69 says:

You dont want to answer my questions about God. But you responds quickly to people who want to buy the book. Its a shame. Its all about the money here.

TrueSpritWorship says:

Title: A message from God, Author: Retha McPherson. You can buy any online bookstores. I put the link of Amazon in the description box above. God bless you!

Claudin Aladin says:

Please tell what to do to get that book.
This is my Email
Just tell me where to go to buy it

mmarich69 says:

Is it possible that God enters into a person to talk with you or just to say something important to you? What does the Bible say?

lionelsb1 says:

Another deluded religious nut case. Making money from the gullible.

Danny Kaczmarek says:

God is masculine!

TheCountic16 says:

that could never be faked because nobody even thinks of talking that way. It breaches comprehension. That is what makes an event like this become good evidence for truth.

TheCountic16 says:

A profound truth that compels one to believe this testimony: Almost all parents, Christian parents included, believe it is ok to “be proud of your children.” Pride is the worst deadly sin in the Bible. There are no exceptions to it. The reason people are proud of their children is because, like this woman said, that pride is wrapped up in worship. Most parents, especially women, worship their own children. It is part of that pride. Yet this woman…had a profound experience that would…

whitenightf3 says:

I really have a problem with the name Jesus how can any Jew be called by that Name when there is no letter J in the Hebrew alphabet. I do believe in a Living God I also believe the Gnostics were the only one’s who were able to follow God. Before anyone replies with his Hebrew name was Yeshua I would ask what evidence do you have for that. There was a Man walking around the ME 2000 years ago who was Christ a God Realized Being. Problem is most people look for God out there its within YOU!

ernesto mascherucci says:

please answer me , if i do a copy of the book , i mean printed book i don´t know how to say in english , but i think you understeand , if i do a copy , are jesus or god going to bless me ? please respond

mbotha081210 says:

I’m going to pray for you. Someday, you’ll realize how loved you are.

TrueSpritWorship says:

God is neutral! Father God is neural! The Son of God, Jesus was born to male body! God bless you!

artin74 says:

is god a man? i mean has sexuality to be a man or woman?!

TrueSpritWorship says:

Very young children go to heaven. As a grown up, we need Jesus to go to heaven. There are so many testimonies Hindo, Budhist, Muslim has had near dearth experience and seeing Jesus. Jesus is the only way to heaven. I’m sending one video to you! God bless you!

JMUDoc says:

Is it possible that the boy in question had “an” experience, and that his largely uncontested exposure to Xianity coloured his interpretation?

Would a Hindu boy, given the same set of circumstances, also experience the Xian heaven (or hell, in that case)?

1373simona says:

oh yea? and what did he showed me ? That he has any power ? NO .That he’s afraid from Jesus and he don’t let you to take a cross in your hand and call him couse you’re so brainwashed and that’s the only way to see the truth to see hes ”power” called cowardness? YES …;)

Pamela L says:

I just said I’m a woman

Pamela L says:

I have read the bible… several times. I have even read the Koran and the Talmud too.

Pamela L says:

My God doesn’t need to show you His power because he already has

1373simona says:

why mindless… why don’t you like to show me your ”gods” power ?
Maybe couse he’s afraid of Jesus and that makes him powerless ..;)

Pamela L says:

Afriad of what? Everything you have said is mindless babble


1373simona says:

or maybe you are afraid? or your ”god” don’t let you to do that? 😉

1373simona says:

try than tell me have or not 😉 !

Pamela L says:

what you just said made no sense at all.

1373simona says:

Christianity to destroy humanity ?
They washed your brain very well..
If you wanna proof my sister take a cross in you’re hand and than tell you’re ”god” to help you than we’ll see what will hapend 😉

1373simona says:

Well believe me my sis, I know your ”god” very well….
I just want to ask you if you don’t mind have you read the bible or have you been some other religion and later became satanist and why I opted for none other religion but satanisam (if that can call a religion ) ?

MrKidFREAK says:

are you a woman?

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