Boy Visits Heaven – Retha McPherson / Sid Roth (Heaven Testimony)

Boy Visits Heaven – Retha McPherson / Sid Roth (Heaven Testimony)

It is from “It’s supernatural” by Sid Roth. Retha McPherson got involved motor vehicle accident and her son become comatous. Her son had a visit to heaven an…



diana di says:

Starlight…If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in
your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is
with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your
mouth that you profess your faith and are saved. As Scripture says, “Anyone
who believes in him will never be put to shame.” Romans 10:9-11


If you believe that the lord Jesus Christ is your Lord and savior and admit
this publicly then you know

callmesti says:

God is amazing. Thank you Jesus for speaking to me through this, it
literally brought a smile to my whole being & on my face. Answered my
prayers. Thank you Jesus!!

themarinesoccer says:

where do you buy the book at?

headlessguy98 says:

Thank you. This made my faith stronger.

7yeshuachrist says:


king darwin says:

Thank you. jesus

JVCcam96 says:

For your sake, i hope you do!

Seeking The Truth says:

I bought her book over a year ago in digital format it is very good I
highly recommend it

metjatful says:

I read the book in 3 days…and I felt sorry for this family and at the
same time the book blessed me. How wonderful and amazing God is. I love
Jesus with all my heart.

AsrRwr says:

WOW ! ! ! ! When you posted your comment 7 months ago~there were only 777
viewers. Today 08/16/2012 there have been 2,719 views and only 7
comments…8 including mine. It’s a shame more people didn’t post a
positive comment for the power of what GOD has done, can do and will do for
us. Praise God..Thank you Jesus for you unconditional love for us.

legna ffup says:

Lord…Let me fall to your feet and just consume me in You

Celestine Saunders Saunders says:



Jesus Christ is Almighty, He did not create the hell for us, human been.
His coming back is very soon, for His love sake for us Jesus Christ is
using everything, every ways, every situations to warn us, to call us back
onto Him; only trough Him we can enter into God’s Kingdom: John 14:6. It is
not time to joke but it is time to examinate ourselve, our life, our
relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ according to his word or
scriptures. Are you born again??? Jesus Christ Loves you & be ready.

Reper123100 says:

Thats a cool story

2028 END says:

2028END d o t com. Don’t miss it!!!

IluvmyGod1 says:

awww Praise God, Thank you for this beautifull story. Please I need to knw
where I could buy the book. Praise God.

FPSIndianGuy says:

Have faith because Bible says without faith it is impossible to please God!
Love God with all your heart, mind, strength and soul it is about a
Relationship not a dirty religion! Believe in The Lord Jesus Christ and you
will be Saved! forsake the dirty world and draw close to God and He will
draw closer to you! God Bless! Jesus is COMING! 4 blood moons in

ashleyutube says:

I’ve had a very similar experience after a car accident that should have
taken my life. I know without a doubt that god himself wrapped me in his
arms whilst my car was in the air prior to falling back to the road, Not a
drop of blood was lost, even though I was hit on the left side of the car,
my window wide open, and landing on the driver side, skidding across the
road, not one drop, not one broken bone, the back seat was pushed into the
front of the car…

TheStarlight100 says:

I wish I could now if I’m going to heaven or not… I love you god you are
my lord, savior, true love, and best friend <3 I surrender my soul in your
hands... Thank you for everything <3

Annerie Viola says:

Wow! I’m Amazed!

arissa carr says:

thanx for thiss. (: this really helped me alot. ! I want to be close to
God. Hope is what im qoinq to start having. i have to . thank you soo
much.. (;

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