Boy Visits Heaven – 1/ 4 Its Supernatural w/ Sid Roth

Boy Visits Heaven –  1/ 4 Its Supernatural w/ Sid Roth

A tragic car accident left Retha McPherson’s son, Aldo, in a coma. During that time, Aldo visited heaven and returned with a message from God.



qwertyui12356789 says:

that just tells me the kid in this video isn’t as lucky as those 5,000,000 children in africa, those children are now in heaven with our father, their more blessed then anybody in this world, i wish i can be there with them, but it is not my time 2 go yet, its up 2 GOD.

qwertyui12356789 says:

try telling that 2 the phelps family lol.

The Light says:

Atheist and skeptics are so mad about the power of God they be blasting me with words saying I m a fool, delusional and their hate I realized are becoming very demonic against me with the meanness and the roars against me for Christ’s sakes. They want me to shut up but I will just rejoice and get even louder. Praise the lord for his miracles, this world is shaking up wooooo!

Some of the haters called me a fan girl but I don’t care for they are the ones that are lost.

MaDzLoVeSaLeKa says:

I love Sid Roth, he looks like a lil turtle :*)

innergogo says:

“If you did not surrender me, Mummy, to Jesus, I would have been dead.”

Is God constrained in whom he can save? Or just spiteful?

1empathy says:

But the same god let’s 5,000,000 children in sub-saharan africa die from dysentery,malnutrition, and lack of clean drinking water every year. Truly this god is an awesome god. This is self- centred, selfish delusion of the worst kind.

oscie1 says:

There is no such thing as blasphemy in buddhism because there is no God to be worshiped.

oscie1 says:

No its because you are an idiot who doesnt know what he is talking about.I was raised a christian and have heard all the jewish fairy tales( bible stories) hundreds of times.I have also studied every religion and buddhism is not a religion it is a philosophy and a path to learn the secrets of the universe for yourself.You clearly know nothing off buddhism to judge it so in my books you are a moron.Its like saying meat tastes bad without actually having tasted it.IDIOT

Endymion7Ra says:

If the wise Kings were Buddhist. They sure weren’t after they encountered Jesus. Because these eastern Kings presented gifts before Jesus Christ and worshipped him. They obviously became Christians at that point for surely it would be Blasphemy against your god. to worship a boy in a manger, right? Guess what these wise kings ‘WISE’ Kings worshipped the Son of the most high God! They were wise and followed the truth. Read the gospels; you little baby boy

Endymion7Ra says:

Wow! You are a buddhist and you are suppose to be a reflection of your pathetic religion. What away to bring glory to your god by verbally attacking other’s. You obviously are searching the light of Jesus Christ. If not you wouldn’t be scoping Christian youtube clips. Jesus is omnipresent he is Almighty, all Power. Before the creation of the universe was Jesus Christ. Micah 5:2. Any babay can lose his temper but it takes a man to control it. Grow up little Boy!

oscie1 says:

That’s hinduism you fucking retard, you are clearly a stupid uneducated American, Buddhism is not a religion and in fact there is real strong proof that in the early stages of Jesus’s life (which are not mentioned in the bible) it is probable that Jesus learnt his spiritual powers from buddhist monks, who do you think the wise men from the east who followed the star(astrology) were?probably buddhist.

Endymion7Ra says:

Quit smoking from that huka pipe. Yes everyone don’t follow Jesus Christ the Almighty Son Of God. Instead follow a creepy religion that worships blue women with 8 arms and elephant trunk noses. Yes convert to Buddhism that believes its okay to fall into sin, and face no ramifications. Yes everyone convert to buddhism who’s beliefs parrallel a F-list cartoon!

oscie1 says:

convert to buddhism people , christianity makes no sense

RachelsDream2011 says:

3 Thank you God!

Fritz G says:

praise God !

saltwater1982 says:

I bet. My family has a pagan-witch in it. So I wouldn’t expect to see her there. I just hope there’s enough time left for her to be saved .

florin3k3 says:

@Sharonduke1 and what if (hypothetically) one of your family members went to hell? Like your mom for example. Maybe she lied or stole or did something sinful. How would u feel then?
I mean, this MUST happen to somebody. When someone goes to heaven, I highly doubt their whole family is there. Some have to be to hell. I’m sure people have family members that are atheists or something along those lines. Doesn’t matter if they were “good” people…

XonezIOIzenoX says:


Feshman117 says:

how do we know he isnt making this up, i mean seriously do we just believe what this person said is true because we want it to be true

liduq says:

Joël 2:28 “And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.

Ompanime says:

Matthew 24:26-27 (New International Version 1984, ©1984)

“”So if anyone tells you, ‘There he is, out in the desert,’ do not go out; or, ‘Here he is, in the inner rooms,’ do not believe it. For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.”

appaloosa42 says:

I doubt very much anyone is getting rich fromthis

aioee says:

Have you read her book - best supernatural book I’ve read. I re-read it. It really is awesome.

BBradshawProductions says:

crazy white people weaken the aryan race with bullshit

SuckDeezNutzBitch says:

@omghai2u Shut the fuck up faggot

easyjay01 says:

Now selling Books, why can’t God ever use someone not interested in writing books and making money?

Lisa George says:

and your hands reaching for the candy on the candy tree, the atmosphere is unrealistically bright bright and you can actually feeel the cool nice breeze blowing against are soo happy because you’re sleeping peacefully and that can contribute to your feelings. Maybe your bed is super soft&firm…or something made you happy that night before going to bed…it contributes.

Lisa George says:

Lucid dream is when you take control of your dream. For instance, you’re in a deep sleep, you are in a dessert but you dontwant to be there anymore so suddenly you say i want to be in paradise, then you’ll reveal what is paradise to you, maybe icecream land with candy trees. And it feels real sharper than sharpe. You can actually taste the soft sweet syrupy cottony candy burning with flavour in your tongue

Lisa George says:

@meemaddy how do you that wasn’t a dream?
Let me tell you about our brain&its functions. We have this pineal gland that is responsible for producing DMT which happens only during when we sleep or whenever our body is weak, it forms real feelings towards what you are experiencing higher realms of conciousness. This sharpens our senses probably 10 times more than reality. It creates unreal things that we can put into thoughts. For instance lucid dream.

Chris Newton says:

well God can do anything beyond our own understanding 🙂 God heals people, God can take people to heaven or hell, God speaks to people, God comforts people, and his Holy Spirit can do wonders during worship or in daily life. I mean what Jesus did on Earth as the benchmark of what a normal christian should hope to be, it even says in the bible we will do greater things than Jesus did, and Jesus rose people from the dead! There is a church called Bethel and their youth do those things

Lisa George says:

mm…i wish i could believe this. How comes many near death people who claim they went to heaven or hell haven’t went through the day of judgement? Wouldn’t this contradict?

SharonDuke1 says:

Yes I will see them again, just like you will see your mom again. But you have to open your heart just a little bit. Let Jesus in. He does love you. Ask Him with all your heart to come into your life and see what happens. I know what He ha done for me personally. I swear to you just today He was my way out of no way. He knows everything about you. Every single hurt you have. He does love you. Why would I lie to you. I don’t know you to lie.

omghai2u says:

you will never see them again, that void is a part of life. you can find better ways than i have to be positive about it surely, but conforming your life to a couple of middle eastern fanatic’s set of rules established roughly 2000 years ago are not the way to do it

SharonDuke1 says:

I lost my mom, my dad, my grandmother, and my uncle. I know how it hurts but I swear to you, I promise you that they are gone but not forever. They love you to this day because they were your family. Open your heart and try and trust. Ask Jesus to show you His love and He will. My life sucks right now and I look forward to seeing all of them again epecially my Grandmother. I will pray 4 u but I am nothng but a sinner.

omghai2u says:

shut the fuck up they are gone for ever and i need to face that, this bullshit about being glad they are dead is a pathetic way to hide from your problems

SharonDuke1 says:

They are with Him in Heaven now so happy waiting for u. God Bless

juliony72988 says:

my name is carmine jesus is great my mom is in a coma i need prayers please in jesus name teresa will not die she will live a proclaim what the lord has done for her she is gunna be living testimony teresa is healed unto i die i will not accepty anything else becasue that is the only thing that please you in jesus name i bind yo spirt of death and command you to leave teresa casarella in jesus name

DaBiebsBaby says:

Retha came to Texas back in July and after I heard her speak live I totally surrendered myself to God. Going strong!!!!! :)

El7IncA says:

well that comes from so along ago…people didn’t even believe in Jesus when they saw him in person, and those people still exist here…they need to see to believe?…that is sad.

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