Blood Moon, Tsunami and the Last Days Outpouring – Perry Stone with Sid Roth

Blood Moon, Tsunami and the Last Days Outpouring – Perry Stone with Sid Roth

Blood moon is coming on April 4th, 2015. This is one of blood moons tetra in the year 2014 and 2015. Perry Stone shared his testimony of tsunami dream. I believe that this blood moon is the…



HeavenVisit says:
Barbara Neville says:

Amen….thank u♡MARANATHA 

Will Atlanta says:

I had a dream the other night, I was at a wedding in a very large building,
a great storm came accompanied by a severe earthquake, people began
shouting “It’s Jesus!!! Jesus is coming!!!” I woke up shaking.

Bear049 says:

I think the tsunami is symbolizing trouble coming to America, Gods judgment
over the death of the twin towers which was part of the United States work
to have a war on Terror .I had a dream of Judgment coming to America over
the Twin towers

StephanielovesJesus1 says:


Jesus Christ says:

Nissan 15, 5775 – April 4, 2015 …Rapture Completion
The portal is now open Come Up Hither
Revelation 11:12

Meg Ryan says:

Jesus said that before his second comming there will be sing on the sky
like a cross, and will be darkness all over the globe that will last more
then 24 hours and then its time to repent, as it will be last chance and
also some ppl will die coz will cannot stand their own sins, and some will
be taken stright to heaven,
i had a dream few years ago about nyc that it was destroyed like thru some
natural power like tsunami or earthqake and that mannhattan and canter was
on many islands disconnected from each other and ppl were going thru some
rocks and destroyed bridge to another parts, and i was going also with
sister and my cat and there were lines of ppl to wait coz those places
were narrow

J says:

amen love god and have faith

Eartha Girl says:

Glory to God!

Neng 0711 says:

He said sinners should be afraid.we are all sinners. Funny how he excluded
himself. I believe in the Lord but I don’t like his statement. 

Look UpNow says:

In a night vision I saw an earthquake. I saw the first quake that all
windows from large buildings were broken and several minutes later the 2nd
quake that collapsed entire buildings . Then I heard the lord say I will
crack the earth. I woke up shaking. 

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