Best Proof Ever:Communicating with the Dead (Demons, Jinn, Spirit Guides)

Best Proof Ever:Communicating with the Dead (Demons, Jinn, Spirit Guides)

This is a documentary exploring the “Scole Group” experiment and their research over a 5 year period. The evidence that was gathered is by far the best ever …



MisterGeof says:

stupid people… you are talking to demons… not dead people…

Marion Peretti says:

why don’t I found this astonishing?
My Italian friends like to play and communicated with the devil and his
demons, the Bible prohibited it with no uncertain words. On the end they
will meet the Creator Himself, but not in a friendly situation like this,
more like on their way to hell

lawoffice says:

they are not spirits of the dead they are demons!

moon walker says:

SMART Demons Vs STUPID people

Nichole Minor says:

It really sadden me that the people interviewed on the streets had no
concept of heaven or hell or God. Neither of those concepts was even
considered except I believe one person brought up the Bible toward the end.
Either the video was biased and edited out those who believed in God, or
more and more people have gone astray and are being misled by Satan. So sad

truthseeker215 says:

these are demons smh they better stop playing with them

99Asmae says:

Why do people who do have probably never experienced anything always have
the best answers and think they know it all by ignoring everything or
giving a simple explanation to explain everything? Pls the only thing we
should know it that we hardly know anything. The best learned men among
generations always have said: the more we learn the less we know. Let us
all keep that in mind when it comes to the unseen world. Only the Creator
knows best all that which He (swt) created.

Blue Hue says:

Sorry for all the questions, but does this now mean that Holy men / women
are channeling God too? Or that Jesus ‘apported’ fish and bread loves? Then
the ten commandments must have also been ‘apported’ in that case.

riadhvet says:

every human being since his birth has a demon spirit with him called
qareen, he knows everything about his life and can imitate his voice , so
theses lost souls are talking to the qareens.
‘And on the Day when He will gather them (all) together (and say): “O you
assembly of jinns! Many did you mislead of men,” and their Auliya’ (friends
and helpers, etc.) amongst men will say: “Our Lord! We benefited one from
the other, but now we have reached our appointed term which You did appoint
for us.” He will say: “The Fire be your dwelling-place, you will dwell
therein forever, except as Allah may will. Certainly your Lord is All-Wise,
All-Knowing.” Quran 6:128

Robert Parnoff says:

Common knowledge how to open , load any film , and close and look exactly
like a new canister

xMRavenx says:

49:30 Looks exactly like a gray alien. Proof that the aliens that are seen
in sightings are actually demons/spiritual beings. They themselves gave us
the proof we need to see that the alien agenda is infact a hoax. 

Megan Kelbrick says:

Job well done. 

Blue Hue says:

This also reminds me of Maseru Emoto’s Water Crystals. Positive and
Negative thoughts projected on water, beautiful geometric Crystals or mushy
crudd…good thing that the water doesn’t try to debunk it. Our bodies are
75% water, our blood 80% our brains 90% and conducts our consciousness
(when we’re in it), in an electromagnetic way. So without a body, could our
consciousness still express itself through electromagnetic media? Thanks
Acana, good show.

Fourfinger Fu says:

Someone could literally just be on the other end of the radio saying all
this shit

Blue Hue says:

E = Mc2.. So is it, energy before matter, or Spirit proceeds matter?
Whatever it is, it occupies 99.99% of an atom, and conducts omnipotent
consciousness. Best we make sure that we resonate with Unconditional Love
anyways. How do you define ‘FAKE’ in a Holographic Fractal Multiverse ?
Thanks for posting

Ahmed Deedat says:

talking to the dead is nothing new, see the outcome of the absence of the
religion Islam, people are easy meat for evil misguidence, read in Islam
what these beings are so all the weird Occaisions will make sense.

DaRealFacts says:

Yup there is no such thing as demons and aliens and are really either
Fallen Angels Demons or Satan himself. Satan plays many tricks and many
will be played soon in the End Times

Ashley Stephenson says:

ummm the face at just after 11 mins will be the reason I don’t sleep

frank sigwart says:

One spontanous OBE can ruin your whole day, or make one say hummm? If
somebody dead is talking to somebody alive , then prehaps both parties
aren’t where they are needed to be. right? The last time I want to see the
astra body of a person is as they are leaving the corpse immediately after
death. right on? .

mustafa ikar says:

Fake fake fake

CloverPickingHarp says:

I’m about half way through this and they can pulling in the evidence…
However I want more description and explanation from the entities. The
wowing and the apports are amazing but the ancient languages and deeper
conversations regarding since answers would be nice. Also there are only
positive encounters? That seems odd to me, what about oppressive spirits or
the spirit world etc..

sajjadtheheist says:

This is all devilish. There’s nothing out there that allows you to
communicate with the dead, except for the devil, through disguises and
mimicking one’s voice. It’s a trick he plays on us to turn us against our
souls. Nothing new here, but the devil fucking with people. If you’ve
studied about demons and jinn, you will know that this is all the devils
work. And the very first steps he takes to turn you in to a believer is he
let’s you communicate with your dead sibling. 

Paul Tray says:


CloverPickingHarp says:

Wow first twenty minutes is very convincing. Radio switched off, placed in
a container to deflect outside transmission, power tubes pulled, and 97%
voice recognition analysis done with previous deceased voice recording. All
monitored by different debunking scientists with very expensive fancy pants

If you’re into the paranormal, good vid for you. 

Arcana Emperii says:

It seems as though you didn’t watch the video and just commented on the
title of the video alone. My video : Luciferian Elite: past, present, and
future discusses their agenda.

bizzy nonyour says:

I disagree. You receive the spirits you set out to communicate with. If you
have a black heart and are looking for a demon, you’ll find one. If you are
trying to contact a spirit of a passed love one, that’s generally what
you’ll get. There is no heaven or hell by the way, just a spirit world
which we all end up in. Heaven and hell are man made by stupid religions.

Arcana Emperii says:

yes. I concur. I would suggest you watch my video “Alien Deception, the
mark, and the coming strong delusion.

Nick Ramirez says:

This video is amazing but there is one thing that you should know though.
The so called ghost are really demons masquerading as dead people. I
suggest you search google for “jinn interview” and see for yourself.

The Prepper says:

well i geuss im not sleeping tonight…

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